Verna entered Diego’s room to find him absent. She heard the shower running and smirked to herself as she did something on her phone. Then she placed it inside a vase near the window.

Diego came out of the shower, towel drying his hair, just as she finished. He stopped in his tracks for a while, staring at her.

He furrows his brows.

“Why are you here, Verna?” he asked, unfriendly.

“Are you angry at me, bro?” she quizzed back.

“I’m not… go back to your room.”

“I don’t think so…” she started approaching him.

“I can see that you seem mad… brother,” she stopped right in front of him.

“I’m telling you I really didn’t do it. Just why won’t you believe me?”

“I know very well you don’t like her, Verna.”

“Yeah, I don’t, but… I won’t do such a sneaky thing. That isn’t my method,” she said while Diego sighs.

“It’s good if you didn’t,” he continues drying his hair while Verna collects the towel from him, drying it.

“Father called earlier,” he said.

“What did he say?”

“They’re coming back… next week.”

“Too bad… I wanted to spend more time alone with you,” Verna smiles at him.


“Does that mean… we’re going back to being siblings?” she asked, hanging her arms around him now.

“We’re indeed siblings… you should go back now,” he made to pull her hands down, but instead, she stood on her toes and gave him a kss.

“But siblings aren’t allowed to do that.”

“Verna… you need to stop this now… please,” he gave her a look.

“Come on, brother… you know that doesn’t work on me.” She bit her lower lip playfully.

“What do you want, Verna?”

“Simple… never push me away. It makes me want it more when you do.”

“I’m never going to give in to your nonsense anymore… I’m not doing this,” Diego declared while Verna smirked.

“Okay, brother…” She stepped back and took off her robe.

“Verna, please…”

“I understand you, brother…” She walked back to him, this time turning her back and taking his hands, wrapping them around her waist.

Diego closed his eyes, trying to hold himself back as she started grinding slowly against him.

“I’m not going to do anything… I should listen to you, shouldn’t I?” She said in her usual flirty tone, tilting her head up at him. She brought one of her hands to his face and slowly connected their lips.

“Tell me, brother… should I go back to my room? I’ll listen to you,” she asked after breaking the kss.

But instead of answering, Diego held her waist with his hands as she continued grinding against him.

Her eyes closed as his lips traveled around her neckline and down to her shoulder.

“Hmm… brother… that feels so good,” she breathed out slowly as Diego’s hands left her waist, exploring her body and eventually gr.abbing her bbs, causing her to m.oan.

“Stay a bit… you’ll go back later,” he groaned into her earlobe, and she smiled.

“Yes, brother,” she faced him now.

“I can always go back later,” she pushed him onto the b.ed and immediately got on top of him.



Just as Kimberly arrived at the school, Jay also rode in. Kimberly stopped in her tracks with the intention of talking to him.

Jayden took off his helmet and saw her. Kim couldn’t help but notice the avoiding look he gave her.

“What the… hey, Jay—” Before she could call out to him, Jay quickly got away from the motorcycle and ran to Agnes, who was also going in.

“Hey, fearless,” he smiled, putting his arms around her.

“What the h’ll… get lost,” Agnes glared, but he only chuckled as they went in together.

Kim folded her arms and scoffed.

“Did he just completely ignore me?”


Class 2

Onda flinched a little when a bag was suddenly dropped on her desk. She looked up slowly, only to see Verna smiling down at her.

“What… what’s this?” she asked.

“Your books… you asked me to get them back for you, remember? Here… I made sure to get the exact one. Are you no longer angry? I mean, you sounded so scary yesterday that I couldn’t sleep… so I woke up early to get this,” Verna smiled while Onda took the bag, checking it.

“You… didn’t have to. Thank you,” she muttered.

“Sure… I should fix what I ruined anyway… tell me if I’m missing anything… I can always get them back for you.”


“Are you okay? You look pale…”

“Please…” Her speech was cut short by her phone buzzing. They both looked at the message that came in.

“Oh! Seems like you have a date later… with my ex,” Verna smirked, folding her arms. Onda quickly took her phone, which was on the desk.

“It’s… it’s not a date… it’s…” she gulped.

“It’s just…”

“Hey, hey… cool, okay… I never said anything yet,” she smiled before leaving her side.

Onda exhaled deeply, fisting her palms.


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