Verna sits in front of the mirror, slowly brushing her hair. A smile appears on her lips as she does this. She didn’t go to school because she had been suspended for a week.

“You dare delete the video? Do you think you can just get away with this?” she fumes, still smiling.

“Onda, Kimberly, Agnes… I’ll hurt all of you… I promise,” she mutters, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Her smile slowly turns into a wicked grin before finally ending in an evil laugh.



“Hey, have you seen the pictures?”

“Huh… I did… I was really surprised.”

“Wow, this is shocking!”

“How could she do something like this?”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“You could never tell.”

“No wonder they became close in such a short period of time.”

“How long do you think they’ve been doing this?”

“This is a shameful act.”

“I agree… you could never judge a book by its cover.”

“She doesn’t look like it… how shameful.”

Different murmurs from the students as each holds their phones in their hands.

“What do you think is going on?” Kim asks Onda as they walk through the hall while Onda shrugs.

“Has the video leaked out?” Kim wonders to herself.

“I thought they were just friends.”

“I’ve always felt some strange vibes between them, believe me.”

“This is crazy… does she go around doing that?”

“She carries around an innocent face, but she isn’t, after all.”

The murmurs continue, and Kim starts to feel uncomfortable now, with the fact that all eyes are on them as if they are the subject of the new matter.

“What! What is it! What’s the problem now?” she barks at the students watching them.

One of the students comes forward and gives Kim the phone, showing her what has been posted on the school website.

“What…?” Kim mutters, clearly shocked, as she looks at the phone.

“What is it?” Onda asks, also taking a peek at it.

She gasps loudly upon seeing the picture.

The picture of her and Agnes kssing at the party the other day.

Her heart literally sinks, and her legs go weak immediately.

“Onda…” Kim calls, looking at her.

Onda looks around to find the students gathering around her now.

“No… no…” she rubs her temple as tears start rolling down her cheeks.

Students start pointing fingers at her, throwing abusive remarks at her as well.

Amongst those eyes cvrsing her out, her eyes meet his, who stands among the crowd with his phone in his hands.

“No,” she shook her head at him, but he only gave her that disappointed look before turning away.

“No… Jade,” she muttered, her gaze becoming blurry.

“Onda… Onda, are you okay?” she could hear Kim’s faint voice calling out to her.

With blurry eyes, she watched Jade’s back as he left without turning back.

“It’s not true… it’s not…”

The students gasped loudly when she suddenly collapsed.

“Onda! Onda!” Kim kept calling as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness.


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