Diego barged into the house with fury written all over his face.

“Verna!! Verna!” he stopped when he spotted Verna and his parents looking back at him from the dining room.

“Dad… Aunt Lissa…” he called, staring back at them.

“Brother… you’re back,” Verna smiled, waving at him while his dad stood up.

“Hey there, son… how have you been?” his dad smiled back at him.

“Your sister told us how you’ve been taking good care of her… thank you, Diego… for not disappointing us.” Verna’s mom also said while Diego’s eyes turned to Verna, who winked and couldn’t stop beaming at him.

Angrily, he stood there with clenched fists.


“Come on, son… join us. We’re just about to eat,” Mr. Amazon led Diego to the dining area where he sat opposite Verna, who wouldn’t stop smiling at him.

“How was your trip?” he asked.

“It was okay… my darling and I really had a great time,” Mr. Amazon replied, holding his wife’s hand while they smiled at each other.

“If not for work, we would have spent a week more,” Mrs. Amazon added.

“Alright,” Diego said curtly, facing his food. However, he had to shift back suddenly when he felt something crawling up his leg.

He looked at Verna, who only gave him her usual flirty smile.

Diego kicked her leg, which was tracing his under the table, away, but Verna wouldn’t stop doing it all over again.

When he was tired, he dropped his fork and stood up.

“You okay, son?” Mr. Amazon asked.

“Oh… I just remembered I had to do something. Enjoy your meal.

I’ll be in my room,” he gave them a small smile before walking away.

“Brother must be stressed out from school. I’ll go check up on him,” Verna said, also standing up.

“Take some milk to him… he looks exhausted,” Mrs. Amazon suggested.

“Yes, mother,” Verna smiled.



Immediately Verna stepped in with the tray of milk, Diego gripped her wrist, and the tray went crashing down.

She let out a light gasp as he slammed her hard against the wall.

“What have you done?” he asked darkly, his eyes full of fury.

“I’ve done nothing, brother… are you okay?” Verna asked innocently.

“Don’t try to fool me, Verna… tell me why you have a video tape of us together?” he gritted.

“Oh, that?”


“How did you know about it, brother? It was my secret weapon for ruining your relationship with that person,” she replied rather freely while Diego’s grip tightened on her shoulder.

“Brother, you’re hurting me,” she winced.

“Is that why you showed her? What’s really your problem, Verna? Why are you set on destroying me?” he gnashed.

“You’re crazy, Diego. Let me go!” she continued wincing.

“Yeah, I’m crazy, so tell me why you had to do that?”

“I didn’t show her anything! It isn’t the right time yet, so why would I?”

“Are you playing games with me, Verna?”

“I’m serious, Diego… I didn’t show her anything.”

“Then how did she see the video?”

“She may have done that when she went through my phone! Did you know she stole my phone yesterday? You probably don’t, right?”

“Just why… why did you have to do that, huh? WHY?”

“I TOLD YOU FROM THE BEGINNING! I told you I’m going to ruin your relationship with her!

I told you not to date her, but you went against me! I clearly told you I don’t like her!” she lashed at him, while Diego released her, rubbing his temple.


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