Looking for Jade, Onda went to the music room, knowing that’s where he would be since he’s nowhere in sight.

As predicted, he was really there, but her heart shattered when she saw he wasn’t alone.

She made to leave quietly, but her shoes made some sounds, betraying her.

“Onda?” Verna called upon seeing her. Jade also looked back and saw her. He looked at her for a while but took his eyes away.

“Onda…come here…who did you come to see?” Verna, who was on Jade’s lap, asked.

“I…I…” She clenched and unclenched her fists, looking everywhere but at them.

“Did you come for Jade?” Verna’s voice came again.


“Why would she come for me? I have no reason to meet her,” Jade voiced out.

“Really? Then is it me? Come here, dear,” Verna smiled.

“You…you guys can continue…I’m…sorry,” she stuttered and ran out. Verna couldn’t help laughing, and Jade gave her a questioning face.

“She’s just too funny…and cute.”


“Hey, if you can score a goal, I’ll delete the video,” Verna whispered to Onda.

“Re…really?” she asked.

“Try scoring one,” Verna smirked.

The gym teacher blew the whistle, and the game began.

While Onda chased after the ball, Verna chased after her as well.

“Ah!” Onda grunted as Verna nudged her, almost making her fall.

“You can do better than that,” Verna smirked at her, while Onda sighed.

Onda continued the chase once more, and Verna went after her again.

Just as she was about to get the ball, Verna pushed her, making her fall this time.

“Ah!” She winced.

The gym teacher blew the whistle, and they stopped.

“What’s happening over there?” he asked.

“Oh, sorry, teacher. I don’t know why I feel so competitive today. Onda, sorry!” Verna smiled at her, while she looked away.

“You okay?” Kim asked, offering her a hand, to which she nodded.

“Let’s go on, let’s go on!” The gym teacher clapped his hands, blowing the whistle. The game continued.

“COME ON, MAN!” Daniel called the attention of Jade, who was looking from the other side.

“Oh, sorry,” he muttered before joining them back.

Onda ran, chasing after the ball. This time, she seemed determined. Verna also ran after her, with the sole aim of hurting her again.

“I just need to score a goal,” she said to herself as she chased after the ball. But just then, before she could kick it, Verna crashed into her out of nowhere.

“Ahh!” They both grunted, going down.

“ONDA!” Kim shouted, gaining the others’ attention. She ran to her, but before she could reach her, Jade had already gotten to her.

“Onda… hey… are you okay?” he asked the unconscious Onda.

“Onda!” Kim and Agnes shrieked when they reached her.

“To the nurse’s office, hurry!” Kim said, while Jade carried her on his back, immediately running out of there with Kim and Agnes.

“You okay?” Diego reached out his hand to Verna, who was also on the floor.

Verna scoffed, slapping his hand away. She stood up and walked out of the field, annoyed.

Diego sighed.

“You guys continue with the game. Verna, stop there!” The gym teacher went after Verna.



“You okay now?” Jay asked, and she nodded.

“Why would she do such a thing? Onda, be honest. Is she bullying you again?” Kim asked, clearly annoyed.

“What do you mean bully her? Why would Verna do such a thing?” Jade frowned.

“What would you know… your so-called girlfriend has been on her neck ever since she came to this school. Everyone knows that,” Kim snapped.

“Is this true?” Jade asked.

“She’s… she’s not. I’m perfectly fine… I just need some rest. I’m sure what happened earlier was just an accident.”

“Despite all my warnings,” Kim seethed.

“Kim, please… I’m really okay,” Onda said, while she sighed.

“You guys should go to class now… I’ll join you later.”

“Will you be okay alone?” Agnes asked.

“I’ll be fine after I get a short nap… please go now. I don’t want you to miss your classes because of me.”

“Alright… rest, okay? Let’s go, guys,” Kim said, while they all trooped out. Jade looked back, and their eyes met.

Without pausing, here’s the revised text:

Immediately, Onda averted her gaze.

She sighed when they finally left and pulled out her phone. Verna had texted her to come to the lab earlier. She bit her lip, staring at the message.

“You guys should go first… I’m going to use the restroom,” Jade said.

“Okay… meet us in class,” Jay said, nodding as he left with the others.

“Jayden,” Kim called.

“What? Is there a problem?” Jay asked.

“We need to talk.”

“About what?”

“We have to go to class now… let’s discuss it later,” Agnes said, linking hands with Jay.

“Let’s go,” she said, and Jay smiled, leaving with her. Kim folded her arms.

“He and that girl who likes algae have become really close, I see…” she scoffed.


With trembling hands, Onda opened the door and entered.

“Verna… Verna, I’m here,” she announced, only to find no one there.

“Isn’t she here yet?” she wondered, walking closer to the table where she noticed a note.

? “Now I’m even angrier” ?

Onda gasped upon reading the note, and just then she heard some sounds at the door. Rushing over, she tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Oh… open the door! Open the door!” She started banging on it and yelling.

She caught a whiff of a peculiar smell and glanced back, only to see smoke filling up the room.

“Oh!” She covered her nose and ran to the windows, but they were all locked.

“No… no…” She returned to the door, banging on it with all her might. She cried and pleaded until she couldn’t anymore.

Now, it became difficult for her to breathe as the smoke filled the entire room. She slumped to the floor, coughing.

“Please… save me…” She muttered, feeling weakened.


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