Jayden entered the room only to find everything messy and scattered.

Things were also broken on the floor.

He heard some sniffing and looked towards the bed, only to see her burying herself in the duvet.

He moved closer to the bed and pulled the duvet away from her. She tried to pull it back, but since he was stronger, he successfully took it away. Angrily, Kim made to attack him, but he was quick to catch her and pulled her into his arms.

“Tell me…what happened?” He asked, his voice low, while she gripped onto him tightly.

Kim blew her nose while Jayden watched her.

“He shakes his head, finding it pathetic, while she gives him a glare.

“So… what are you going to do next? Dump him? Reveal everything?” Jayden asked.

“I don’t know… I’m just confused,” she mutters back.

“I knew right from the beginning he was such an oddball… look at this now! I’m really disappointed in you, Kim! What great taste you have, huh?”

“This isn’t about my taste… honestly, this is all because of you!”

“Are you blaming me now?”

“Ah, whatever! I just want to teach that jerk a lesson.”

“I can help, you know… I actually have some unfinished business with him.”

“No… leave him to me… I’ll deal with him myself.”

“So what’s your plan?”

“Forget about my plan… tell me, why did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Don’t try to wiggle your way out of this… I know you saved me from the auditorium… why did you deny it and even go as far as ignoring me?”

“You liked him. I thought… that was my way of repaying you guys… it’s true I’ve ruined your chances with him a lot of times.”

“That’s unlike you… the Jayden I know would have bragged about it, not let someone else take the credit. Were you on drugs?”

“Let’s just say it’s one of my charms.”

“What the heck… alright, scratch that… why did you avoid me? You totally ignored me, and I thought…”

“You were going to die without me?” He joked.

“You’ve got a death wish?” She glares at him while he chuckles.

“Tell me this first… why were you at the auditorium alone?”

“That… I got a note saying they had something to tell me, and that happened. It must have been a prank. How did you know, though… you came to save me?”

“That…” He looks away.

“Is something wrong?”

“Kim… I think you’re in danger.”


“And it’s all because of me.”




“Kimberly!!!” Diego called, running towards Kim who was going to class.

“Hey, baby love…” He smiles, opening his arms to hug her, but instead, Kim grabbed hold of his arm, twisting it backward.

“Ah! Hey… what are you doing!” Diego winced as Kimberly twisted it more.

“Let go… it hurts, Kim! Are you crazy!” He spat, groaning in pain.

“Yeah, I’m crazy! I’m crazy for falling for a jerk like you!”


“How could you do that?! You’re unbelievable and disgusting… freak!” Kim spat before releasing him.

Diego massages his arm, wincing as he stands up.

“Kim, Kim, wait!” He ran to her, trying to hold her back, but instead, Kim grabbed hold of him and flipped him over.

“Ahhh….” He groans on the floor, squeezing his face in pain.

“If you touch me again… then I’m really going to kll you!” She threatens before marching away to class.

“Sht!” Diego groans on the floor, pulling himself up, but just as he does that, Jayden appears from a corner.

Before Diego could say a word, Jayden punches him, sending him back to the floor.

He squats before him, grabbing his shirt.

“What a despicable, filthy scum you are, huh? How could you do such a thing!”

“What the h’ll are you talking about?!” Diego exhales heavily.

“You don’t know… you don’t!” Jayden punches him again.

“Henceforth, I don’t want to see you near Kim again. If you go near her, I’ll really hurt you,” he warns, releasing him and getting up.

Diego wipes off the little blood that had soiled his lips and scoffs.

“Whatever the matter may be, it’s between Kimberly and me. We’ll settle it ourselves, so there’s no need for you to butt in. It’s our matter, not yours!” Diego retorts, looking back.

“I think I might really need to harm you now,” he says, going back to him and kicking him in the stomach.

“Ahhh…” Diego groans, holding his stomach in pain.

“You must have no shame, huh? Between the two of you? Not only are you disgusting, but you’re also annoying and irritating at the same time. This is my last warning. Stay away from Kim. Just go mess around with your sister, as you’ve been doing, jerk!” he grits, leaving him, while Diego becomes disoriented almost immediately.

“What?” he mutters.


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