Basketball Court

“You look worried… is something wrong?” Diego asked Kim, who seemed lost in thought.

“It’s Jayden… he’s been strange since yesterday.”

“Why? What did he say happened?”

“He didn’t say anything… I just feel like… he’s not been himself.”


“Do you think he’s still angry about yesterday?”

“Because you slapped him? Is he that petty?”

“Exactly… he’s not. I don’t get why he’s being weird suddenly.”

“Just don’t think too much about it… I’m sure he’ll come around. You needn’t worry, huh?” he said, slowly taking her lips in his.

Moments later, he unlocked, and Kim chuckled.

“Wanna come to my place later?” he asked, their faces still close.

“Sure… it’s been a while since I last stopped by,” she murmured back.

“Then I’m gonna be expecting you after school.”

“Can’t wait,” she smiled, while he caressed her face.

“Me too,” he smiled back.

Jade checked the time for the millionth time.

He had been in the restaurant waiting for Onda for over two hours now.

“Why won’t she pick up?” he muttered, clearly annoyed.

“You look worried, Mister,” Verna knocked on Jade’s desk.

“Verna, why are you here?” Jade asked, clearly surprised.

“I? I just got stood up by my date. What about you?” she asked, while Jade scratched his hair.

“I think… I just got stood up too,” he muttered, chuckling.

“Wow… like someone actually stood you up, Jade? I find that hard to believe.”

“Maybe… I had hoped too much… I forgot for a while she can be fickle sometimes.”

“It’s her loss.”

“Yeah… so… are you going home?”

“Nah… just gonna crash somewhere for a bit… Kim is home.”

“Ohh… Verna, how about my place? We can Netflix… and chill,” he suggested.

“Sounds fun,” she grinned.

Agnes’ House

“Coming!” Agnes ran to the incessantly ringing door.

“Onda!” she called in shock upon seeing her.

“Agnes…” Onda called in a breaking voice, wrapping her arms around her.

“Hey… what’s wrong?” Agnes asked, worried.


“Here,” Agnes handed her a cup of hot tea.

“Thanks…” Onda muttered, taking it.

“Is something wrong?”

“Nothing…I just feel like…we haven’t been together lately, so I came to hang out.”

“This late?” Agnes eyed her.

“Why? You don’t want me here?”

“I’m okay with you being here, but…won’t you be uncomfortable being alone with me? What if I do something to you?” Agnes asked while Onda chuckled.

“But Agnes….isn’t it lonely living alone?”

“Have you gotten used to it? It’s nothing new.”

“Really? I’d still find it lonely though.”

“It is. Terribly lonely…imagine having no one to talk to…all I do is sleep and eat.”

“It must be hard.” She sighed.

“Why is it so hard to be happy, Agnes?”

“What do you mean?”

“Think about it…some people get it easy…why is it always so hard for the weak ones…like me? We did nothing wrong, but still….we suffer endlessly.”

“That’s all because…you aren’t strong enough.”

“Exactly…I’m not strong enough…so I can’t be happy…yet.”

“Are you okay, Onda?”

“I wish I could stay over, but I’m scared you might kiss me out of the blue again.”

“If you tease me again, I’m really gonna do that,” Agnes replied while she chuckled.

“Would you like to sleep over? We could hang out all night.”

“Crazy…we have school tomorrow.”

“We can always skip.”

“Be honest…you’ve done that several times, right?”

“Everyone does it.”

“I’ve never done such.”

“Your life is boring.”

“Yeah, it is…awesomely,” Onda chuckled.

“You’re laughing a lot tonight.”

“I want to try out something new. Being weak is getting boring now.”

“Now you’re acting strange.”

“Tell me…what should we do first?” She stood up.

“How about taking your shower…you dirty pig.”

“Do I smell?” She sniffed herself.

“You stink….will you do it, or should I do it for you?”

“You’re getting more dangerous…I’ll do it myself,” Onda said, heading upstairs.

“I give you two minutes!” Agnes shouted after her.

“Or I might just barge in!”

“Pervert!” Onda shouted back while she chuckled.


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