COMPULSORY MARRIAGE: Season 2 Episode 31 – The End

Compulsory Marriage!

Season 2 Episode 31

Simbiat: Am so sorry Snakie for all that happened, how did it happen, you look so
Me: How do you want me to look, this is a prison yard for crying out loud
Simbiat: Am sorry, i had to go and hide for a while as police were so much on the case, the
guy that kidnapped you were later arrested by the police in another case, i was so scared
they will mention my name, i had to go to our village in Osun to stay for a while pending when my service was through
Me: Hey is everything now
Simbiat: Am still hiding in fear oo, this is the
first time i will be in lagos since i started my service 3 months ago, i decided i must make sure i set my eyes on you, i make my findings and was told you are here, i had to come and
check you
Me: You are now serving in Kano…..that is good dear, hope you are enjoying your service?
Simbiat: sincerely there is nothing like being clean, I thank God nobody know my past from that part of the world and i don’t think i will ever be close to Lagos or Benin again for the years to come
Me: everything would have settled down jhoor,
whatz up with the hijab
Simbiat: This is how i disguise in this place now not to be caught, i don’t want to leave
any chances
Me: That is good
Simbiat: So, where are you on the case now?
Me: Have been sentenced to 11 years
Simbiat: Ahhhh…Eleven years ke?
Me: But I have filed for appeal and a date has been given for hearing
Simbiat: wow..that is good, am so sorry
Me: No problem dear
Simbiat: But i have something to talk to you about
Me: what is that?
Simbiat: I was actually in your area when the incident happened that day
Me: In which area?
Simbiat: Egbeda
Me: How did you know my house?
Simbiat: Have you forgotten that we are the one that kidnapped you?
Me: Ohhhh…
Simbiat: Well, we didn’t exchange phone number as you don’t have a phone again that
day when i left you, i wanted to keep in touch again, i wanted to talk to you as i couldn’t thank you enough, i felt like talking to you
from the following day we departed.
I came to your area on Sunday to come and traced you, i first asked of you and i was told you
were not back, not quite long i left your compound, I saw you coming in with your wife,
I couldn’t walk up to you guys so I was waiting for you to come out of the building
just to have chance to see you. I waited till people started visiting you here and there but
you didn’t come out.
At a time, I wanted to come in and ask of you, but I remembered what happened with your wife the last time we departed, i don’t want your wife to call attention on me. I had to leave the place to visit one of my old guys in Ipaja.
I came back later in the evening, around 7:30pm. I waited till like 15minutes but I didn’t see you. As time was going, I decided I was
going to call Biola since I still have her number and requested to speak to you and
fake that I was one of your colleagues from the
office. My major aim was to mention my name once she gave you the phone, I would greet you and tell you to get my number from her phone.
I checked my phone and I didn’t have enough credit on it. Then I decided to walk down to the next street to get a card. I dialled Biola’s number
when the recharge card seller was still looking for change, all I could hear when she picked my call was ‘get out of my house, get out of my house before i shout thief on you’. I thought network diverted it to a wrong number. I had to call the number again, but she
wasn’t picking and the number was ringing.
I started trekking back to your street to come and knock on your door no matter how it would be. It was late already and when I was close to your house, I saw someone driving out in a rush. I sensed something might be wrong..
I waited for like 10 minutes after the car left before I entered your compound. The place was a bit deserted, I walked straight to your
flat. Your door was opened, I walked in and saw blood all over the place. I even walked to your bedroom and saw your bed filled up with blood. I started moving out immediately but something caught my attention on my way outside. I saw this phone (She showed me my wife Samsung phone).

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