COMPULSORY MARRIAGE: Season 2 Episode 31 – The End

Episode 34

Emmanuel has been brought to the prison
Me: na your face be this oga Emma..welcome to our new home
“He didn’t answer me”
Me: I said welcome to our new no dey hear word? (i shouted on top my voice)
Sparko: oga, wetyn happen now..why you dey disturb us with your noise now
Me: No vex oga sparko, na this mother fvcker carry me enter this place ni
Sparko: How?
Me: He was the one that killed my wife
Sparko: You know mean am? All the same, no be now you suppose dey shout for the guy, give am some time, make hin settle down for new house before you start questioning him….dis place still dey strange to him, just
keep am cool before you commit another murder because i never see you to be this aggressive before. I stepped out of the place because the sight of
Emma was infuriating me.

It had been almost a week Emma was brought to the prison, even
though we slept in the same room but we never uttered one single word to each other.

I was outside the prison room this lovely afternoon thinking about my life and everything when suddenly someone tapped me
from behind. It was sparko, the don of our room in company of Emma. He said Emma came to him that he needed to talk to me but does not know how to go about it. He wanted him to interfere in it
Emma: Please am very sorry Snakie, i have to come and seek for your forgiveness so that
God can forgive me too maybe i will get a soft landing
Me: My forgiveness on what? How will i forgive you when i don’t know your offence?
Emma: You know my offence and am very sorry, it was all a mistake
Me: Mistake? did it happen? Well i can only forgive you if you are ready to say
the truth from the beginning till the end in the
presence of the chief warden
Emma: i will do anything if that is what you wanted.

“We all walked straight down to the warden’s office and that was made possible because of
my interaction with them. Fortunately for us, the boss was around and we went to his
Oga: Ehn..ehn, how may i help you, they said you guys want to see me
Me: Yes Ma, Emma said he wanted to talk to me based on what brought both of us here
and i want you to be a witness to our discussion
Oga: Oh that true Emma
Emma: Yes Oga, i just need him to forgive me so that Biola’s spirit can also forgive me, it
was all a mistake
Oga: Okay..we are listening, what happened
Me: You have to start from the beginning from how you met my wife.
Emma: Well, Biola was my neighbour, I met her when she moved to the BQ in our
compound. I was so happy when I realized she was still single as I saw that as opportunity to
mingle together.
When she first came in, for like a whole month, I didn’t see any guy visiting him neither did she go out. Her movement was always from office
to work, she was always at home during the weekend too.
I was so nice to her, trying to always keep her company, she was not a novice so she got the
body language and always try as much as possible to excuse herself from me but i still
managed to always say hello to her. I would call her at regular interval to know how she was doing and all sort.
It all happened this particular Friday evening, I went to her flat to check on her, her mood
was so different from what have been seeing over the past one month. I enquired on the
mood change, after series of pestering, she told me she was promoted in her office. I told
her that called for celebration. I went back to
my room, came back with a full bottle of alcoholic drink and before she knew what was
happening, I purposely got her drunk. She started mentioning your name even though have not met you there, she talked about how she loved you and you disappointed her..
I realized that was an advantage for me so i
took her inside her bedroom and had s*x with her.
Me: without her knowledge?
Emma: I don’t know but she was cr@zy during the s*x, she was aware but I guess she was
seeing someone else in me. It was not until the following morning she woke up, found
both of us n@ked on her bed and chased me out of her flat after she started crying.
I thought i was sharp because i took enough of her n@ked picture that very day and even
used my phone to cover the s*x scene so that I can always use it against her in order for me
to have access to her again.
But Biola stopped talking to me since that day and it
was not quite long after that incident i saw you with her and she introduced you to me as
her fiancée. If you could remember, I purposely
wanted to be your friend so that she would have the fear in mind that I could leak our secret to you which in turn would always make me to have
my way.
Biola definitely against my thought was a strong character, she called my bluff but I was
waiting for the right time to show her the nvde pictures of her that I have in my
possession. Biola stopped coming to the house
all of a sudden. I was still yarning to have a taste of her even if for the last time.

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