COMPULSORY MARRIAGE: Season 2 Episode 31 – The End

Compulsory Marriage

Season 2 Episode 33

I was taken back to the prison, some of the wardens were happy with me that at least there was still a little bit of hope. Lawyer and my dad visited me the following day. I couldn’t hold my joy when i saw them in the visitors’ room
Me: Thank you so much Lawyer, thanks for everything
Lawyer: You are welcome….we are here to ask you some things
Me: okay sir…
Lawyer: Who is Simbiat?
Me: She was the lady from the kidnappers den….i sent her to you with Biola’s phone
Lawyer: well, it was her coming that actually helped the case
Dad: we fixed Biola’s phone, i searched through her phone thoroughly and found some
incriminating documents that led to the new lead
Lawyer: yes..that was the situation
Me: Who was the person arrested by the police?
Lawyer: His name was Emmanuel
Me: Emmanuel? Tall….dark?
Dad: You know him too….
Me: yes of course, he used to be Biola’s neighbour in Ajao estate, we used to be a bit
Lawyer: Well, it seems he has something together with Biola
Me: something like what?
Lawyer: like they are dating…
Me:Lailai..that is impossible
Lawyer: Well, not only dating but having s*x together to the fact that Biola was pregnant
for him
Me: pregnant for him? When? How?
Lawyer: Well, from their whatsapp chat from
when we saw it from the beginning till that day
that she died, nvde pictures shared by them, the chat showed they had been having s*x
together not just once or twice, she was even pregnant. As at that day, Emma was always
threatening her in other to have s*x with her
Me: I can’t believe this
Dad: you better believe, i told you that i was not in total support of your marriage to the
lady again
Lawyer: well, her call log for that day showed that they talked to each other more than 3 times that very day. Their chat showed him telling her he would be coming to your house
and Biola pleading to him not to come
Me: This is serious……
Lawyer: Well, I have gotten the full script of their conversation from the service provider too, all we are waiting is for the court to give us trial date
Dad: am trying to talk to people so that the
case can be fast track, we just have to continue praying for God to complete what he
We heard people shouting from outside.
Lawyer: Why the noise? What is happening outside?
Me: They have brought new inmate here….we always pray to God that the people they will
bring should be influential people
Lawyer: we just have to start preparing our case…..
Me: God will guide us true….thank you so much Lawyer.

My Dad tipped the warden that was with us as usual as they left the place. I had been
removed from the convicted trial cell to those of awaiting trial, that was based on the last judgement and not that alone but based on
the fact that my people are a bit good to the warden. I headed to my cell after my Dad left and it was a big surprise the sight of our new

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