COMPULSORY MARRIAGE: Season 2 Episode 31 – The End

Episode 32

Me: This is Biola’s Phone
Simbiat: The screen is broken, it has been off all this while. Though I don’t have money to repair the phone as all the engineers I gave it to said the screen is not yet available
in Nigeria except we would order for it from abroad.
Me: Who was the person in my house before my arrival then?
Simbiat: I still have the phone conversation on my phone and i don’t know if this phone can
be repaired maybe there might be some clue of the person that came to the house there
Me: definitely, thanks so much dear, you are a darling.. Can you help me take this phone to
my lawyer?
Simbiat: Where is his office?
Me: This place, just give him the phone and explained to him your understanding
Simbiat: But you know i might not be able to come to court as a witness
Me: No problem dear, just help me drop your number for the lawyer too so that we can
always contact you.
We discussed about some other things most especially about life and the way she should
be going forward. I teased her if she now has a relationship, she said she had a corper
friend that she was seeing as at then. I told her to keep it cool and never engaged in
something that would put her life in danger again. Simbiat didn’t leave without dropping
something for the warden, which is what they enjoyed the most about my visitors as they
always drop tips for them which in turn make them to give me preferential treatment
whenever I had a visitor.

Its been more than a month Simbiat visited me. I didn’t hear anything from the lawyer,
even my mum that came to visit me twice only told me that the lawyer said he was working
on new evidence with the police. She said he
assured them that everything would be alright based on the new available evidence.

I was taken to the court on the fixed date. Everybody in the court including me was stunned when my lawyer requested the court of appeal to order retrial of my case. He based
his submission on the fact that there was another lead by the police on the actual person that murdered my wife.
He posited that new evidence showed that the actual killer of my wife had been apprehended
by the police and in fact, police had actually
concluded their investigation o the matter.
Police was called to ascertain the claim of my lawyer which they confirmed that they have
apprehended a new suspect based on some evidences available to them and they are ready
to charge the person to court for trial.

In a unanimous judgement, appeal court granted our prayer and instructed the police
to re-arraigned me for new trial based on their
submission that a new lead has been established. He striked out the decision of the
high court sentencing me to 11 years imprisonment and asked them to go ahead with the new trial without further delay. I was asked to be remanded in the prison pending the determination of my case by the high court over the new trial.

It was a joyful
moment that my appeal was finally granted and I feel relieved seriously but i still need an explanation from my lawyer about this new

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