Episode 5

Chloe slept at the hospital, she woke up early and went to look for job again.

This time luck was on her side, she got a part time job as a waitress in a restaurant

After six hours she got her payment, the money was enough to pay for the hospital bills and to get the results, she was hoping Kyle would buy the food.

“Chloe where have you been?” Chelsea ask as Soon as she got into the ward

” Went to work”she reply looking around “where’s Kyle?”

“He went to work too” she said

“Have you eaten?” She asked

” No, I’m famished”she said yawning

” Alright I’ll go get you something” she said and went to pay for the hospital bill.

”If I pay for the test I won’t be able to buy Chess anything, I will pay once Kyle is back”she said staring at the money before going to buy her sisters food

Right after she left Kyle walkef in “hey Chess”

“Kyle” she called “did you see Chloe?”

“No, was she here? “He asked

” Yes, she ask of you”she said

” We missed each other, where was she headed? “He asked

” To get my food”she replied

” Alright”he was still talking when the nurse came in and fix Chelsea drip

“I thought I don’t need this anymore” she said

“Nurse why are you fixing that? Aren’t we still owing some money?”he asked

”Not really, the girl with you paid half of the money do we decided to countinue her treatment for the meantime”the nurse said and left after fixing the drip

”Hey” Chloe call walking in with a nylon containing food in her hand

“Welcome” Kyle replied

“Here you go Chess” she said giving her the nylon

“What about you guys?” She asked staring at them

“Don’t worry we will eat later, you eat first” she said

“No you can’t finish all this”she said

” Eat to your satisfaction first”Kyle said and she nodded

“Chloe let’s talk” he said and they walked outside

“Where did you get the money for Chess treatment?” He asked

“I got a part time job” she said

“That’s good” he said

“How was work?” She asked

His mood changed” we didn’t get our payment”

“What? But why?” She asked

“I don’t know, they said our payment has been delayed for certain reasons”he said

”I hope you get it soon”she said patting him


………the next day………

Chloe was in the restaurant cleaning the used mug when a customer ordered

“Two cup of cappuccino please”

She quickly rinse her hand and went to get it ,she was going to the table when a little bit pushed her and she pour the cappuccino on a customer phone

“I’m really sorry sir I didn’t mean it” she pleaded

” My phone is damage how are you going to pay for this?” The man yell

They were still arguing when the boss came and promise to pay for it

” I’m really sorry sir” she apologise bowing

“I’m sorry Chloe but you can’t get your payment today and you are fired”he said

” But sir”she tried to say but the boss made a signal for her to stop

“Leave now” he said and she nodded,she changed her clothes and left with tears in her eyes

She went to the hospital but to her surprise, her sister wasn’t there

She went to the nurse’s office and asked of her sister

“Nurse, where’s Chelsea Micheals?” She asked

“She was discharged today” she said

“But why?” She asked ” we already paid half of the money”

“I’m sorry miss but until the full payment she can’t stay here”she said

Chloe quickly went back home, she saw Chelsea asleep on Kyle leg

”Where have you been?” He asked as soon as she walked in,he noticed her mood ” what’s wrong?”

” I got fired and I wasn’t given my pay” she said sadly

” What happened?”he asked and she explained to him

Their conversation woke up Chelsea “Chloe I feel nauseous”

“Wait I will go get a bowl” she said and rush to get a bowl, Chelsea puke in it

Chloe cleaned her up and put her back to sleep

“She just vomitted everything she ate by the time she woke up she will be hungry again”Kyle said

” I don’t have any money”she said

” I don’t have any too”he replied

“What do we do?” She asked

“Chloe I think you should go for that job” he said

“I’m not sure” she was still talking when Chelsea started vomiting again

They rushed her to the hospital,she was taken to the emergency room

The doctor came out “she’s fine it just indigestion”

“Doctor will she get worse?” She ask worriedly

”I’m not sure but the earlier the better” he said and left

“Chloe we need to help Chess”he said

” Kyle if I hope get that job you have to promise me something” she said

“Whatever you want”he said

” Promise me you won’t leave me and you will wait for me”she said

” I promise”he said

” Alright look after Chess,I’ll be back” she said and left

She went to Max house. She knocked on the door and it was opened by Bryan

“Good afternoon sir” she greeted

“Afternoon” he replied

“Sir I came here three days ago,for a job” she said

“Yeah I remember you, come in”he said and she followed him inside

” Why are you back?” Max asked as soon as he saw her.

Hope Max will give her the job.


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