Episode 9

Chloe woke up a bit early, she took her bath and wore a short flower design free gown with a brown shoe

She walk down the stairs and saw a lady cleaning

“This must be the girl Max was talking about but She’s not a girl”she was still thinking when the lady kneel down

” Good morning ma’am”she greeted kneeling down

She was surprised she rush to the girl she help her stand up “you don’t have to do that”

“Huh okay ma’am”the lady replied

” Don’t call me ma’am I’m Chloe and you?” She asked

“Zara ma, I mean Chloe”she replied

” Nice to meet you Zara, do you come here often?” She asked

“Yes I clean this while house”she replied smiling

Chloe nodded and her eyes caught the food on the dinning table “who brought that?”

“Mrs Ava did” she replied

The lady countinued her work, Chloe wanted to help out but she remember what Max told her

She kept looking around the house, it was strange to her normally she would wake up early and start work but now all she does is nothing

She was still looking at a picture of max when someone cleared his throat”huh”

She flinched and almost drop the picture

“Good morning Max” she greeted waiting for him to scold her

” Morning”he said ” you woke up quite early”

“Yes I’m used to it” she replied

” Let eat”he said and took a seat he was about dishing out the food when Chloe rushed to him

“Let me” she said dishing the food,as she moved her gown flew up and her pants were almost visible.

Max couldn’t help but stare at her laps he shook his head “sit down”

“Huh”she sigh “is something wrong?”

“No but right” he said and dish the food himself

Chloe dish her own food too

“Are you going to see your sister?” He asked

“Yes I will also bring the clothes you brought to her,that reminds me thank you for the cell phone and clothes”she said

” You are welcome”he replied

” Ummm I’ll be at the office and I’ll be back by four”he said

” Alright”she replied

After breakfast,he left and Chloe clean the plates,she dialed a number save with driver

A man drove in munites later and they went to max other mansion

“Good morning Mrs Ava” she greet the woman trimming the flowers

“Morning dear” she replied

“I brought the food flask and thanks for the food”she said smiling

”You are welcome”she replied

She look around “where’s Chess?”

“She’s inside reading” she said “your sister is really intelligent”

” Thanks ma’am”she replied

” Why isn’t she in school? Is it because of her health?”she asked

” Actually I don’t have money to pay for her tuition” she replied looking down

“I’m sorry I had no idea”she apologized

” No it is fine”she replied ” I’ll drop this inside and go see Chess”

She walked inside and dropped the food flask on the table and saw Chess reading on a sofa

“Good morning angel” she greeted but she ignored her

“Seems you are still angry at me,Chess I’m sorry”

“I don’t want an apology I want an explanation”she said still not looking at her

” You see I’m not sleeping with the guy but the work I do is a decent job too”she replied

” What type exactly?”she asked

” I don’t know how to explain this, you seriously I’m going to help him solve a problem and he will pay me once I’m done”she said

” Why isn’t Kyle here?”she asked

But before she could reply she felt naseous and cover her mouth signaling to Chess to show her the rest room,she rushed there and vomitted

“Are you okay?” Chess asked standing by the door as she washed her hands

” I’m fine,it must be something I ate” she replied

“Alright” she said and went back to her seat

Chloe left after a while,she was feeling tired,she got home and went straight to her room to sleep


……………The next day……………..

Chloe woke up a bit late and tired,she quickly rush downstairs,she saw max eating she stand behind him scared

“Good morning” he greeted not looking back,she moved to his side with her head bent

“I’m sorry I woke up late” she said still bending her head

“It not like you have any job so it fine” he said ” sit down and eat”

She did and dish out her food and started eating

After breakfast,max wasn’t leaving so Chloe found it odd

She went to him and ask “max why are you still home?”

“I have a business to take care of”he replied

Before she could say a word a girl opened the door

” Max babe” she said and Max stood up to meet her,he hugged her and kssed her before going upstairs together

“Seriously this is why he didn’t go to work?”Chloe mutter watching them go upstairs

She dialed her driver’s phone number and went over to Kyle

If you have a bch, I have a boyfriend: that’s what Chloe did too.


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