CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

Part 1

Written By Franca Uwuigiaren

My world has eventually crashed. Life has lost its meaning, it has given me a terrible blow and left a sour taste in my mouth.

I thought I was living with my real parents until I discovered I was picked from the refuse dump.

My name is Susan Ikechukwu-Onuigbo. I thought I was the first child of my parents. I now realized I was never related to my mum Chiamaka and dad Ikechukwu.

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 - 10.

My supposed parents have two daughters of their own – Blessing and Cheta.

How did I discovered I was not my parents real child? I woke up in the night to make use of the toilet and I overheard my parents talking harshly to each other.

“I can’t treat Susan the way you want me to. I picked her from the dustbin and I have been feeding her even though I never birthed her” mum said angrily.

“Don’t forget I am the one who provide the food.” Dad calmly told her. “You need to care for her as you care for Blessing and Cheta.

Listen honey, Susan is not a maid but our daughter. She may not be our biological daughter but she’s our daughter.
We picked her from the refuse dumped because we wanted to care for her.

Any child under our roof should be treated as ours.”

“That doesn’t erase the fact that she’s a rejected child.” Mum fired.

“I don’t get you honey”

“I can’t waste money training another person’s child ooo.”

“It’s my money Chiamaka. Aaah! Have you forgotten how joyful you were when you carried her in your arms?

Is it because God has blessed you with your own? Susan is less than two years older than Blessing, yet Susan does all the chores in this house.” Dad asked her.

“Don’t go there ooo. Blessing and Cheta are too young ooo.”

“And you think Susan is not too young too? Dad challenged. “Honey, don’t ever maltreat that girl again.

Whatever you buy for your children, buy for her too. Please my dear.”

“I will do no such thing. Why are you challenging me Ikechukwu? Because of that riffraff? Are you having anything to do with her?”

“You’re crazy Chiamaka.”

“I have seen how you smile and buy her things when returning from work.”

“Why do you think I shouldn’t talk to her and make her happy? Is she not my child. I buy for others too.” He defended.

“She’s not our child”

“Chiamaka, know this day that I will not watch you trample on her.”

I heard mum abused dad but he never responded again. I rushed to the toilet, did my thing and returned to the room I share with my sisters, mum was throwing curses.

I couldn’t sleep. I finally understood why she treated me badly. From shouting to slapping, kicking, punching and starvation – these were my daily food.

If these food weren’t served to me, Know mum wasn’t home.

What am I supposed to do, now that I have discovered that for the past 13 years, the people I called my parents aren’t my real parents. Who are my real parents then? Why would a mother who would have shown me love abandon me? Where is my real father who could have pampered me the way my father Ikechukwu does?


CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

I have been up so early to do the house chores so that there won’t be any reason to go late to school. School is resuming today and I don’t want to be late on the first day of school.
I can’t remember the day I went early to school because there was always a last minute errands to run. I dare not complain or my face will receive thunderous slap. Throughout last session, I never went early to school and the school’s management invited my parents for a chat.

Unfortunately, it was mum that went. She told them I am stubborn and a heavy sleep and each time she wakes, I return to bed. I dare not defend myself or she will kill be at home.

“She sleeps like a log of wood and snores like a pig.” She said pointing at me. “There’s nothing she does for me. I cook and sweep the house, so she can be in school on time .”

“Oya Susan, tell them the special work you do at home that makes you come late to school.” She said dragging me towards the Principal.

“No…. Nothing ma. I only bath and eat.”

“You mean you only eat and bath? This is serious oo. Susan you’re a lazy girl.” The principal said.

“Ah! Eating is her hubby. Please Madam, deal with her wherever she enters the school late. You have my permission. Make sure you punish her well.” She eyed me and walked out of the school.

Since then, the school doesn’t hesitate to flog me. Now that school is resuming today, I woke 4.00am instead of the usual 4:30am. I decided to adjust to avoid cane this new term. It’s not as if I sleep early unless you say sleeping 10:30pm is early.

I had already arranged and swept everywhere. I went to mum’s room to ask what to prepare and she said rice.
While the whole family was still sleeping, I boiled rice and warm the stew. I boiled water for my sisters to bath. I washed the toilet and bathroom so that mum won’t have any reason to delay me.

Mum strolled into the kitchen when I was through. She touched surfaces for dusts or dirt but found none.

I brought out our food flasks and she dish the rice. It was when she was adding stew to the rice that she told me she won’t add meat to my food.

“Yes ma” I responded

“If the meat won’t go round, Blessing and Cheta can share one and the other should be added to Susan’s food.” Dad said taking a cup.

” Susan is the eldest, she will understand but Cheta won’t understand why her meat is small”

“Make her understand honey”

“I will do no such thing. Susan, please eat your food like that” she commanded.

“Yes ma.” I said . I quickly covered the flasks, carried mine and made to leave the kitchen when Dad collected my flask from me.

He opened it and truly saw mum didn’t give me any meat. He took the meat in his plate and add to my food.”

“Ike, I don’t like what you are doing ooo”
He didn’t say anything. He left the kitchen while I covered my flask.

I made to leave the kitchen when she dragged the flask from me, opened it, collected the meat and put in her mouth. Then she gave me a heavy knock.

“You’re a bad luck to this family Susan. You’re always the cause of disagreement in this house.

I hate you. I regret picking you from the dustbin. I have eaten the meat. If you like tell him, you’re on your own.”

With tears in my eyes, I rushed out of the kitchen. I dare not report to daddy there was just no need to complain.

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren
Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

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