CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

Part 9

Franca Uwuigiaren

I have been waiting for the opportunity to talk to Dad about mum and the man that visited her.

I was losing peace of mind. I waited for almost two Months before the perfect opportunity presented itself.

It December and we were on holiday. Cheta requested to see her grandparents because it has been long she saw them.

When Dad returned from hustling in the evening, he was surprised to meet only me at home.

“They went to visit Grandma” I told him when he asked about them.

“But your mum didn’t tell me anything about it today”

“She asked me to tell you she won’t be back this week. We should expect her next week.”

“Just like that?” A whole week with my kids?”

Dad wasn’t happy. He asked if I had eaten.

“I only had breakfast.” I told him.

“Since morning?”

“Yes sir!”

He entered the kitchen and came out.

“There’s nothing in the kitchen but I gave her money. Not even garri is available.” He sat on the chair and looked at me.

“What do you want to eat angel”


“Anything is not food. Alright! Let’s go and get some food stuff.” He returned to the kitchen and brought out the gas cylinder.

“This is empty as well.”

We went out to fill the cylinder and buy food items. By the time I finished cooking, dad was already dozing. I dished the food and we ate.

“Angel is becoming a real chef” he teased. I blushed. He rushed the food and requested for more. Infact it was long he requested for more.

“How much did you give me, that you’re asking for more? When did you become Oliver Twist? Since there’s no more food, you can swallow the plate.” Mum would tell Dad.

I dished more food for him and sat by him.

” You will get fat before mum returns” I said smiling.

He laughed and concentrated on his food. I wanted to talk to him but he looked so tired. As if reading my mind, he stood up and stretched.

“Thank you for this delicious meal. I am really tired and would like to retire to bed. Let’s quickly say a word of prayer.

He asked me to get his Bible. I rushed and brought it. Trust dad! From a word of prayer to a long prayer session. He began to raise powerful prayer points.

I sensed a wonderful presence around us. As the prayer became hot, I opened my eyes and saw a tall being.

He positioned himself at the entrance of the house. In his hand were shield and sword. I quickly closed my eyes.

With my eyes closed I still saw this being standing there. I felt secured and wonderful. Dad ended the prayer and bade me good night.

I went to the room and brought out the mattress for sleeping. Since my sisters weren’t home, I had the luxury of the whole bed myself.

As soon as my back touched the mattress, I zoomed into Dreamland. I later woke in the night and heard dad blasting in tongues.


“Don’t go to work without eating” I told Dad. I woke up and met him prepared to go out. He didn’t bother to wake me.

“You’re up already. I wanted you to sleep well since there’s no school. I have warmed the food, eat on time and I will check on you in the afternoon.” He said opening the door.

“Wait dad! I have something important to tell you.” He paused and looked.

“Alright let me hear your dream. I hope I will be able to interpret it” he said smiling.

“It’s not dream. Please just listen to what I have to say. I have bottled it in my heart for long and it’s killing me gradually.”

“What is it Susan? What happened?” He asked with puzzled expression on his face.

“I found out that Blessing and Cheta are not your children” I blunted out.

Dad was stunned. He stood there transfixed.

“Come again” he said. He was visibly shaken. I narrated everything I heard mum and the man discussed. Sweat broke out of his forehead.

He would stand then sit. He paced round the sitting room. He kept muttering “God what is this? I don’t want to believe this.”

“I am sorry for telling you this. I just had to” I said crying.

“You did just right. Don’t flog yourself.”

He went into the kitchen and returned with a glass of water that he never drank.

He dropped the glass on the table. I understand what he was going through – the pretense, deceit, betrayal. You can imagine.

“I will be in the room. If you need anything let me know.”

“Can I get you something to eat?”

“Susan my sorrow has multiplied and my stomach is filled with it.” He entered his room and didn’t come out.

I later boiled rice but it was tasteless in my mouth. I was afraid for him.

When it was evening, I went to the room to get the mattress. I met dad crying like a child whose toy was misplaced or forcefully taken by a bully.

I sat beside him on the bed and we cried together until there was not tears left in our eyes.

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

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