Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 11

“Good morning Mr Ethan” Irish greeted again thinking he hadn’t heard the first time.
But he just entered his limousine like he hadn’t seen her.

Like seriously?

“What could be wrong?” She thought as she walked towards the door.
She turned and saw that the limo is already out of the compound.
She’s so sure he must have heard her, he even glanced at her but she could tell he was pissed by something.


Did one of his workers pissed him off?
Is it because she wasn’t here last night?
“Well…” She shrugged.

She walked into the living room and met Gabrielle.

“Good morning Gabrielle”Irish greeted.
“Irish, good morning” Gabriella smiled.
“You’re here. I thought you were supposed to come down from your room? Did you went anywhere this morning?”Gabrielle said.
“Yes. I actually went to my former house last night after dinner. But did anyone pissed Mr Ethan?”Irish asked.

“Yeah, i think so.”Gabrielle said.
“Ohh” Irish nodded slowly.
“He didn’t respond to your greetings?” Gabrielle asked.
“Yeah! How did you know ?” Irish asked.
“I just guessed” Gabrielle said, already knowing Irish is the one who pissed him off, Ethan won’t respond to your greetings when he’s pissed with you.

She wondered what Irish did in the space on yesterday night and this morning.

“I should go meet Arin”. Irish said.
“Yeah, The maids will be rearranging your room with a set of new stuffs and you’ve resumed formally ” Gabrielle said.

“Okay, thanks” Irish said and started walking to Arin’s room.

She met some workers on the way and greeted them.
They all responded nicely and she couldn’t wait to get to know them all.
Gabrielle had said there will be a formal introduction today, unlike the one Sarah did.

Irish knocked gently when she got to Arin’s door.
“Who’s there?” Arin asked.
“Your nanny” Irish said.
“Irish, Come in”Arin said and Irish smiled as she opened the door and walked in .

“Good morning to you” She said to Arin who smiled.
“Good morning Irish” Arin said, she had just finished taking her bath and she had a towel wrapped around her body.

“Ohh..I’m sorry i wasn’t here early enough to bath you” Irish said.
“No, i bath myself and I bathed Dolly too. You can only dress me up” Arin said.
“Really? Is that in your rules booklet?” Irish said.

Then she saw Dolly laying on the carpet Arin seem to have arranged for her. How cute!

“Of course, i think you really need to go through it once more. I knew you can’t take it in at once. They are way too much” Arin said.

“You know that too?” Irish asked.
“Of course”
“Then why did you made then that much?” Irish asked.
“Some nannies do pass their bounds and that’s why i had to set a boundary”Arin said, passing Irish her body cream.

“Hmm…I’ve not washed my hands” Irish said.
“Ohh…Just apply this on my body but please you should always wash your hands before coming into my room”Arin said.

The rule hadn’t stated that she should use her hands always, but she knew that for herself that she should always wash her hands before touching Arin.

She have no problem with Irish touching her without washing her hands.
Irish always look neat, just like her dad and Gabrielle
“Uh? Okay” Irish said.

She took the body cream from Arin and started applying it smoothly on the girl’s skin.
She didn’t put pressure on it, Arin’s skin felt like diamond beneath her touch .

Her skin glowed more after Irene was done.

She proceeded to dressing her up and they were done in a matter of minutes.
Arin wore her shoes while Irish grabbed one of her hair combs.
“Only Gabrielle and my dad touches my hair” Arin said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irish said dropping the comb disappointedly.
She had wanted to make a very beautiful style for Arin.

She picked Arin’s school bag and helped her wear it.
“So..we’re set” Irish smiled.
“Yeah” Arin said, glancing at herself in the mirror with a satisfied look .
Irish had dressed her up so nicely.

“Come go have your breakfast” Irish said, glancing at the wall clock.
Arin nodded and picked a comb before they both walked out of the room.



Arin finished having her breakfast and Gabrielle helped her comb and packed her hair into a simple ponytail.

She was ready for school.

“Bye Ms. Gabrielle” She waved as Irish led her to the door .

“Bye Arin” Gabrielle smiled and watched the both of them walked out of the door.
Irish saw a beautiful pink Benz parked as they stepped out.

She hadn’t seen this in the compound.
It must have been in the garage.

“Is this your car?” She asked Arin who nodded.
“It’s beautiful” Irish said.
“Yeah it is, thanks” Arin said.

Irish saw the driver was in the car already, the backseat door was opened by a bodyguard who looked so fierce.
She wondered where Mr Ethan found these hard looking men.
They could scare shit out of someone!

“Good morning Arin” the man greeted in a deep voice.
His voice is just as thick as his face.
“Good morning Carlos” Arin smiled.
She got into the back seat and dropped her school bag beside her .

“Irish aren’t you coming?” Arin asked.
“Huh? Am i supposed to go with you?” Irish asked.
“Of course!” Arin said.
“You really need to study the rules booklet” She added.
“Yeah” Irish said hoping in beside Arin.

The bodyguard closed the car door and Irish widened her eyes when he got into the front seat.
The driver drove to the gate which opened automatically.
“Is he supposed to go with us?” Irish whispered to Arin who laughed.
“Yeah,Carl is my personal bodyguard, he goes with me everywhere” Arin whispered back.
“And he doesn’t scare you?” Irish asked in a whisper.
“No, he actually has a soft side to him. His heart is not as fierce as his face, he’s so nice and loving”
“Really?” Irish asked.
“Yes. Hey Carl, meet Irish,my new nanny” Arin said.
“Hi Irish, i heard all your whispers” He smiled turning to her.

“Huh?” Irish swallowed hard.
Two things surprised her, the fact that he heard all she whispered and the fact that he smiled.
She never pictured him as a smiling man and she must be sincere he looked less fierce now.

“I’m sorry about that, i never meant to say that behind you” Irish said.
“It’s fine . So, I’m Carl, Arin’s personal bodyguard”Carlos said stretching out his hand effortlessly from the front seat.
“I’m Irish, Arin’s nanny. Nice to meet you” Irish said accepting his outstretched hand.

Strong hands!

She’s so sure those hands could easily break objects into two.

“Same here”Carlos said.
“I know you do a good job in protecting Arin” Irish said.
“I’m trying my best. Arin is my friend and I’ll make sure no harm comes to her” Carl said.
“He has been my personal bodyguard for three years now and has saved me from being kidnapped multiple times,back in Australia” Arin said.
“! Really?” Irish asked.
“Yeah” Arin said and Irish could see why Ethan entrusted Arin to him.

She’s still worried that Ethan hadn’t responded to her greetings.

Even if he was pissed by someone,he should have responded to her greetings. She wasn’t the one who pissed him of, Or was she?

“Meet Alex too, my chauffeur” Arin said.
“Hi Alex, We’ve meet each other before” Irish said.
“Hi Irish, welcome to Arin’s world” Alex said,focused on driving.
“Thank you” Irish smiled.

“We’re almost at my school” Arin said excitedly.
“Really?” Irish asked.
“Yeah” Arin said putting her iPad back in her bag.

She slipped on her school bag as the driver drove into a wide opened gate.
Carl got down to open the door for them and they both alighted.

Irish marveled at the sight of Arin’s school.
Looking at it alone would have told you it’s a NO! for the poor.
Students alighted from different posh cars.
Securities were everywhere and the students looked well organized as they walked into a passageway.
The structure is just…


The outer part had left her speechless, and she wondered what the inner part would do to her.

“I’m gonna go with you to your class right?” She asked Arin.
“No, you don’t have to. Carl will” Arin said.
“Ohh..okay” Irish said and sat back in the car as she watched them leave.

She sighed, watching the students admiringly.
Everyone sure has different childhood.

“Hi” Alex jolted her out of her thoughts.
“Hey” she responded.
“You feeling bored?”
“Not really” Irish smiled.
“Should i tune in some beats?” He asked and Irish shrugged.

She’s not much of a music person.

Alex started playing a soft music and Irish allowed her mind to wander away.



They got home and she and Carlos alighted from the car while Alex drove into the garage.
“See you later” Carlos said, walking away.
“Yeah” Irish replied, walking to the door.

She missed her Mum.
She wondered if she was okay with her rejecting the offer.
She hopes she is. She can’t sell her body for money.

“Hey, you’re back” Gabrielle said to her as she walked into the living room.
“Your room has been rearranged. Come take a look at it”. Gabrielle said.
“Ohh… okay” Irish said anxiously, walking behind Gabrielle.

She wondered why they have to rearrange the room. She was comfortable with the way the room is now.

After they’ve climbed the room, Gabrielle stops at Irish’s door.

The door opened and Irish took in a breath before stepping in..
The coziness of the room embraced her first.

The room was well furnished and the well spread bed looks so soft and inviting, there’s a bedside table and a lamp.
The floor is tiled but there’s a colourful round rug placed in the middle.
She has a dressing chair and a table! With an oval mirror before it.
The size of the wardrobe looks just so right for the room.
The curtain matched with the color of the center rug and the wall painted with a cool brown totally matched with all the furnitures.
The open window allowed rays of sunshine and everything looks just so beautiful.

Everything seems so different. Unlike the room before, they’ve only been a bed, a standing table and the closet. But know everything has been arranged and setted. She felt honoured.

“I hope you like it now? Gabrielle asked.
“I totally love it” Irish grinned.
“Im glad you do, that’s the door to the bathroom and that’s the door connecting to Arin’s room” Gabrielle said.
“Yeah I know, Arin told me yesterday and Sarah had also said that too ”
“Fine then, I’ll leave you now and do take some rest, come meet me so I’ll introduce you to others formally and also show you round the building, I’m guessing Sarah just showed you a quarter of the building” Gabrielle said.

Quarter? Not even half!

“Okay Gabrielle, thanks so much” Irish said.
Gabrielle smiled as she walked out of the door but Irish stopped her.

“Sorry, Have you seen Dolly?” Irish asked.
“Dolly? Who?” Gabrielle said.
“Sorry I mean my dog, her name is Dolly”.
“Oh! Arin ordered that she’s taken to the Vet..”

“What? But she isn’t cold” Irish said.
“Well….. Arin said she catch cold” Gabriella said.
“Okay thanks”
Gabrielle nodded and walked out.

She catch cold and already taken to the vet?! Rich people never stops amazing her!


She hummed happily as she transferred her clothes from the case to the drawer and the closet .
She gathered her toiletries and fresh clothes before heading to the bathroom.

She put on a more comfortable wear before going to meet Gabrielle.



Irish returned to her room after she was introduced to other workers and also shown her half of the whole building.
The building is damn huge! Irish had gotten tired and told Gabrielle she’ll continue tomorrow.
Though she have to admit that all Gabrielle showed her almost made her cry.
She wondered the amount of money used to set up this place and this isn’t the only building Mr Ethan has.

Gabrielle had advised her to go take a nap before Arin comes back and that’s what she’s gonna do .

She laid on the soft silky bed and stared at the sky-coloured ceiling.

She’s finally resumed! She’s the Billionare daughter’s Nanny!

If she had been told she’ll be here today,she would never have believed.

Few days ago,she never even pictured herself to be a nanny in a billionaire’s house.
It takes just seconds for things to change.
She’s so happy to be here but she missed her family. She had promised her Mother and Arusha that she’ll always call them in the morning to make sure they’re fine.

She doesn’t know why she felt so comfortable being here.
She just love it here!



Irish helped Gabrielle in the kitchen after she finished napping.
Gabrielle had insisted on making lunch all by herself and Irish had also insisted on helping her.
They talked and laughed like they’ve known each other for years.

“Arin will be back soon” Gabrielle said glancing at the wall clock in the kitchen.
“Yeah” Irish said, knowing Carl already went to pick her.

Lunch is ready and they were starting to dish it out.

Gabrielle called on two maids to take the lunch to their dining room while she started dishing out theirs.

They were setting the dining table when Arin walked in.
“I’m back” She said.
Irish smiled.

“Welcome girlie” Gabrielle said.
“How was school?” Irish asked.
“Great , I meet new friends” Arin grinned.
“Come, let’s go get you changed so you can have your lunch” Irish said holding Arin’s wrist.
“I washed my hands already” She added and Arin smiled.

The both started walking up the stairs.

“You’re room had been rearranged and set well right?” Arin asked.
“Yes and i love it better than before” Irish said.
“Of course! it’s lovely” Irish said.
“I’m glad you do”
“Gabrielle said you took Dolly to the Vet” Irish said.
“Yes. She looked a little sick, she’s too adorable so I’ve to make sure she’s fine”. Arin said
“Thanks” Irish said and Arin nodded.



Arin was in the shower while Irish prepared what she’ll wear..
She helped her select a pink blouse and black mini skirt,she picked a pink footwear to match with it, Pink seems to be her favorite

Arin stepped out of the bathroom drying her body with towel.
Irish grabbed her body cream.

“I don’t use the cream when I’m at home, i use body oil and it’s in my drawer” Arin said.
“Ohh” Irish said, she opened Arin’s drawer and pulled out the body oil.



They sat in the dining room after Arin was done getting changed.
Gabrielle started dishing out the meal.

“Aren’t we gonna wait for Mr Ethan?” Irish asked.
“He might return in the night” Arin answered her.
“Yeah, he doesn’t have a specific time” Gabrielle added.
“Ohh” irish said and they all started eating in silence.

The dining room door suddenly opened and Ethan stepped in..
Irish couldn’t tell why she suddenly felt nervous, and her palm heated that she couldn’t even hold her spoon well.

“Daddy!” Arin called excitedly rushing to hug him.
He smiled and pulled his daughter into a warm embrace, he pecked her cheeks.
“How are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine.” Arin said, shoving a piece of meatloaf in his mouth.
“You’re dressed up so nicely” Ethan commented.
“Yes, Irish did the job”Arin said.

“Ohh, go continue your lunch” Ethan said to Arin
“Welcome Ethan, you’re quite early today” Gabrielle said.
“Yes, how are you Gabrielle?” He asked.
“I’m good and how was work”Gabrielle asked.
“Okay” Harold said.
“Good afternoon Mr Ethan” Irish greeted.
“I should go change and join you guys” Ethan said, totally ignoring Irish he walked out of the dining room leaving her confused.

“W.. what did i do to him?” She asked Gabrielle,her appetite gone.
“Sincerely, i don’t know” Gabrielle sighed.
Irish swallowed hard, trying hard not to cry.

She stood up and left the dining ignoring Gabrielle’s call.



Irish sat on her dressing chair,staring at her reflection in the mirror after putting Arin to bed.

It’s night already and almost everyone has gone to bed but she isn’t even feeling a bit sleepy.

Her eyes lit up when she remembered Gabrielle had shown her Ethan’s library.
She loves reading in the night especially beside the fireplace! and the library has a fireplace.

She quickly slide her feet into her footwear before walking out of her room.

So many thoughts filled her mind as she made her way to the library.
What did she do to Ethan to warrant such silent treatment?
He was all nice to her yesterday.

She prayed silently that it was not because of her leaving the Mansion last night. She could have taken permission from him before leaving but she was in a hurry and totally forgot about informing him.

She walked into the library and quietly closed the door after her.
She was startled when she met Ethan seated, sipping a red wine with a book in hand.

“What do you want?” He asked without glancing up.
“I..i couldn’t sleep so i…” Irish stammered.
“Did i pissed you of?” She asked one question she badly needed answer to.

“If you know you’ll be sneaking out at night to meet your random boyfriends at a bar then quit being my daughter’s nanny! Ethan yelled angrily and it dawned on Irish.

His driver had obviously told him she dropped off at a bar.

“It isn’t what you think” Irish said.

“Whatever! I don’t care” Ethan said,slammed the book closed, picked his wine and walked out of the library.

Tears fall off Irish’s eyes. She hadn’t gone there to meet a boyfriend!


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