CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

Part 7

Franca Uwuigiaren

“Where are you going to. It’s not yet morning” I asked dad stretching my body as I just woke up.

“It’s 5:20am Angel”

“Good morning sir but where are you going to?”

“I am going to preach. It’s called MORNING CRY.” He showed me his Bible and smiled.

“Since I got saved, I just couldn’t keep calm. Other people need to know him.

Susan, lots of people are in satanic bondage. Some are sinking into sin with eyes opened. Aaaah! I want to be among the few labourers working for God.

I want to be a tool in the house of God. Hell must be depopulated.” He said passionately.

“I will go with you next time.” I said

Dad told me to always prepare my heart to work for God. He hugged me and was about to open the door when mum coughed to draw our attention.

“What is the meaning of the hug you gave Susan this morning Ikechukwu?

I know you are having sex with her. You can’t deceive me ooo.”

” Hear your self Chiamaka. This is ridiculous. Have you forgotten she’s our daughter?”

“You’re a cheat Ikechukwu. May the gods of my father’s house disgrace you.” She said pointing her finger at him. “No wonder you transfer the love you have for me to her”

“You know I love honey. I have never looked at any other woman since I set my eyes on you chiamaka.

You despite me and treat me like a poop, I still respect and love you honey” dad said calmly.

“Well today ooo you will have to choose between I and Susan.”

“I love you and the kids. Please I need to go out”

“To where.”

“I am going out to preach” mum laughed wickedly and loud.

“Wait!” She went in and came out with a bowl of water. Before my very eyes, she poured the water on him.

“You go nowhere Ikechukwu. You have got to choose between Susan and I.”
Dad laughed.
“I know the tactics of the devil. I refused to be distracted. I must go out to preach. Devil you’re a liar.

You have lost the battle.”
He rushed to the room to change his clothes.

“Follow me Susan”
That’s how I followed dad for morning cry. He told me if he had left me at home, something terrible would have happened to me.

Dad preached so passionately and powerful about the love of God.

When we returned, mum had burnt some of dad’s clothes. Dad knew mum was doing everything to frustrate him but all I heard him say was “Help me to resist the devil.”

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10


I sat up in bed. I looked at the time and it was just 1:08am. Yes, I remember I felt a tap on my leg and a voice said “pray I am here to answer you.

I heard the same voice last week but I didn’t pray because I read into the night. I was writing my junior Waec. I went back to sleep but he kept tapping me to wake.

“He told me that while men slept the enemies went to some tares. “Pray”, I heard so loud so I jumped out of the bed and started praying.

I need not wonder why I felt that tap on my leg. I have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I told him I want to have a personal fellowship with him every 1:00am and he has not fail to wake me in case I failed to keep to time.

He is always on time and I have told him many things. He told me things about himself too.

I brought out the Bible dad bought for me and studied for some time before praying. From fifteen minutes, I saw myself praying up to an hour.

I stopped when peace settled in my heart then I went back to sleep. I dreamt.

I saw a man and a woman dressed in black robe. On their hands were one white egg each.

On the ground, a small white circle was drown. I don’t know how I knew but I knew they were to break the egg in the circle.

“You’re an obstacle to me Ikechukwu” the man said.

“I hate you Susan. You think you are wise. You stole what doesn’t belong to you.

I will deal with you and your foolish father. I will render him useless.”

“Let’s break the eggs now” the man said.

“You dare not! Who are you to take away the life you didn’t give?

Appearing before them was a form whose face they could not behold. His garment – white and pure was covered his feet.

They could see the illumination from the garment like light. It was enough to blind them. I too could not see his face because the light from him was overwhelming.

I stood behind a tree watching the whole scenario.

“They offended me.” The woman said “and you can’t release them from my trap.” She said again.

“The have never been in your trap. They can’t be trapped.” the man said.

“Who are you” the man said.

“I am the giver of life. I am He that set the limit to how far the sea can go. I am the Head of all principalities and powers. I am the one that transcend all eternity.

I give life and I take life. I am the the God of all flesh. The mighty man in battle and a consuming fire.” As he spoke the earth beneath them quake.

“You’re wicked and want to take away their lives? Do you know how many times they have forgiven you?

They’re putting up with your wickedness. Here me, I am in charge of their lives. That means you pass through me to get them.”

Suddenly the eggs on their hands disappeared from their palms.

“These ones are two precious to be destroyed. He that keepeth Israel never sleeps nor slumber.”

I saw the woman fall on her knees while the man ran. Suddenly, the form turned and looked at me.

“Rejoice I have given you victory.”
I woke up and thanked God for giving me victory. I didn’t tell anyone the dream.

I took my bath and rushed to school, after all mum stopped including me in the daily meal since the day she accused me of having sex with my dad.

Dad gives me money to buy food in the school and returns home with food for me.

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10


Dad treats me so good that I never bothered about my real father. I only crave for a mother’s love.

Mum doesn’t want me near her. She doesn’t laugh or play with me. She doesn’t even respond to my greetings.

All she does is look for opportunity to beat me or embarrass me. No matter what bothers me, I dare not discuss with her.

She built a wall between us. When I am in school or not sleeping, I tell the Holy spirit what bothers me.

For a long time now, I have been sharing pants with Blessing.

All my pants have holes but I was afraid to tell mum. The day Blessing told her to buy pants for me, she dealt with both of us with dad’s belt.

“I am not your mother. Don’t you have a lover? Tell him” she said referring to dad as my lover.

I never mentioned it again. I spoke to the Holy Spirit concerning it again. I started stitching my torn pants with needle. Surprising, dad returned one day from work with the pants he bought for us. I was very happy.

I later discovered Blessing told Dad about it and in his wisdom, he decided to buy for all of us.

CRY FOR ME: Part 1 – 10

Written by Franca Uwuigiaren

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

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