DANGEROUS LOVE: Chapter 31-The End

? Dangerous Love ?

? Chapter 31?

Written by: Tamara Blair.

Author’s Note: For those of you who are saying that what will Nicole’s dad do to them if he found out that they m.ade l0ve. You misunderstood what he meant by he is not ready to have grandkids,he said they should be careful in the sense that they can do whatever they want but use pr0tection.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?
I had already taken a shower and dressed up, Nicole was still asleep.
I sat beside her, c@ressed her cheeks,kssed her forehead.

“I love you a whole lot” i said and smiled.
She started shifting a little bit, then her eyes fluttered open,her eyes were red.

“Brandon” She called out blearily, i came closer so that she could put her head on my legs.

“How are you feeling?”

“Brandon, it’s hurts so much”

“Am sorry,it won’t be as pa!nful next time”

“I love you so much, Brandon”

“Me too,now let’s get you all cleaned up,your water is waiting for you”

She sat up properly, she tried to remove the duvet from her body,she suddenly stopped.

“What?” I asked.

“I stained your bedsheets with bl00d,am sorry”

“Don’t worry about it,i will take care of that”

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??
He carried me bridal style,i was still shy being n@ked around him,i think he noticed how shy i was,he chuckled.

“Seriously,babe,are you still shy because you are n@ked in front of me”

“Am not used to it”

“Well, you will be, eventually”.

He placed me in the bathtub, the water was slightly hot and it helped in reducing the pa!n.

“Feel better?”

“A little bit”

“Okay,i will be back” he said and walked away.

I started reminiscing all the events that happened last night,i felt alot of pain but am happy Brandon was the one to defl0wer me.

I continued scrubbing my body and giggling randomly.

“You done?” Brandon said as he walked in.

“Yeah” i said.

He carried me up and rolled a towel around my body.

We came out of the bathroom and the bedsheets was white again,all the stains were gone.

Brandon rubbed lotion all over my body and dressed me up.

“Time to eat”
“Am so lucky to have you in my life” i said and he chuckled.

“No,am lucky to have you,you are the best thing that has ever happened to me”

He kssed me slightly on the lips, then he carried downstairs to have breakfast.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?

“Aren’t you gonna eat?” Nicole asked as i fed her.

“I will eat later,let me take care of you first” i said and she smiled.

“You know,i have heard many girls say that their boyfriend left them after having sx with them and..

“You think i would leave you”

“It’s always at the back of every woman’s mind”

“Well,i want you to erase that from your mind,i would never leave you,okay?”

“Okay,i trust you”

I dropped the food and placed my hands on her cheeks.

“Babe,what we did last night wasn’t just sx,we made love,and that’s my commitment to you that i would never stop loving you.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you,i will keep on loving you until the day i stop breathing”

She took my hand and kssed it.

“I love you too so much and i don’t think i would ever love any other man apart from you,i will love you for the rest of my life and the rest of your life”

I used my thumb to clean the tears rolling dowm her face.

“Why are you crying?”

“Am just so happy” She said and i chuckled.

“You are such a drama queen” i said making us both laugh.
Few months later.

?? Nicole’s P.o.v??

“Oh,bella,am so happy” i said to Bella as we both laid on my bed.

We were facing the ceiling.

“I can see that, Brandon really makes you happy, it’s actually making you more pretty”

“Don’t act all innocent, you think i don’t see you and Zach, I just pretend not to notice” i said and Bella giggled.

“So you like him?”

“I love him,Nikky,he just recently asked me to be his girlfriend”

“Really? And you didn’t tell me?”

“I was so excited that i forgot to tell you” She said and i chuckled.

“Take care of your heart”

“I will, thanks,Nikky”

We laughed and hugged each other.

Let’s go watch a movie” I said and we jumped down from the bed.
“What about this one?” I asked as i put a spoon in Brandon’s mouth.

“Hmm.. it’s cheese”


I blindfolded Brandon so that he can’t see the food, then he guesses by tasting it.

“You are really good”

“I eat alot”

“Okay,how about this one?”

I kssed him on the l!ps.

“Hmm.. that’s one of my favorite dish” he said and i giggled

He removed the blindfold.

“Am hungry, let’s make something to eat”

“Brandon,you ate like 15 samples of food and you are still hungry”

“I told you i eat alot,infact i think i forgot the taste of the last sample”

With that,he immediately claimed my l!ps,i smiled in between the kss.

? Brandon’s P.o.v?
The kss was getting intense,i lifted her up and placed her on the kitchen counter.

I kssed her from her neck down to her cle@vage, suddenly my phone started ringing.

“Brandon,pick up your phone” Nicole said trying hard not to m0an as i nibbled on her neck.

“That’s not important now”

The phone stopped ringing,i was about to carry Nicole off the kitchen counter,when my phone buzzed twice indicating i had a text.

Still kssing Nicole,i brought out my phone and checked the text.

I suddenly pulled away from Nicole after checking the text.

“What’s wrong,who called you?”

“It’s.. it’s no one important”

“But you got the text,you suddenly became serious”

“Nicole,i..i have to go somewhere”

“Where is somewhere?”

“It’s just somewhere but i will call you later” I said.
I kssed her cheeks,took my car keys and left,i didn’t want her to ask more questions.

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