WORLDS APART: Episode 11-20

?Worlds Apart?

?Unknown identity?

Episode 11

Danny’s Pov

I opened my eyes immediately sun shined into my room through the window.

I lazily lay on my bed, the thought that I had lost my best friend is making me sick.

I hate those poor people, I wasn’t really like this before, they beat me up to die and took all my vulnerable things away when I went to visit the province I was only 7 then but I hate them now.

Aren’t you going out with your girlfriend today since today is Saturday my mom said entering my room.

What the fk are you doing in my room I screamed angrily at her.

Am your mother and you must respect me she screamed angrily at me.

Yes you are my mother, I agree but it’s just because you gave birth to me, I even regret coming from that stomach of yours, you are nothing but a btch a real one, carrying that stinky p.$$y of yours and fk all the men you know, idi0t.

Well that’s your headache boy, I don’t care she said walking away.

I knew it, I thought she was going to console me or show me Love I had ever wanted, but no she and that idi0t that gave birth to me just got married for marrying sake, dad goes around fking btches, while mom goes around destroying people’s home I hate them.

Danny I told you to get up early what the fk is wrong with you, don’t you know you have a shot today Mr Chris my manager screamed entering my room.

Am tired I said and laid down on my bed, using the duvet to cover myself, but the next thing,I felt him pour water on me and I jumped up from bed.

Sht dad that was harsh I screamed at him, he’s the only one I have, he plays the dad role for me .

Get that stinky a$$ of yours to the bathroom he said and I ran in quickly to avoid trouble.

Hours later.

I was d@mn tired, the shot took two hours .

That was hot son Mr Chris said behind me.

Dad am tired I said sitting down.

Come on boy let’s go to the beach so you can have some fun and cool you head dad said.

I hurriedly stood up and followed him, I wonder why Mabel didn’t come, well am gonna vist her later.

Can we have some drink tonight the girl I took the shot with said smiling beside me.

You are not my type btch and you got those flat a$$ and ironed bre@$t, di$gusting I said as I walked away and the rest laughed.

At the beach

Go catch some fun boy Mr Chris said sitting down while I ran to buy some ice cream, thank goodness I wore my mask.

I bought the ice cream happily but just as I turned my attention caught someone, she looks just like mabel, just that she was wearing a mask, my exicement knew no bound.

Mabel I screamed as I ran to hug her, but instead she flinched, I turned and saw Jayden standing beside her.

Why did you hug her Jayden said angrily.

I thought it was Mabel I said slowly.

Don’t ever make that mistake again, babe let’s go Jayden said and dragged her away she looks so happy, I stared at their retreating figure.

You guys had a fight right Mr Chris said behind me and I flinched immidiately, you are just like my m0nitoring spirt I said smiling.

Why don’t you go and beg him, you look so depressed.

Ok fine I think that’s what am gonna do I said happily.

Mabel’s Pov

I sighed tiredly on my bed, today is one of the worst day of my life.

Mabel am home, mom screamed from the living room.

And do I look like I care I screamed back at her.

I sat down in my bed thinking about Danny, I was supposed to have a shot with him today, but they spiolt it.

Baby come down and come meet your bodyguard dad screamed from the living room.

I don’t wanna see anybody, would you guys just let me be for Christ sake I said angrily.

I give you just 5 sec for you to get down here he said.

Dad is one hardnut to break, I wore my slippers and walked down the stairs.

Meet your new boyguard I hired dad said.

I raised my head to meet a handsome dude standing in front of me, too cute to be an ordinary bodyguard.

Hi he said breaking me out of my thought.

Keep your hi to yourself and am done here I said and walked away admit dad call, I don’t fking care, they want to make my life miserable, but bet me when I say am gonna do more.

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