HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 81 – The End

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 83


Raymond was still in my house, my dad was glad he was around when my mom was being treated at the hospital.

“Thanks for your kind gesture.” My dad appreciated Raymond.

“You are most welcome, sir…I hope you do not hate me anymore?” Raymond asked.

“I rewatched the clip of how Alice won at the beauty contest, if not for your vote, she wouldn’t have won. ” My father said.

“I’m glad I help.” Raymond said with a smile.

I was glad my dad and Raymond were getting along.

Raymond’s phone beeped all of a sudden and as he read the message that entered, his head dropped.

I knew something was wrong immediately

My dad had already left for my mom’s room.

“I’ve been expelled, right?” I asked Raymond.

I knew that it would be his family’s next move.

He raised his head and said; “I need to go home.”

“What’s the matter?” I asked, I was very concerned.

“It does not concern you, it’s about my brothers, stay with your mom.” He said and stood

As he got to the entrance, I said; “Wait Raymond.”

I ran to him and hugged him, very tight.

He wrapped his hand around me and said; “Take care Alice.”

We disengaged and he walked out.


Raymond walked in thirty minutes after I had texted him about the real identity of Leonard.

Leonard at that time had already started packing all his luggage ready to leave, Rose was in her room thinking, probably unable to absorb the shock of the revelation.

But I was indifferent about it cause I knew surely that Leonard has something he had been hiding from us.

“Where is Leonard?” Raymond asked.

I was at the sitting room.

“At the dormitory, he is packing his luggage, he feel shameful for his state…for her state and ready to leave.” I answered Raymond.

Raymond walked swiftly to the dormitory and I followed behind.

Raymond tried to open the door of the dormitory but it was closed

“Why will Leonard close the door on herself?” He asked, facing me.

“That’s strange, adjust, let me break the door.” I said and Raymond adjusted.

It took me three minutes to break the door, the door opened and we saw Leonard hunging himself on the ceiling.

He was fast loosing breath.

“Jeez!” Raymond screamed and looked around for what he could help with.

I ran swiftly to the kitchen and came back with a knife, I climbed our bunk and broke the rope that Leonard wanted to use to commit su!cide.

As he fell, Raymond tried to carry him on his shoulder but they both fell to the floor together.

Leonard’s eye were red and as his face met with Raymond, he cried more.

“Let me die, I’m not worthy of living anymore.” Leonard said with so much tears running down his face.

“No, sister, you can’t die. ” Raymond said and helped her raise her head in her arms.

“Leonard, doesn’t matter what, we still love you.” Raymond said to her.

“I love you also, Leonard, I’m sorry for your loss of bre@$ts…” I said but he only cried more.

“Everyone will know now that I’m a female and do not have a br–a$ts. How can I ever live with that?” Leonard cried out?

Her feeling was like the shame she would go through as a lady without br-a$ts will be much for her to handle.

Three days later!

Leonard, Alice, Raymond and I were sitted in the living room, mama Any had gone out to get some household stuffs with Rose, we all seated waiting for Raymond’s dad to show up.

Raymond was ready to reveal Leonard’s identity to him.

Raymond’s dad showed up and sat before us.

“What’s it that’s so important?” He asked.

“Leonard is a girl, she had bre-a$ts c@ncer and lost her brea$-ts, she couldn’live with the shame so she disguised as a male.” Raymond explained.

“Oh! But she doesn’t have to disguise, we are in the civilized world, I’ll arrange an artificial transplant of bre@$ts on him.” Raymond’s father said but Leonard cried kept crying silently

I curved my arms around her.

“And Raymond… I won’t force you to do anything again, you can have Alice.” Raymond’s father said to everyone’s surprise.

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