HEART DOCTOR : Episode 1 – 10



[Don’t mess with Odeya, Don’t Mess with Amanda too]

The next day, Amanda woke up and prepared breakfast. Then went over to Odeya’s room to wake her up.

She was still sleeping.. She did her normal style of rolling off her blanket and tapping her on the arm.
Odeya opened her eyes and Amanda smiled.

“Wake up and come take your bathe.” she said.

Odeya covered herself back with the duvet but Amanda removed it.

“Come on.” she said and carried Amanda up from the bed to the bathroom.

“Let me go. I don’t feel like going to school today.” Deya said.

“Why? Don’t you want to see a cute boy named Jeremy?” Amanda asked with a smile.

“Stop it. You are so annoying.” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled.


At the dinning, Odeya again, ate her breakfast without complaints.

Desmond was surprised today again. He knew that no matter how good a cook her nannies were, she will always complain of the food. She did that on Monday but yesterday and today had been a total different.

What’s wrong with his daughter all of a sudden?
How did Amanda manage to do that?

Amanda soon came out of the kitchen with deya’s lunch box.

Desmond stared at her, wondering the change in his daughter for only three days that she had been here.

Amanda noticed her boss staring at her and she suddenly felt uneasy.
It felt as if her cheek were suddenly going red but why?

Why would she react to just a look from her boss when she don’t even know what’s in his mind.

Why’s she feeling this way.

‘Snap ou of it Amanda. You are the nanny, he’s your boss. Nothing can ever happen between you two. What ever feeling you are suddenly growing towards your boss should be formatted immediately’ She said to herself then smiled at Odeya.

“Deya. Are you okay with the food? Are you filled up?”

“I’m not. Can’t you see that?” Odeya said.

“Alright. I will go and change my clothes. I will be back in a jiffy.” she said and hurried upstairs.

Once she was gone upstairs, Desmond turned to his daughter.

“I’m loving the new Odeya.” he said with a smile.

Odeya smiled back “You have to after getting lipgloss on your cheek last night.”

Desmond had no idea how to react to what Odeya just said. He just sat, staring at her. He decided to leave at that moment. He checked his time and it was 6:50am.

He drank the rest of his tea and stood up. “Baby, I have to go to work now. Gotta beat traffic and arrive at 8am even though it’s only a fifteen minutes drive.” he said as he walked over to her and pecked her cheek. “Have a nice day in school dear. Dad loves you.”

“Bye dad.” she said. Desmond picked his briefcase and suit and headed out.

As Amanda pulled on a black skirt, her phone began ringing, she went over and seeing the caller, she hissed, left the phone and walked out.

Ekene!! Why won’t that guy just let her have some peace.

She went downstairs and saw that it was only Odeya sitting alone on the dinning.

She felt sad at that moment.
She had wanted to say ‘goodbye boss, have a nice day’ but it seem she came out a little late.

She breathed out and walked over to Odeya.
“I will take away the plates then we go to school.” she said as she carried the plates and cups and headed to the kitchen. After dropping them in the sink, she came back.

“Let’s go to school.” she said and carried Odeya
Today, Odeya didn’t hurl of walking on her own to avoid being delayed outside the car.

Amanda carried her lunch box and they walked out towards the car.

Today again, Peter and I.k were having gists and laughing out loud.
Amanda was happy about that.

It was Odeya’s sack threat that turned them into friends. Amanda was sure that if Odeya hadn’t brought up the firing, then the duo would have still been in bad terms and throwing abuses at each other.

Her sassy manner, turned two enemies into friends.

Peter opened the back door and Amanda dropped Odeya inside.

“Beautiful Amanda.. You look beautiful this morning o.” That was I.k

“Is it a bad thing that she looks beautiful this morning?” Peter asked.

“No oo, na good thing nah. Na you be the most beautiful girl on earth. Sef heaven too.” I.k said.

“Stop talking nonsense and open gate.” Peter said.

“Take am easy jare. Na where I dey before if no be gate?” I.k said.

Amanda was already in the car. Peter entered the driver seat, closed the door, wore his seatbelt and started the car.

I.K opened the gate.

“We will talk when I’m back oh.” Peter said.
“Eh no wahala. I dey – no problem. I’m around.”

Peter drove out and turned into the road, heading to Odeya’s school.

Odeya opened her bag and took out her phone.

“Do you know how to operate this phone well enough?” Amanda asked her.

It was an iPhone 6s

“Are you downgrading me? I’m five, I’m not two. You should be the one asking yourself that.” Odeya said.

Amanda sighed. “It was just a question. And don’t your school restrict young pupils from bringing phones to school?”

“They can’t do that. My school is totally different from the one you went to. Besides, I take my phone to school for a reason.” she said.

“What reason, can you tell me?” Amanda asked.

Odeya rolled her eyes. “What? Do we look like friends now?”

Peter chuckled from the driver’s seat.
Amanda exhaled.

“Fine then. I don’t want to hear anyway.” she said.

Odeya placed her index finger on the fingerprint of the phone and the phone screen woke up.

She scrolled to the her gallery and clicked on it, Jeremy’s pictures appeared.
She smiled at both blur and nice shots of him.
All of them were in the class..

Majority were his back since he’s sitting in front of her. Some were part of his face. Some his full pictures which no one saw her take and no one can unlock her phone since she locked it with her finger print.

Amanda saw the smile on Odeya’s face and wondered what she was looking at.

Then a thought popped into her head.

‘What if she takes pictures of Jeremy in school? She said she takes phones to school for a reason. What reason can make a little girl like her take her phone to school?

It could be to play games during break times or take pictures.

Amanda wished she could just get a glimpse but as she stretched her neck to try her luck, Odeya threw the phone back into her bag and zipped the bag up then shot Amanda a glare.
“What’s that?” she asked Amanda.

“Nothing.” Amanda said.

The rest of the drive to Odeya’s school was in silence.

They soon pulled into the beautiful school. Amanda carried Ode ya down and they headed to her class.

“You are too young to be in basic one.” Amanda said.

“I’d be on my sixth year as a doctor at your age.” Odeya said.

That pierced through Amanda like a sword but she is going to give her her own piece.

“You want to be a doctor? I’m certain no patient would want to be treated by you for fear of dying even before the operation or treatment begins.” Amanda said.

Odeya halted. “What??”

Amanda smiled. “Nothing. Let’s go.”

They soon got to Odeya’s class. Amanda handed her lunch box to and Odeya.

“Bye Odeya..” she said.

Odeya gave her no answer and headed to her seat. Jeremy was there already, going through a textbook.

Odeya’s form teacher sat quietly on her desk. When Amanda’s eyes went down to her legs, she saw that the lady was wearing flat shoes.

Amanda headed back to the car and couldn’t stop herself from chuckling.


Later that day, Amanda tidied up the sitting room, dinning and kitchen. She washed her clothes and Odeya’s using the washing machine.

Then tidied up Odeya’s room.

She wondered why Desmond had told her not to tidy his room and also not to wash his clothes.

He said she’s only here for Odeya. At first she was happy about that, knowing she don’t have to worry about tidying his room and washing his clothes.

But it haven’t even been up to a week and she’s wishing she is doing them.

She can’t relate what is happening to her.

At the kitchen as she prepared lunch, she got a bit upset remembering that he doesn’t even eat the main foods that she cooks.

“Ahh what’s wrong with me…. I bet my mom caused this! She shouldn’t have brought up the issue of marriage and all she said two days ago!” Amanda said.

“Marriage, who wan marry?” Amanda was startled by I.k’s sudden appearance in the kitchen.

“I.k! What are you doing in here!” she asked.

“I just dey outside. I come tire so I say make I come talk with you small.” he said.

I sighed.


“…Mr Funmi, you leave for Abuja tomorrow. Next meeting would be when Mr Funmi returns from Abuja.” Desmond said to the board of workers.

“Any body have something to say?” he asked.

No one answered.

“Okay then. I presume this brief meeting is over.” he said, got up and left to his office with his secretary following behind him, soon he met Desmond’s pace.

“Any problem?” Desmond asked Henry.

“Uhmm nothing but someone is in your office.” he said.

Desmond halted. “Who?”

Henry couldn’t respond.

“I ask who?” Desmond demanded.

“Gold.” Henry said.

Desmond raised his brows. “Gold?”

He hurried to his office, opened the door and saw Gold sitting down with crossed legs, smiling.

“Hello Mr Desmond. I brought you something.”


So guys what do you think about Amanda? Do you think she’s developing some kinda feelings for her boss already?

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