HEART DOCTOR : Episode 1 – 10


Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C


[The Office Visit]

Amanda went upstairs to change.

Truthfully Desmond was surprised about Deya’s quietness that morning.

“Deya are you okay?” He asked Deya who was eating her breakfast slowly.

“Do I look like I’m not fine dad?” she asked him.
“Of course you are.” he said.

She dropped the spoon and drank her water.

“I’m filled up dad. I will go to school now.” Odeya said.
“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes dad. Where’s she? Spending so much time in dressing when it wouldn’t even look appealing.” Odeya said.

Amanda heard it as she was already walking down the staircase.
She got down and came over to the dinning.

“I’m here now. Did you say anything?” Amanda asked Odeya, testing her.

Odeya rolled her eyes. “Nothing. Take me to school.”

Amanda smiled.
She knew that if they didn’t have that agreement, she would have repeated it to her face.

Desmond was surprised. For the past three months, he had known his daughter so much that he could tell her next of action in every thing.

He was expecting her to repeat that to Amanda but surprising she said ‘nothing’

Something is fishy.

“Alright. Let’s go dear.” Amanda said and tried carrying Odeya but Odeya halted her.

“I can walk myself. I didn’t ask you to do that.” Odeya said.

‘There she comes again.’ Amanda thought, but she will let this slide. She still have sixty percent of rudeness to display.

“Alright” Amanda said and carried Odeya’s lunch box and they headed out.

When they got to the car, Amanda opened the door and crossed her hands.

Odeya waited for her to carry her into the car but nothing like that was happening.

Amanda laughed inside of her as she watched Odeya waiting for her to carry her into the car.

Odeya narrowed her eyes at her nanny. “What are you waiting for? Get me into the car.”

Amanda smiled at her. “Well, I was thinking that you don’t want me to carry you since you can walk yourself. I was thinking you can get in the car yourself too.”

Odeya raised her brows. “What?”

“Yes dear Odeya.”

“Are you kidding me? You want me to report your manners to my dad huh.” Odeya said.

“It’s not my fault Odeya. You didn’t want me to carry you. But it’s fine. I will do that now.” Amanda said and then carried her into the car.

“You are getting fired.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled and leaned closer. “Remember the secret.”

Odeya sighed and shouted. “Fine!”

From the driver’s seat, Peter watched the duo in surprise.

‘Did Amanda just control that girl? What did she tell her?’ he wondered.

Amanda got inside the car, smiling and closed the door.

“Don’t feel like a heroine.” Odeya said.
Amanda chuckled. “Sometimes it feels nice to be a heroine.”

The most surprising thing was that I.K had opened the gate already even before Peter started the car.

And shockingly enough, he waved at them when Peter drove off.

“Go to church and thank ya God say small madam forgave you..” Peter said to him.

“I don dey thank am since. Thank you Small madam” I.k said then knelt down and raised his hand up. “Thank you Jehovah. Wetin I for tell my wife and five children?”


The drive to Valentina school was in silence. Peter soon pulled into the school compound and Amanda carried Odeya down from the car and didn’t realize she was holding her hand until Odeya dragged her hand away from Amanda’s hold.

“Don’t hold me.” Odeya said.
“I didn’t realize I was.” Amanda said.

They got to her classroom and once Odeya entered, her classmates shouted.

??Miss Sassy! miss Sassy is here!??

Amanda handed Odeya her lunch box and searched with her eyes for Jeremy. She saw him and realized that her seat is behind his.

‘They are sitting quite close.’ she said within.

When Odeya sat down on her seat. Amanda saw Jeremy’s face turn into a big frown and Odeya’s was only a bit frowny.

‘She’s pretending.’ Amanda smiled. Then waved at her before walking out. On her way, she met Odeya’s form teacher walking towards in her red gown and stiletto heels.

“Hello Odeya’s form teacher.” Amanda called, teasing her.

The teacher smiled. “My name is Mrs Tonia Solade. Please don’t refer me to Odeya’s form teacher. From when I became five, I had a dislike for that name, Odeya. Thank you” she said and walked away but while she was trying to turn into her class, her heel twisted and she fell.

Amanda couldn’t hold her chuckle even though she felt pity for her.

Teachers rushed over.

?Are you alright Mrs Solade??

?Mrs Tonia, are you alright??

?What happened??

Amanda turned and walked away, smiling.


It was around 12pm in the afternoon and Desmond was in his office, busy with work when his office door opened and Henry walked in.

That morning at work, Desmond had been really mad at Henry for giving the lady his private phone number.

Henry had laughed it off and said it was a good thing and the right thing that he did.
Desmond had felt like strangling him right there but there was no way he could. They are very good friends.

But Henry was surprised when he saw Gold walk to his desk. He didn’t expect her to come to the office.

“Gold, what are you doing here?” he asked.

She smiled. “What do you think I’m here for? Of course I’m here to see my boyfriend to be.” she said.

“What? Come on Gold. This is work and isn’t it too quick?” he asked.

“What do you mean? I can’t wait OK. Time waits for no body. I’m here to see him and I brought him something.” she said and showed the white nylon containing a food flask.

“Really? Desmond wouldn’t like this.” Henry said.

“I’m here to make him do. Come on, take me to his office. I thought you really wanted a woman for him. Why acting strange now.” she said.

“You don’t understand. Desmond AK most strangled me this morning because of his number that I gave to you. Now this one, hmm. Desmond doesn’t joke during work hours.” he said, kinda scared.

Gold chuckled. “Is this fright that I’m seeing on her face? Come on cut that off. I knew this company already and you weren’t the one who gave the address to me. Leave this one to me. I will carry the cross. Just take me to his office. My legs are aching already.” She said.

Henry exhaled. “Okay. I will. Let’s go.”
He turned off his computer, stood up and they headed to the director’s office which was just in front of them.

“Wait here, I will go inform you first.” Henry said.
Gold smiled. “No problem, I’m impatiently waiting.”

Henry grabbed the doorknob, opened the door and walked in.

“What’s it Mr Henry?” Desmond asked, looking up from the computer.

Henry cleared his throat. “Actually Director, someone is here to see you.” he said.

“Names?” Desmond asked.

Henry hesitated.l before answering, “Gold Benson.”

Desmond raised his brows, shocked. “What?? Gold what? What is she doing here? You gave her the companies address?”

“Of course not. She had known this company already. Who doesn’t know this company. I didn’t ask her to come either. I think she just can’t help the love she has for you.” Henry said.

Desmond couldn’t believe it.
“What did you just say, Love? Henry.”

“Director, just let her in. I think she has something to tell you.” Henry said.

Desmond adjusted on his chair. “Well, I’m really busy at the moment. Tell her that.” Desmond said but the door opened and Gold walked in, smiling.

“I’m sorry for my rude manner. I can’t just help it and my legs hurt from standing. I will sit for a while in here. Woah.. I love here but not more than I love the owner.” she said and cat walked over to one of the guest seat and sat down.

“I I think I will take my leave now director.” Henry said and with that, he walked out, closing the door. In fact, he wished he can lock it.

Desmond stared at the lady sitting in front of him and smiling.
He didn’t even know what to say because of the way she had made herself comfortable already. And what’s inside the nylon she just dropped on the table?

“I’m really very sorry Mr Desmond. Please pardon my manners.” she said, placing her palms together in plea.

Desmond just stared at her.

“Pleaseeee” she said.

Desmond breathed out. “It’s okay but I think you should get up and leave. I’m very busy and I don’t wanna hear about anything that you have to say.” he said.

Gold smiled. “What do I have to say again when you know it already. Well, I got you something. I found out that hardworking men like you hardly eats in the office because they are always working.” she said as she opened the nylon and got out a pretty looking blue food flask.

Desmond scoffed.

“I don’t wanna praise myself that I’m good at cooking but I assure you, you gonna like it.” she said as she uncovered the flask and sweet aroma of fried rice and chicken filled raised up.

“Cover that back, I ate that yesterday. I wouldn’t want to eat it today.” Desmond said.

Gold laughed, “Come on, why not just have a taste. Only a taste and it’s fine, pleaseeee.” she said.

Desmond exhaled. “I’m busy.. I’m really very busy right now and I don’t eat when I’m not done with whatever I’m working on.” he said.

Gold smiled. “Fine then. I’m glad there’s a suite. I will seat there and wait until you are done working. I don’t mind. I told you all that last night.”

Desmond watched her cover back the flask, put it back inside the nylon. Then stood up and cat walked to the part of the office with couches, table, television and a refrigerator.

She sat down on one of the couch and crossed her legs.

She took out an earphone and phone from her bag, insert the earphone to the phone and began listing to songs.

Desmond breathed out and turned his eyes back to the computer.

When he glanced at her and saw her shaking her head to whatever song that was playing on that earphone with her eyes closed and her head on the couch backrest, he chuckled.

‘She’s not bad at all.’ he said within..


Mrs Chika was heading to the Market when Ekene’s Keke (tricycle) pulled beside her on the road.

He had two passengers inside.

“Mama, there is sun o. It’s a good thing I saw you. Please come inside let me take you to the market because I know that is where you are heading to.” he said.

Mrs Chika hung her shoulder bag well and looked at him from head to toe, and from toe to head.
“My friend take this keke out of my way.” she said.

Ekene gasped. “Ahh mama o gini -what is it? What is wrong? What did I do?”

“You did nothing wrong. In fact, you did a great thing. Oya start clapping for yourself. Don’t ever come near my house oo. My daughter is not me – I am not my daughter. My daughter is far away from this town so go far away from me too. From today don’t ask me about her and don’t ask me to enter your keke. After drinking all the igbo and what did they call it sef- tramadol, you will be driving like a mad man. It is now me that you want to carry. Ekwekwala Ka ekwensu kporom gi oku – don’t allow Satan to roast you in fire for me. Oya.. Na aga, na aga – alright, start going, start going.”

The two young girls inside the tricycle were shocked by the woman’s outburst.
Wasn’t it only a help that he was trying to help?

“Ahh mama, it’s okay. I will go. Take Care of yourself.” Ekene said and drove speedily away.

“Look at him.. I’m sure those girls are not just passengers. I was telling my daughter but she didn’t listen to me. Thank God for Mrs Monica. See how he is driving. God forbid that I will enter his keke. It’s better that I trek to the market. If the sun like, let it beat me black and blue.”


This woman is the grandmother of Sassy.

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