Marcel was having a rough day, work was hectic and above all Diana wasn’t giving him the time of the day

Usually he doesn’t work at the branch in Victoria island, his own office is at ikoyi which is less fifteen minutes drive away. So most times, instead of handling certain business meeting via phone call or video call, he just drives down there. Since his step sister, Anita prefers to stay in VI, he drops by every now and then to see her since they don’t live together.

Then he met Diana and she blew him away from the very first day. She was wearing a white shirt on grey skirts the first day he saw her, she was so engrossed in her project presentation and he was really impressed

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He heard there was a new operation manager but he wasn’t expecting to meet the most gorgeous looking woman he had ever seen

And then the rumor about her being married with a kid kinda draw him back until he checked her file and realized she is currently single but has a six year old daughter

The night he decided to try out his luck, Jimi Benson decided to show up rope himself in his life yet again

When is this good for nothing shameless loose nut s¢um going to stop bothering him and messing with his life

He hasn’t even told Anita about it the moment she finds out that Diana is somehow involved with Jimi Benson, she will kick her out the door and he doesn’t want that for Diana

So when he got to their office branch, he dropped by to see his sister but she was in a meeting so he decided to see Diana instead

“Hey” he knocked gently on her door before opening the door

“Marcel Hi,how are you”

“Am fine. How is work working”

“Great. I haven’t seen you in awhile”

“Have been really busy, am surprised you even noticed I was gone for that long”

“Of course I do, besides you missed my daughter’s birthday and you did promise to come”

“I did” he sighed heavily taking his seat
“I am so sorry about that I hope princess Abby wasn’t angry at me”

“She did expect everyone she invited to show up for her birthday”

“Ohh I apologise for my absence am going to make it up to her. I didn’t get to drive to your apartment that night”

“Yeah the gates was locked”

“And Jimi Benson was there” he muttered

“Yeah” that guy hovers around her like an hawk

“So am going to need your address so I can come visit our little princess”

“Ohh you are most welcome” she seem to be in a good mood today so he decided to push a little

“And I think I owe the celebrant’s mom a treat too, how about we go out for an early dinner after work I can drop you off at your house and meet princess Abby”

“That’s not such a bad idea Marcel. ”

They talked a little more about work and all then he left

After work closed that day, Marcel picked her and they went out to dine in a fancy restaurant


When Jimi got back from work, he knew Diana wasn’t back because Abby was still in the compound playing with Brady and Marty was inside talking to Philip

Those two seem to be getting a lot closer lately and he didn’t want to look like an intruder

He was waiting outside with Abby and they were just talking

“Abby do you like it here or back there in Benin”

“I don’t know. I think I like it here because I have alot of friends and there’s Brady but I miss my grandma and aunt Betty”

Jimi chuckled she is such a sweetheart

“So in Benin who did you stay with”

“My Mom”

“Yeah I know you stay with your mom who else”

“Oh we lived with my grandmother”

“Oh okay ,so does your Daddy come by to visit or do you go over to his place”

“I don’t have a daddy” she answered bluntly

“But everyone has a daddy”

“I know but I don’t and mommy says is because am special. Special kids don’t have daddies or mommies like in jacob’s Case”

“Who’s Jacob”

“My classmate, he has a daddy but there’s no mommy so he is a special boy too”

“Hmmm true. Special kids are the luckiest, they are so important”
Abby nodded in agreement

“Mommy is running late isn’t she ?” He asked the little girl like she’s suppose to know why

They played a little longer before a white lexus jeep pulled over in front of the house and Diana hopped out of it and the driver turned out to be Marcel Rolland

Jimi’s fury pumped up with rage. What is this punk doing here and why are they together.

Abby hurried to hug her Mom and she was busy introducing Marcel to her like she was his new daddy. He handed a big teddy bear and a gift bag to Abby and that’s pretty much all you need to win the little girl’s heart

When they got to where Jimi was sitting on the stairs, Diana just said a casual hello and walked passed him then Marcel just strolled behind her with a wicked grin on his face.
He was actually enjoying this

Jimi looked miserable watching them walk together like a perfect family

He could be anywhere else but he choose to stay here waiting for her to come and then this, if she’s intentionally trying to piss him off it’s working because she would not just invite a stranger to her home

Or maybe he is not a stranger anymore

He stood angrily and storm into the living room where Marty and Philip were leaning towards each other for a kss

Speaking of bad timing he just ruined a perfect moment for his friend.
Of course his interruption ruined their moment and broke the almost kss

Marty awkwardly excused herself and said goodnight

Philip looked upset but Jimi seem to be in much critical foul mood

“What’s wrong?”

“Am sorry I interrupted your kss, I didn’t know you guys were hitting it off already”

“We were just talking ”

“Just talking indeed. Am glad you are having fun”

“Did something happen you look really angry”

“I am angry. Raving with anger”

“What about”


“What now, I thought you guys are in a good place”

“I thought so too”

“So happened”

“I asked her out. Goddmnit ”

“You whaaat!”

“I asked Diana to be my girlfriend”

“Why would you do such a thing”

“What do you mean. I liked her and I asked her out”

“Jimi are you freaking serious. Do you realize that Diana is not like the other girls that you normally date”

“What girls do I normally date”

“You know the ones you have no respect and value for”

“Then what kind of a person do you think I am”

“You know the kind of person you are”

“Enlighten me, everyone seems to have an opinion about who I am except me”

“Jimi you can’t just go off on Diana like that it’s not right. Am not going to let you play her Jimi, she’s already been through a lot and it would be cruel for you to mess with her”

“I am not messing with her Philip”

“Am sorry I don’t believe you, everyone is a joke to you. You might not realize this but you are the top on my list of kasanovas and am sorry but Diana is my friend and she deserves better”

“Am a total wh’re then”

“I didn’t say that”

“That’s what you are saying even as my friend you think so lowly of me”

“Jimi am just trying to protect everyone’s interest even if you are very attracted to Diana right now what will happen when that attraction fades and you only see her as a pawn in your games. ”

“I wish it was just that but it is more, much more”
He head to his room and it took a while for Philip to really understand what jimi was trying to say

Sincerely there’s been a lot of changes since jimi got here other than the Mrs Benson wannabe that showed up here unannounced there’s been no other clashes

And that’s one thing that follows Jimi everywhere but lately he is been different. There’s less hopping and buzzing which is very unlikely him. Is he really in love with Diana

He went to his room after awhile allowing him to cool off

“Can I come in” he peeped in and Jimi was fixed on his phone

“It’s your house dude but if you’re coming here to insult me pls just drop it. Am exhausted”

“I just wanna talk. No insults this time. I promise”

“Now what”

“Am sorry for calling you names just now. Is just I got scared you know I honestly don’t want it to get to a point where we all can’t even tolerate each other”

“So you think my feelings for her is mere infatuation”

“No and I have no right to judge you, you are a good person jimi what you do with your personal life or love life is your business not mine but you know I have every right to freak out.
You are Jimi Benson the one and only super striker, every girl’s dream dude.
I got scared for my girl you know”

“As you should” he shook his head

“I have a confession to make. When I first met Diana I was very attracted to her, I couldn’t even try because I realized our friendship meant more to me than risking it all for a relationship she might not even be interested in. So I stepped back and I don’t regret it one bit now we are really good friends and am happy about that”

“So what are you saying”

“Am saying go for it, I think you have something special and you guys are like fire and spark so maybe it not such a bad idea”

He scoffs

“She doesn’t feel the same”


“She turned me down” Philip was surprised

“Wow! So there’s a girl in this universe that can actually turn you down Jimi. Wow Diana is one h’ll of a lady indeed”

“I know I probably don’t deserve her but there’s no harm in trying I wish she would just give me a chance”

“Don’t give up. She might come around eventually”

“That’s a big maybe and I honestly doubt it, she just showed up with her boss at work and I think they have something going on”

“Diana is not dating anyone at the moment, that I know for sure”

“The guy is not relenting either”

” People can barely compete with you Jimi. I believe if she’s interested in dating anyone, it will be you eventually. I just can’t believe what this is turning you into”

“Into what”

“A jelly. You are so fickle and sober. This is so unlike you Jimi . Diana come and see what you’ve done to my friend”

“You’re a moron but it’s fine . I’m in dip sht”
They chuckled

“Right but if you want I can put in good words for you” Philip teased and Jimi threw him a pillow


Diana was taking a nap one afternoon when there was a knock on the door, she rolled on the chair and sleepily rose to answer the door

It was jimi standing there

Oh lord. What now

“Hi Diana”

“Hello” she yawned

“Ohh sorry did I wake you”

“Yes you did”

“Am sorry. I can come back later”

“What do you want Jimi” she asked

“I need to talk to you”

“OK come on in” she lead the way inside to her living room

“Where’s Abby ”

“She’s at her friend’s”

“Ohh so you are home alone”

“Am just sleeping it off”

“You don’t go out much do you?”

“Between work and Abby I barely have time for anything else.”

“I understand that’s a full time commitment but you should really see what the world has to offer sometimes. There’s so much to explore out there”

“I am fine just the way I am Jimi, am not complaining”

“Okay would you mind accompanying me to my friend’s wedding next weekend”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea”

“Why is it a crime for us to hang out”

“No. I just don’t want to complicate things before”

“Am just asking you to go to a wedding instead of camping at home all the time ”

“Jimi” she called with her hand on her chin

“I can’t stop trying Diana, am not giving up on you. I don’t think have ever needed anything or anyone so much in life. Or is there someone else, if there’s someone else I’ll step aside I promise”

“You know there’s no one else”

“Then why are you throwing me off. Do you really not see me in that light”

This guy is not going to give up
Avoiding him didn’t work
She honestly don’t know what to do

“We are too different, what could possibly come out of this union or relationship”

“Why not just give it a trial and see. If it’s not fine with you after a couple of days weeks. Just call it quit and I’ll respect your decision but if we keep denying ourselves this opportunity to test what we have”

“What we have ” she repeated finding this hard to believe

The guy her sister was so desperate to have is literally begging her to give him a chance.

If she indeed let him in wouldn’t that be like betraying her sister.
But then maybe this was meant to be

For her to cross path with Jimi and teach him a lesson or two on heartbreak

Why further deny the inevitable

“So this is just on trial basis, it could crumble before it even stands”

“Exactly but we are going to put in the work to see how it goes”

“Fine” Jimi couldn’t believe she was giving it a chance

She shrugged

“Oh my God. I can’t believe it”
Neither can I”. Diana said to herself

He moved closer to hug her but she blocked him

“Yeah but we have to speak about ground rules. You can’t touch me unless I let you. So no touching without my permission.. got it?”

“Yes ma’am”

This is going to be a tough one” Jimi thought

You’re about to get blown away Jimi Benson, you have no idea what is about to hit you

Diana said to herself


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