Jimi got the motor park just about the same time as Diana, he was driving his range rover with his pulse riding high and tension driving me n uts. He could hear his heart pound hard against his chests

The alcohol in his veins wears off just as quickly as everything begins to kick in.
The pieces were coming together and the mystery puzzle was becoming clearer

The possibility that Abby might be his own biological daughter fueled him, so many things have happened in the last few days it’s like his head is on fire and he can’t even recognize fragments of his own brain

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Driving like a mad man, he made sure to catch up with the runaway bride and his supposed daughter to be

Everything was beginning to make sense. It all got clearer and he was angry he didn’t figure it out sooner

He and Dorcas got together for one night and after that he didn’t see her again but hearing that she passed on makes him feel more screwed and so guilty, his chances of getting out of this even slimmer

But first Abby is staying here with him.
He’s not going to let Diana take her away and then it’s possibly the last time he would ever see her. He was not going to let that happen

Freaked out of his mind he pulled over at the park just in time to see Diana moving their stuff out of the cab

The moment Diana saw him she knew she was fked up and she just wanted the ground to open and swallow her or become invincible

He covered the distance between them in like a second and that was barely enough time for her to pull herself together

“Jimi.. I thought we’ve finished saying all that needs to be said, why are you still following us”
She tried to sound as plain as possible

“I can’t let you take Abby away”

“What!?” She rolled her eyes thinking of a way out of this mess

“Not when I know there’s a possibility that’s she’s mine”

“Don’t be ridiculous Jimi, who’s filling your head with all these nonsense, Abby’s not yours” she tries to laugh her way out of it

“She’s not yours either. Abby’s Dorcas’ daughter and we were intimate precisely seven years ago. It was a one time thing but it all it takes to get a baby formed. I remember because I traveled for the holidays and that was when you went to my house with Dorcas and told my mom about it”

“You’re misunderstanding the whole situation. It’s not like that”

“How exactly is it like Didi. Did you not go to my house to tell my mom that Dorcas was pregnant? Were you not pretending to not know me when you knew who exactly I was from the beginning.?
Did you orchestrate the whole affair just to mess with my head”

That flipped her up

“Excuse you, do you think I would waste the time of the day trying to build a ro.mantic relationship with you basically just to get to you.”

“That’s what it looks like and apparently that’s all it was. You wanted to punish me for what happened with Dorcas, you were carefully plotting your devious mind games just to get me to fall for you”

“Now hold it there, I didn’t force you to make a move on me, I remember clearly that you were constantly pestering me to go out with you after you completely disregard my mothering skills”

“You’re deviating from the point Diana. You never mentioned that you were Dorcas’sister and you didn’t say anything about knowing me earlier or about going to my house Seven years ago”

“I didn’t think it was important”

“Well then why not just answer the very important question and be honest about it. I mean that’s the least you can do.”
He sighed firmly with both hands on each side of his waist

“Is Abby my biological daughter with Dorcas?”

Diana’s heart was pounding so fast she was going to explode but she’s just needs to make one big step from getting out of this pitch dark hole she just toss herself into. If she can lean Jimi away for a second she would be out of here and none of this would ever come up again

“No….” She muttered “No…” She repeated trying to sound innocent

“Well I think you’re lying” he replied disappointedly

“What prove do you have”

“I don’t need prove to affirm that Abby is mine. My flesh and blood, I have been allergic to nuts all my life, lotus flower makes me nauseous. Then it gets to coffee bean and caffeine that’s why I don’t drink coffee, my rashes got so bad one time I had to get a giant tattoo on my back.

The love that I have for Abby comes from a place deeper than you can ever imagine and even though I love you with all my heart. I can’t let Abby go because she’s a part of me, she completes me and I now realize she’s the missing rib that I have been searching for so long”

Tears were almost rolling down Diana’s eyes but she was trying to stay strong leaning on her last restraint button.

“Am sorry for what happened with Dorcas, I really am, this conversation would have been different if she was here in person but she’s not and moving forward I don’t think I want to hold back on what I am certain is mine. Not anymore”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Jimi”

“The DNA test is all we need to confirm the facts, the results will be out by Monday, if you’re certain she’s not mine then wait for the tests to affirm it and if she’s mine and you want to take a run for it by all means do try but you are going to have to go through me because am not going to let you go anywhere with her.”

“I can’t let you take her” Diana admitted fidgeting

“Fantastic, we can be here all day. I’ll gladly wait”

“Jimi You’re creating a bigger problem for yourself so just back off already”

“No Didi…. No am holding on to the very end”

“I said I don’t want to marry you and now you want to use my daughter to trap me”

“We are getting clarity Didi, if you have nothing to hide then see it through, I’ll gladly put you on the next flight to wherever you want to go if the tests comes out negative but right now you wait”

“You can’t hold us here against our will”

“Oh not me. My mom is not backing down either, she should be on her way with the military guys should be here any minute”

“You son of a bch” she raved in anger
“Can’t you just leave me the h’ll alone”

“No sweetheart now I think we’re going to be in each other’s life more than we’d ever imagined” he scoffs


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