“Hello tattoo man, I hope we enjoy our time together here for few hours”

Ryan smiled as he began putting on the gloves given to him.

The tattooed man scoffed even with the excruciating pain he was feeling


“No matter what you do, you can never get me to say anything….you better kill me and get it over with”

He said

“I can’t just kll you easily, where’s the fun in that? Now Apart from your boss.. who else knows about his plan in a$sassinating Dylan?

Ryan asked in a serious tone

Instead of getting an answer from the man, the man spat out saliva on the floor and glared at him.

Ryan smiled and stood up, he walked to a table and opened the drawer.

Rummaging through the drawer which contained many to.rture instruments like knlves, spatular, rods, scrapes, ropes and so forth, Ryan picked a metal like object that had three shape sides with its body like screws.

it had protruding studs and crushing bars which was lined with sharp metals to puncture it’s victim.

The man beside Ryan widened his eyes secretly

The tattooed man was sure going to d!e in pain
He thought

Whistling through his mouth, Ryan walked calmly back to the tattooed man and sat back down

The tattooed man tiredly narrowed his eyes on seeing what Ryan was holding

“This is my newest pet edition”
Ryan smiled as he assessed the instrument he held

“It’s called a thumbscrew, it’s designed in a way that it first pierces the skin to a deep length and then peels off a tasteful amount of flesh from the skin leaving only streams of bI.ood to gush out ….. lovely isn’t it?

Ryan explained as if he was just saying ‘the weather is so nice’

Fear was immediately instilled in Max’s mind as the tool sounded gruesomely bad!

“Your so called brother klled my boss!!! What the fuck do you think I will do now? I wish he d!es and you know what? I don’t give a fk about you or your dmned tool”

Max boomed .

“Ouch, your boss’s de.ath must have hurt badly, don’t worry, you’ll have a little reunion with him soon”

Ryan said softly as if sympathizing with him for his loss

Max glared hatefully at Ryan

If there was anything he hated, it was the fact that the pair of siblings, Dylan and Ryan always appear unfazed and nonchalant in serious matters. His boss hated it too!!

“You think if you kll me, you’ll be free from attacks?? Heh! you’ll pay more dearly!
Max laughed maniacally

Don, Ron’s twin brother will definitely be mad when he learns about what happened to his brother and he would surely seek revenge!!

Max vowed never to let them know about Don, how about he leaves them with a new devil to fight with?!!

“Yeah yeah, as long as Donovans continues to exist, attacks will never cease…. but at least we’ll make sure to torture the attackers to death, hmmm?

Ryan stood up and walking closer to where Max was bound and chained, he inserted the thumbscrew on his back




A tasteful amount of flesh fell on the rusty floor along with clustered bI.ood leaving the back of Max open with more distorted bI.oody flesh

“Wow….It’s still sharp and here I thought I would do some sharpening”

Ryan smiled, happy that his favourite to.rture instrument was still in good shape.

“J-just Kll me already, please”
Max whimpered in pain, he couldn’t even feel anything around him anymore.
It was as if he was in h’ll.

“I can grant that but…. tell me the name?

Ryan demanded

When Max didn’t say anything, Ryan signaled to the man standing near the door

Knowing exactly what he was been signaled for, he walked over to a corner and briskly walked to Ryan and handed him a transparent bag containing white substance

Without warning, he poured the content on Max’s back


Max screamed like a b.east as his voice was far from being humanly at that moment

It was like his back was to rn bit by bit slowly


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