She was even pregnant!

Tears flowed out the more as she kept her head on the steering wheel

She stayed like that for thirty minutes without realizing it till someone knocked at the window beside her seat

She quietly looked up to see a stranger bent over, sighing, she lowered the window glass


“Are you alright Miss? Noticed you’ve been in here with your head down for some time now”
The man asked

“Ahh?yes yes I’m…. I’m fine, was just tired but sure I’m good, thank you”

Georgia assured with a smile even though at the moment she wanted to scream out and say she wasn’t alright, infact she was far from it!

The man nodded
“Alright then”

Georgia started the car and drove off while the man still stood watching her car till it disappeared

The man who poised to be a caring stranger had a lopsided smile on his lips

Derick said

He noticed Georgia when she drove into the hospital and he followed her immediately into the hospital but stoped when she entered the VIPP section of the hospital

Few minutes later, he saw her rushing out of the hospital in tears and in her car she cried too

“So the girl who made my daughter miserable seems to be rejected by the Donovans, huh?

Derick chuckled
Moving out from his position, he hailed a cab and stopped at a grocery store

Buying foodstuffs more than the usual quantity he normally buys, Derick took a cab to his apartment

Paying off the cab driver, he got into the apartment

“Are you still crying here? tsk tsk”
Derick clicked his tongue

“What? I ain’t supposed to?!
Ariana yelled in frustration

Derick sighed
“You shouldn’t be a cry baby and act up instead, if you cry then it means you accept defeat!.

Ariana sniffed

“So shameful you were made miserable by your nemesis, Georgia and that Mr Sterling”
Derick uttered as he walked to the kitchen

“My dad isn’t my nemesis!!!!
Ariana spat

“That you consoled me and brought me to your house doesn’t mean you have the right to speak about my father in such manner!!!!

Derick paused and chuckled deeply

“Father you say? Tsk so ignorant”

Ariana furrowed her brows
“Explain that!

Derick chuckled again but didn’t say a word as he took long strides into the kitchen.


Few minutes later, Derick placed two plates of pasta on the dining table

“Come over and eat”
He called out to Ariana who was still curled up on a couch in the sitting room

When she heard that, she turned to look over
Seeing him waiting for her, she go gingerly stood up and walked over to him

Taking a seat where a plate was placed, she stared at the food hard

Ariana was more than hungry and the food, though too simple for her consumption, looked delicious and mouthwatering at the moment as the aroma drifted into her nose, furthermore, she was hungry but on a second thought, she eyed the food suspiciously

“It’s not poisoned”
He spoke

Ariana eyed him suspiciously this time

Derick almost rolled his eyes
“Don’t look at me like that”

“How do I know it’s not po!soned, though you’re lot more older than me, who knows if you’re one of those psycho serial kllers who moIest girls before klling them?

Moreover, the way we always bump into each other makes me wonder if you’re stalking me”

Ariana’s reasoned still not touchier that food

Derick almost puked bI.ood, though the girl was vicious and stubborn, she wasn’t smart at all,

Who on earth would suspect a person to be a serial kller, and still follow the person home?
How dumb.

“If I was one, trust me, you would have been long gone……why waste my time in making you dinner then? If you don’t wanna eat, just leave the food there”

Derick muttered as he forked the spaghetti and placed it in his mouth to chew on it

Ariana seeing that he wasn’t forcing her to eat and didn’t care if she eats or not, picked up the fork and began eating

Derick scoffed inwardly

what a spoilt brat.

Half way eating, Ariana looked up at the man opposite her

“Who are you? Answer me honestly”

Derick paused
Raising his head to look at her, his eyes met her demanding ones

“Your father, I’m your father”
Derick answered simply

A screeching sound was heard as a result of the chair being pushed backwards when Ariana stood up immediately in shock

Her eyes widened and she was ho..rrified

“You-You’re lying!!!

“You ain’t my father!!! You—-”
Ariana denied exasperatedly

Derick sighed and told her everything, every damn thing, right from the moment he met Susan, he didn’t leave any stone untouched

Ariana immediately ran outside the house crying but Derick didn’t follow her

He knew she should react that way, the revelation was a shocker but she would come back to this house when she calms down.

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