Damien held her tightened fist
He too noticed it and was shocked

God help me..
Georgia screamed within her..
Vanessa wearing a red knee length gown that didn’t fail to enhance her curves wherever necessary, moved eloquently with Dylan beside her


Her movement left very well to one’s imagination and one looking would notice those were calculated steps, showcasing the elegant lady she was.

Ladies enviously stared at her as she got to attend the party with the Wealthiest and most handsome man in LA city.

Vanessa no doubt basked in the envious attention she was receiving.

Dylan showed no expression on his face as he maintained a stoic face
Despite his cold Aura, all the ladies tripped for him blatantly

“Don’t go anywhere Georgia”
Damien held Georgia’s arm, he foresaw her planned flight and had to stop her from leaving

“Right now, the reporters and people are discreetly judging your reaction and any slightest movement would be picked”
Damien further explained

Georgia stood still after Damien had let go and she looked around.

True, she could feel eyes bore on her to gauge her reaction, after all, people had seen she and Dylan many times and must have known they were dating before Dylan’s hospitalization.

“See, she left you for him and now she has been dumped, I knew all along that he was just toying with her (scoff)”

Mrs Davidson said to her son and Raymond couldn’t be more happier as his heart began to beat faster and faster.

If it was really true, then Georgia would be vulnerable.

Dylan and Vanessa walked over to greet Mr Wil, the host and also congratulate him for his success

“Your partner is so lovely, I must say Mr Donovan”
Mr Wil who appeared to be in his late sixties commented

“I can’t agree less, such a nice lady”
Mrs Wil concurred to her husband’s statement.

Vanessa blushed hard and plastered a sweet smile on her face and in humility she bowed slightly

“Thanks so much for the compliment but that’s an exaggeration, I’m not perfect”
She replied

“Awwn, and she’s humble too, Dylan you should put a ring on that finger, after all ladies like this are rare and one needn’t miss such opportunity”

Mr Wil spoke further

Vanessa smiled while Dylan frowned

“Enjoy Mr Wil”
Dylan uttered and left

When Vanessa saw the direction they were going and the people they were meeting, a deep frown etched on her face but she replaced it with a smile in no time

Georgia’s heart began to thud erratically in her ribcage when she saw Dylan and Vanessa walking towards them

She felt so nervous to face him so close and she really wished they weren’t coming to her direction exactly but who was she kidding, Damien is standing right next to her and he’s also Dylan’s buddy and so Dylan must be coming over to greet him.

“Dylan, you made it”
Damien acknowledged as they gave themselves a shoulder hug

“Yes I did”
Dylan answered and Georgia felt her insides tingle, how long has it been since she heard his voice?

Three weeks?.

His voice sounded husk and deep, melting anyone’s resolve but that same voice had hurt her deeply with his words.

Georgia could feel a gaze boring down on her intently.

Instinctively, she looked up and their eyes locked with none of them trying to look away.

Dylan stared at her, a lot of emotions on his mind but his eyes told nothing.

She looked even more prettier in her white dress, looking so innocent and All-Los Angeles type of girl.

His eyes softened a little and he felt his heart clench when she nervously darted her tongue over her lips

She would never know how sxy she looked while doing that.

“Hey babe, I’m feeling tired of standing already”
Vanessa’s voice rang out softly and sweetly

While saying that, she rubbed her hands on Dylan’s chest flirtatiously earning a deep frown from Dylan as his gaze darkened but Vanessa didn’t stop acting, she was furious when she noticed how Dylan locked eyes with Georgia and couldn’t stop looking!


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