Baby…. please I need to talk to you, come down please”
Dylan begged

He looked tired and worn out, Georgia noticed

Georgia sighed
“I’m coming down”
She hung up and wore a jacket


Coming downstairs, she could feel her palms getting sweaty and she was beginning to fidget

She even wished the distance from her room to the door will get farther than it was but wishes aren’t horses

Reaching the door she took one deep breath and unlocked the door, pulling it open she saw the man who had haunted her dreams and occupied her mind for many nights

Their eyes locked and they stood there without moving, without saying a word to each other

Dylan felt his heart race looking into her hazel eyes, he felt himself being sucked into those ocean eyes

Her lips were pursed into a thin line and they were red just like he’d remember.

She was wearing a pink rabbit slipper on both foot and she looked so cute in her white sleeveless gown which she covered up with a blue jacket

Though she covered her sleevelessness, he could still see the outline of her two peaches and the smooth curving of her shoulders

He really felt like putting his head on her shoulders and hug her senseless but she would really break his head if he does that

Who would ghost his lover like she didn’t exist and when you meet, the first thing to do was hug her?

Georgia herself was shocked to see how disheveled Dylan looked

His hair that has always been neatly trimmed and arranged at a side was now ruffled, he had dark circles under his eyes too and his chin looked as if he hadn’t shaved in days

is he really alright?

Did he fall sick?

“Can I come in?
Dylan asked softly and that was when Georgia jolted from her thoughts

She couldn’t believe that just now, she was actually deep in thoughts worrying about him, the same man who had hurt her a lot

Nodding her head, she opened the door wide for him to walk past her

Georgia inhaled softly as she closed the door

He still had that misty scent that had always drawn her to him

Through his back view, she could see his tired steps, as if he would fall down any moment

When they fully got into the house and in the sitting room Georgia stood fixated to the ground while Dylan stared at her intently

With each passing second, Georgia’s nervousness got increased

Why is he just standing there looking at her?

What did he have to say to her?

Why isn’t he talking?

“Ummm…. I’ll go get something?
She asked rather than saying

When she received no words from Dylan, she turned around to leave and get water at least but her was pulled backwards into his arms the next moment as Dylan hugged her from behind

She gasped terribly and began struggling with all her might but it was as if she was fighting against a rock because Dylan didn’t even budge from his position and instead, he rested his head on the crook of her neck which made her freeze instantly

Dylan had wanted to do this for a very long time and he couldn’t just stop himself from finally hugging her

No matter how she struggled, he wasn’t gonna let her go

He came here today to tell her everything, every damn thing he was doing

He had finally gotten everything he wanted and his plans was almost ready for execution

His woman was greatly misunderstanding him and if he turns a blind eye to it, she was gonna hate him and it would turn toxic


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