Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 102

Patrick’s Pov:

Rushing down from the car, I walked into the duplex tiredly with my backpack on my back.

I yawned tiredly as I sat heavily on the couch.

“Am so freaking hungry” I mumbled to no one because there was no one in the living room.

“Mom? Mom??” I called again and again but I got no response.

Where did she go to?

She promised we are supposed to go to the eatery today right?

I hope she’s not planning to fail in her promises because I seriously won’t accept apologies from her go be honest.

Just then, Dad walked in with two glasses of strawberry juice.

I was a bit frightened but I didn’t show it.

“Oh Dad! Good day” I greeted as he nodded his head and smiled.

“Good day son! Your mom went to the spa with her friend but you can’t tell her I leaked that” he said as I smiled.

He handed the other glass of juice to me as I took it with a warm smile.

“Thanks” I said as I sipped the drink slowly.

Then I stood up from the couch, the card fell off.

Dad picked the birthday card up….


Arthur’s Pov:

I picked up the card and read it silently.

“Oh Dad! That’s from a friend of mine, she’s doing her birthday very soon” He said as I nodded my head.

I continued reading then suddenly I saw the courtesy of the card.

“Courtesy Aliyah?” I gasped as Patrick stared at me in shock.

“What’s going on Dad? Do you know her?” He asked as I quickly shook my head in disagreement.

“No! Of course not son! The name sounds a little bit of familiar that’s why I wanted to know” I said with a faint smile.

“Oh ok! That’s my classmate Arya.. she’s having her birthday party and I guess the Aliyah should be here mom” He said as I shook my head in agreement.

I glanced at the card again to see the venue and date before giving it back to my son.

“I’ll go upstairs now Dad! I need to change so I can get something to eat” He said as I patted his hair.

“You should do that son! Go ahead” I managed to say as he walked upstairs.

“Aliyah? Is that really the Aliyah I have been looking for?” I asked no one in particular.

Something in me tells me this is really Aliyah and that she is here in Capetown.

Am going to attend that party and see for myself if it’s Aliyah or not.

I still couldn’t get what I saw off my mind.

Why do I have a feeling that it’s Aliyah!

Aliyah? I really need to find you as soon as possible.

I don’t think I can still live my life without you in it.

I have to correct the mistakes I made in the past by correcting everything.

I sat on the couch absentmindedly that I didn’t notice when Natasha walked in.

She walked straight to me and was speaking but I wasn’t even listening to her.

“The DPO’s wife showed up and she has the guts to tell me that the shares has been transferred to our partners and…” She paused since she wasn’t getting any reply.

“Arthur are you listening to me at all?” She asked but I was still staring at the ceiling.

“What the hell is wrong with you this time around Arthur? Why are you acting so weird?” She asked but I was still mute.

She moved closer and tapped me as I flinched.

“Aliyah? Ye.. ye… Yes you were saying?” I stuttered as she arched her eyebrows.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t listening to me all this time that I have been talking?” She asked.

I gulped hard as I scratched my head.

“And you even called her name again” she broke down but then I turned my face away.

“What were you saying?’ I said with a cold voice.

“You are thinking of her again right? She’s the one in your mind am I right?” She broke down.

“Please just tell me what happened? Am sorry I was just carried away” I said.

“We’re you really carried away? Or you were thinking about her again? It’s been fifteen good years Arthur yet you still haven’t forgotten about her?” She screamed aloud.

“Are we still going to argue or you want me to go to bed huh? Tell me what you were saying?” I said as I stood on my feet.

“What have I ever done to you Arthur to deserve what you are doing to me and my son? Why don’t you want to accept that we are your family and not her?” She continued.

“I see you are not ready to talk so I’d rather go to bed than argue here with you” I said as I walked upstairs.

Natasha continued sobbing as she fell on the couch still sobbing.

Now no one will be able to stop me! I have to do everything in my power to find Aliyah again.


Natasha’s Pov:

I wailed uncontrollably as I sniffed hard.

He won’t still forget about that lady since fifteen years?

If I were to be in Aliyah’s shoe will he remember me the way he remembers that Aliyah?

The way he thinks about her like his life depends on it?

Why can’t he forget everything about that lady that calls herself Aliyah Dela Cruz?

I have tried my best for the past fifteen years to be a good wife and mother.

But that didn’t make him stop thinking of that lady.

What did she give him that made him love her so much?

What does she have that I don’t?

These past few days I thought she have been forgotten.

But no he didn’t forget her,, she still lives in his heart.

I pray she is dead and gone for good so that I can have my husband to myself.

“Aliyah Dela Cruz! I hope you are rotting in he.ll wherever you are.. don’t you dare show up here and destroy my marriage” I gritted my teeth.

I won’t let anyone come in between our family.

It should just be me, my son and my husband.

I won’t let anyone break it!

This union can only be broken over my dead body.

“Mom?” I heard Patrick’s voice as I quickly wiped my tears immediately.

I can’t let him see my weakness! He shouldn’t know that his mother is weak.

“Son? When did you get back from school?” I managed to sound cheerful.

“Not too long! You told me we were going out but you left” he said as he walked downstairs.

“Uhmm.. am sorry son! Something came up so I had to take care of it.. you don’t know to worry we will go tomorrow I promise” I said as he sat on the cushion.

“No we can’t go tomorrow” he snapped as I wrinkled my eyebrows.

“And why not? Don’t you want to spend time with your mommy anymore?” I asked as he smiled.

“Not that Mom! Am attending a friend’s birthday tomorrow” he said as I smiled.

“Alright then! Maybe some other time ok?” I said as I picked up my handbag and walked upstairs.

“What’s for dinner? Am fvcking famished” He yawned hungrily.

“Egg sauce and rice” I said aloud as I walked into the room.

Arthur was already fast asleep on the bed as I walked into the bathroom still sulking.


Arya’s Pov:

I sat in front of the dressing mirror as the makeup artist applied make-up on my face.

I glimpsed at my beautiful silver ball gown worn on a mannequin.

My silver hair band…

Smiles escaped my lips as my eyes went to my silver high heels designed with silver stones.

I will be looking astonishingly beautiful today.

This is the very first time I will be having a birthday party in my life.

Mom don’t usually celebrate my birthday because according to her family celebration is more than enough.

So sometimes I wished I had a Dad who could disagree with what my Mom believed and can throw me a party.

“Oh my gosh! Dora I can’t believe my tiny little baby girl is all grown up now” Mom said as she covered her mouth with her palms.

“She’s so beautiful” aunt Dora smiled at me.

“I got that from you mommy” I said as my mom chuckled.

“Happy birthday once again my angel” Mom said as I nodded my head.

The party was about to start and I felt like my heart was going to explode in excitement.

“Arya? Girlfriend?” Sofia called out as she hugged me tightly.

“Hey! I was waiting for you” I said as she giggled.

“You look so beautiful and your silver hair band is ready nice… sorry! I was just busy entertaining the guys” She said as I arched my eyebrows.

“What guys?” I asked.

“Martin and Idris” She whispered as I scoffed.

“Whatever!” I rolled my eyes.

“You won’t believe it! That witch came with her friends” she announced.

“Who?” I wrinkled my eyebrows.

“Who else? If not that good for nothing Kimberly” she said as I gasped.


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