It is very important that pets like cats and dogs are checked for fleas always. This is important so that there is no risk of spreading to other pets.

One flea that jumps off of your pet can lay from 20 to 50 eggs a day. They hatch anywhere and breed, and lay eggs again. They also bite not only the pet but you also!! Just one flea bite can cause flea bite dermatitis and can cause allergic reactions. No fun!! It’s very difficult to get rid of fleas if its not dealt with right away. If your pet has several fleas, then guaranteed they are in your home jumping 6ft through the air, laying eggs in your carpet or floor boards, under your bed, in your bed, on your dog or cat, and in your vehicle.


Any Vet can point you in the right direction as to what is the best course of action. I also recommend that if your treating your pets, treat your home, yard, or vehicle. It’s something we may all have to deal with and yes it can be aggravating but it’s all part of the glorious right in being a responsible pet owner.

We love our pets and it’s not their fault. They rely on us and the give us love no matter what.

When it comes to fleas, you have to be more picky. Due to the fact that fleas are the most difficult pest to get rid of.

You should not accept pets that have fleas until they are 100% and completely flea free before coming near you. It cost hundreds of dollars and lots of hours flea bombing, vacuuming, and cleaning every surface and every crack to make sure they were completely gone. Fleas bite not only pets but humans too and leaves red welts that are no fun.

Signs Your Pets May Have Fleas:
-Crying when itching
-Spinning around or acting oddly
-Black specs that look like dirt on skin
-Actually seeing the flea/fleas


? The best way to get rid of fleas on pets naturally :

Tools you’ll need: Flea comb. These a very fine very close together teeth. You’ll need to run the comb down to the skin as close as you can. Run from the back of the neck, down to the base of the tail. Fleas usually get stuck between the teeth of the comb and sometimes they will be on the surface of the comb so be ready to grab them before they jump off! Have a cup of hot water with dawn dish soap to put the fleas into the water. This will drown the fleas and kill them. If you see flea dirt on the comb, it is highly likely there is a flea somewhere on your pet. Flea dirt is basically flea poo. It’s the blood they eat and poop out on your pet. Gross, I know.


1. Coconut Oil

Not only does coconut oil smell amazing, it can also offer your pets an array of health benefits, including getting rid of those pesky fleas.

Coconut oil has lauric acid in it, which works as a natural flea prevention technique for your dog.

Coconut oil can soothe flea bites, soften your dog’s coat, hydrate their skin, and get rid of fleas. You simply take out a large dollop of coconut oil and with your hands work it until it becomes softer and more of a liquid.

Next, massage that onto your dog, working it well into his coat and onto his skin and they will be a big fan of this step. Then, run a comb through their fur and watch as the fleas stick to the comb.


This method is best done outside, in case any of the fleas jump off before the get mixed in with the oil.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another great flea prevention method as well as a remedy to help rid them from your home. Did we mention it is really easy, too? Get a small spray bottle and mix together apple cider vinegar with water in a 50/50 mix. Then spray it on your dog. Some dogs will also accept it in their water. If yours doesn’t mind the taste, you can mix in a tablespoon or two into their water for extra flea protection.

3. DIY Flea Baths with Dawn Dish Soap

This is usually a favorite among pet owners since they get both a flea-free and clean dog. Using Dawn dish soap to bathe your dog will rid them of their fleas. Do not use this method on their head to avoid getting the soap in their eyes. We suggest using coconut oil on their head when using DIY flea baths that involve soap.

One word of caution, Dawn dish soap can dry out your pets skin and should not be repeated too often.

This method is just like giving your pooch a regular bath. Run warm bath water and place your dog in the water. Get him nice and wet, then lather with Dawn while avoiding the head area like we discussed earlier.

Allow the soap to sit for a few minutes and then run a comb through his fur to loosen the fleas. Rinse as usual and you are done. Get your pup out of the tub, dried off and put the coconut oil on his head right away to keep the fleas from running back on to the rest of his body. Do keep in mind that for this natural remedy the brand of soap is critical.

4. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming includes both the sanitary care and cleaning of pet, as well as the process of enhancing a pet’s physical appearance.

Pet grooming can be defined as the process of trimming, brushing, and bathing your pet’s fur so that it is clean and easy to manage.

This also includes other activities such as clipping their nails or even anultrasound cleaning for their teeth. There are many different types of pet grooming available for all shapes and sizes of animals.

When most people think about pet grooming, they conjure up images of bows, brushes, and running after their pets. Others have the misconception that pet grooming is not necessary. However, it is an important aspect of a pet’s overall well-being and health. Pet grooming is important for the whole family as well. You do not want your dirty and smelly pet jumping on your couch or clean bedsheets.

With proper pet grooming, you will get rid of shedding, fleas, ticks, and various health conditions. Proper grooming is more than just having a cute pet. By grooming your pet, you will also be tackling potentially unhealthy conditions. It will also allow you to identify any underlying conditions or diseases early. Therefore, you will be able to take your furry friend for treatment sooner and more efficiently.

However, many pet owners find that their pets do not enjoy the grooming process. If you are in the same situation, you should consider sending your pet to professional groomers. As an animal member of your family, your pet certainly deserves the best grooming. If you have a young pet, make the grooming process an important part of his or her learning. This will benefit you and your pet as he or she reaches maturity.

Best thing to do is call the vet and ask what the best flea prevention to use is. There are a ton of different ones but not all work! Fleas are becoming immune to certain flea preventatives so best to ask what the newest form is and that works! Dollar store flea collar and drops are a big no no.

The length of time required to get rid of a flea infestation depends on your environment, and how long the fleas have been there. Prompt cleaning and using topical flea medications for your pet may get rid of the majority of fleas within a day or two. However, it can take days to weeks for all the fleas present in an environment to die, even with the most conscientious approach.


Hope this article on how to get rid of fleas on pets naturally helps?