Chapter 101



I honked for the hundredth time, as though it’ll push all these cars out of my way and let me through.

“Why is there suddenly traffic at this dmn hour?!” I sighed in frustration.

I rested my head on the steering wheel with my eyes closed as I tried to find inner peace, which was obviously failing because cars behind mine kept honking too, and drivers wouldn’t stop yelling at each other.

“I should try again and see if I can reach Mr Baldwin”

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 101 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

With that thought in mind, I reached for my phone and dialed Mr Baldwin’s number, but I guess the reception was bad, and it couldn’t connect.

“What are you doing? Move it, girl!” a man yelled at me outside my window.

I frowned at him in confusion, but he gestured ahead of me and I followed his eyes, only to realize there are no more cars in front of me.

“Thanks, but fk ya” I gave him a middle finger. “I don’t like being yelled at!” I snapped at him, and drove off, leaving him with a priceless expression.


Few Minutes Later

I was already driving down Rachel’s street, and I was just a few poles away from her mansion, when my phone suddenly started ringing.

I hope it’s Rachel calling, or I’m gonna snap at whoever is calling me at such an important hour. I reached for my phone, and saw Rachel’s name flashing on the screen.

“Hey, Rachel, hold up…I’m just a few poles away…”

“Fatty” she interrupted me. “Meet me up at the address I’ll send to you” she said.

“Huh? You left the house?!” I exclaimed.


There was a brief pause from her, and I heard someone asking her a question in the background.

“I’ll send the address right now, make sure you call me when you get there” then she hang up.

I didn’t know what to do, but could only stare at my phone’s screen in a daze.

Like, why do these heavily pregnant women love taking risks? Why can’t they just wait patiently for their hero? Or is this a result of their pregnancy hormones?

I was about reversing, when I saw Mr Baldwin’s car drove into their compound, then I changed my mind -I better inform him about his wife’s whereabout, or he’ll blame me later if something goes wrong.



Baldwin’s Mansion, LA

Nanny Pamela stepped out of Mr and Mrs Baldwin’s room, with a laundry basket filled with dirty clothes, she headed towards her own room to get some of her clothes too, but halted when she saw Mrs Jackson sneakily rushed to the kitchen with a plastic bag.

She dropped the laundry basket, and quickly rushed downstairs. Nanny Pamela made it to the kitchen in no time, but stopped by the door when she saw Mrs Jackson opening the fridge, and took out two bottles of milk.

A very deep frown appeared on her face, she couldn’t help, but wondered what Mrs Jackson’s trying to do.

Her frowned deepened even more, when Mrs Jackson pulled out a syringe from the plastic bag.

“Mrs Jackson?” she called, making her presence known and Mrs Jackson tensed, but didn’t turn around.

“Why did you take out the milk? You want to have some?” she asked, and entered the kitchen, but stood a few inches away from Mrs Jackson -behind her.

Mrs Jackson inhaled deeply, before she speak.

“I just want to check if it’s expired”

“Oh, they’re still good, because I just bought them yesterday” nanny Pamela replied.

Then she walked closer to Mrs Jackson, to check out what she’s doing, but she was met with the shock of her life, and she gasped loudly with her hand over her mouth when she confirmed Mrs Jackson was actually holding a syringe, and there’s some greenish liquid inside the syringe.

“What are you doing with this? Are you p®isoning Rachel’s milk?”

“No, no, no” Mrs Jackson shook her head quickly in denial.

“No?” Nanny Pamela’s frown deepened. “Then what’s that inside the syringe?” she asked.

Mrs Jackson stayed silent for a moment as she tried to think of an excuse, but closed her eyes and inhaled deeply when she couldn’t come up with anything.

“There’s nothing to hide anymore” she said.

“What do you mean?”

Mrs Jackson dipped her hand in her apron and pulled out a pistol, then pointed it at Nanny Pamela, and she (nanny Pamela) staggered back cautiously as fear gripped her, and her eyes widened, showing just how scared she was.

“W-what, what are you doing with a gvn?” nanny Pamela stuttered.

“Isn’t that a foolish question?” Mrs Jackson released a short, eviI laugh. “I’m gonna kll you, because I can’t let you ruin my plan”

Nanny Pamela gulped nervously.

“Why do you want to hurt Rachel? She’s been so good to you, why do you want to repay her kindness with ev’l?”

“Kindness?” Mrs Jackson shook her head. “I don’t need her kindness, I just want her a$shôIe of a husband to give me what’s rightfully mine!”

“Who are you? What does Duncan owe you?”

Nanny Pamela narrowed her eyes as she thought of something, and her eyes widened even more when realization dawned on her.

“You’re her!” she gasped.

“Her?” Mrs Jackson raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“It’s you! You klled my sister!”

Mrs Jackson laughed loudly at nanny Pamela’s words, then nodded and kssed her pi$tol.

“Bingo! We’ve got a winner in the house!” she smirked. “Now I’m gonna help you reunite with your beloved sister, and I’ll retrieve what’s rightfully mine”

“Rightfully yours? What’s that if I may ask? Ferrari’s wealth?” Nanny Pamela shook her head. “Ferrari was never a rich man, my sister made him who he is today, and my sister owns him and everything he’s got”

“You… ”

Just then, the door burst open and Mr Baldwin barged in, with Lucas closely behind him.

“Rachel, Rachel, Rachel” he called loudly as he rushed towards the staircase. “My heartbeat!”

Mrs Jackson quickly gra.bbed nanny Pamela’s ne¢k in a tight grip, placed her gvn on her (nanny Pamela) temple, and started walking towards the living room.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here” Mrs Jackson said as she approached Mr Baldwin.

Mr Baldwin halted abruptly, he turned around and his eyes darkened when they landed on Mrs Jackson, he quickly reached for his gvn in his back pocket, and aimed it at her.

Mrs Jackson stared at the gvn, and chuckled dryly.

“Wanna shoot me?” she chuckled again. “How about I sh®ot her first?”

Then she pressed her pi$tol against nanny Pamela’s temple, and she (nanny Pamela) shut her eyes as her lips quivered in fear, and she whimpered quietly but she tried her best to comport herself.

“Don’t you dare hurt my nanny!” he growled.

Mrs Jackson simply laughed which earned her a glare from him, he tilted his head slightly and gestured Lucas to search the mansion for his wife, then he turned back to Mrs Jackson.


Nanny Pamela managed to stuttered out, since Mrs Jackson’s grip on her neck is very tight.

“.. Rachel isn’t here..” she was cut off as Mrs Jackson h!t her chin very hard, then gra.bbed her neck again -tighter than before.

“Just shut up, or I’ll send some bvllets in your h.ead and your bra!ns will go….puff!”

Mr Baldwin cocked his gvn, and was ready to sh®ot Mrs Jackson but she laughed loudly.

“I have a suggestion, how about we play a game let’s see who’s faster in pulling the trlgger?”

Her finger was already on the trigger by now, and she’s ready to fire any second.

“Wanna try this game with me? Huh?”

Mr Baldwin clenched his jaw as he glared maliciously at her gun, he hated being challenged and Mrs Jackson just did that, he’d have agreed but the bait is someone he couldn’t afford to gamble -his aunt.

He already lost his mother, his aunt is the only family he has left, and he doesn’t wanna gamble with her life.

“Sir, we couldn’t find your wife anywhere in the house” Lucas reported.

Mr Baldwin glared at Mrs Jackson, his grip on his gun tightened and an unknown fear gripped him at once, but he quickly comported himself and hide his emotion.

“Where are you hiding my wife? What have you done to her?!” he growled at her.

“I don’t know where your stupid wife is” she shrugged nonchalantly.

Mr Baldwin narrowed his eyes, and clenched his jaw to hold back his fear.

“I’m your target, release my wife this instant, or…” he cocked his gvn again. “.. I’m gonna kll you!”

Mrs Jackson frowned slightly, then burst into fits of laughter and shook her head.

“Kll me, I have nothing to lose, but you…” she trailed off and tightened her grip around nanny Pamela’s neck. “.. you’ll lose your wife, unborn child, and your aunt”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me then” she replied with a smug expression.

He glared mvrderously at her for a moment, he felt a strong urge to kll her, but he doesn’t wanna risk losing his family in one day.

“Drop your gun, and let me walk out the door in one piece, or she’ll d!e!”

Mr Baldwin clenched his jaw tighter, he shut his eyes briefly, and inhaled deeply.
At that moment, Fatima rushed in and aimed her gvn at Mrs Jackson -she’s been standing outside and heard everything they’ve been saying.

“Don’t let her go boss, she doesn’t know where Mrs Baldwin is” she said.

“What?” Mr Baldwin asked.

“Mrs Baldwin called me few minutes, she told me she’s meeting up with someone, and sent me the address” she glared at Mrs Jackson. “She wasn’t abducted, because where Mrs Baldwin is right now a public place” she emphasized on ‘public place’.

Mrs Jackson glared maliciously at Fatima.

“Yes, I don’t know where your wife is, but you must let me go, or I’ll kll your aunt right in front of you!”

“You… ”

“Fatima!” Mr Baldwin growled, and Fatima shut up at once. “Let her go” he said.

She wanted to argue, but one look from her boss advised her to withdraw, her shoulders slumped down as she stepped out of the way.

Mrs Jackson held nanny Pamela hostage until she walked out, and still didn’t release her until a van stopped behind her.

“Here” she pushed nanny Pamela forward, and Mr Baldwin caught her before she could fall.

“Are you ok, nanny?” he asked as nanny Pamela wouldn’t stop coughing, but she could only nod in response.

“Take that, bçh!” with that Fatima shot Mrs Jackson on her left leg before she could jump in the van.

“Fk! Fatima, that’s a reckless move, she could have shoot back!” Lucas queried her.

“She wouldn’t because she knows she’s outnumbered” she gestured at their men surrounding the place. “Besides, we promised to let her go in one piece, but we didn’t promise we won’t leave a mark on her” she smirk.

“Come on, let’s go inside” Mr Baldwin said, and supported nanny Pamela as they walked in.


“Sir, we’ve waste too much time here, we aren’t so sure Mrs Baldwin is safe with whoever she’s meeting” Fatima said, after they’ve made sure nanny Pamela has settle down.

“Yes, let’s go” Mr Baldwin replied, and got up. “Lucas, you’ll stay back and take care of nanny until I get back”

“Yes, sir”

“Let’s go, Fatima” with that Mr Baldwin and Fatima hurried off.


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