Chapter 91



Asher forced out a laugh, he weakly raised his head and looked in Mr Baldwin’s eyes again.

“What now? Are you jealous?” he coughed and spat out some bI®®d. “Don’t you want me to tell she loved asking me for a massage every and any time she’s having a sore neck, or feeling tired in her legs?”

Mr Baldwin glared at Asher as he was saying those words, he balled his fist as the scenarios of his wife asking another man for help kept playing in his head, and he felt an uncontrollable anger surged through his veins.

HIDDEN WIFE : CHAPTER 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

He was breathing fast, and could barely control himself as he felt the urge to sh®®t Asher

He grabbed the wh!p, and continuously wh!pped him for a few moments, then stopped when he’s calm down a little bit.

“Do you know how far my wife and I come? Do you know what we’ve been through together?! How dare you say she’s yours?!”

He grabbed Asher’s face, sIammed Asher’s he.ad against the pole he was ch.ained against, and threw his wh!p on the ground, then pushed his hair back in frustration.

“I wanna smoke, I wanna smoke!” he growled as he scratched his throat outwardly.

Lucas rushed forward and handed him a ¢igarette and lighter, Mr Baldwin brought the ¢igarette to his lips and held it between his teeth, then light it up and inhaled a large amount of smoke.

He threw his head back, closed his eyes and puffed out the smoke slowly.

“Plug my irons!” he yelled randomly at one of his men. “How dare you claim my wife is yours? How dare you peek at my wife while she’s in the shower?!Huh?!”

He walked closer to Asher, held his chin and looked in Asher’s eyes which could barely open at the moment, but Mr Baldwin cared less.

“Listen, there’s only one thing out of the million things I own, that I won’t ever think of sharing with anyone, and that’s MY WIFE!” he growled.

Asher $pat on Mr Baldwin’s face, which made Mr Baldwin narrow his eyes and clenched his jaw.

“I was thinking I’d go easy on you because of my heartbeat, but not anymore”

“Boss, here are your irons” Lucas said, and stretched two irons towards Mr Baldwin -one of their men was also holding another iron.

Mr Baldwin stared at it, and smirked when he saw it’s brewing smoke.

“I’ll make you wish for de.ath” then he snatched one of the irons from Lucas, and stamped the h®t iron on Asher’s already badly hurt chest.

Asher’s mouth fell open as he released a loud s¢ream, and this just seemed to make Mr Baldwin happy.

“S¢ream louder!”

He collected the second iron from Lucas and stamped it on Asher’s st®mach, which increased the volume of Asher’s s¢ream.

“You can sing better than this, honey!”
Soon, he passed out and it was silent.

“Awwwn, our rehearsal was just getting started” Mr Baldwin complained as he stared at Asher’s passed out face. “Lucas, get me a bucket of h®t water” he pouted his lips as he said these words.

“Yes, sir”


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