“You are nothing but the architect of my mom’s
trouble and my heart break”
I said to Mr. Stanley In rage. I was expecting to
see him flare up or get confused but instead he
maintained a cold stare. He smiled and said “I
Know you are mad at me but everything that
happened was totally not my fault, your late mom
also has her share of the blame”
I looked at him, I was displeased. I did not know
what he was driving at but his statement hurt my
ear. Mr. Stanley made to pull me to himself but I
dodged. I took few steps away from him and
folded my hands below my boobs. I fixed my gaze
on him and said “can you just listen to yourself?
My late mom has her share of the blame? Oh she
does? What’s her blame? Tell me? She is to be
blamed for loving you? Or for keeping the
pregnancy when she should have had an
abortion? Oh maybe she is to be blamed for not
leaving the man that took her regardless of her
shortcomings when you reappeared? I guess this
is who you are right? You take to your heels at
the slightest smell of trouble and you return when
everything is fine. That’s what you do! Why?
Because you are nothing but a coward! You…..”
“Enough!!!…….” I was yet to complete my
statement when he interrupted me. I was boiling
so much that I could not control myself. My
tongue was ready to spill it all out, all my hidden
emotions. I wanted to say it all without leaving a
stone untouched. I knew Mr. Stanley was getting
frustrated but I was not ready to stop because of
how hurt he might be feeling. I wanted to
accomplish the reason for my vist, which was
telling it all. I unfold my hand and said
“enough? Enough of what? Have I said anything
untrue? You should only stop me when I say
something untrue. You might have a reason for
leaving my mom then, but you had no reason to
leave me even after finding me. Were you scared?
If you were, of what? Or you do not just have any
love for me as a father. Even after my mom’s
death,do you know the hardship I went through? I
was treated like a slave. I belived I was an
orphan and I had nobody. I never knew I had the
almighty Mr. Stanley and a twin sister. I was
looked after by those who were not even my
blood relation. All this yearS you were here, when
Nelly died I was with you, when I got married you
were still here but you never for once find the
need to draw me closer to yourself and mare me
feel like your own.
I came, I saw and I conquered. Just when I
thought it’s time to relax and enjoy life, the whole
truth was thrown to my face. Do you know how it
feels to find out that my entire life was built on
After finding out about the truth, I lived my
everyday life hoping for you to show up at my
door step and seek for reconciliation but you
never did! Not even a phone call, why? Because
you do not care! Guess what, I do not give a
bleep as well! I will just live my life like the
orphan I’ve always thought I am. I will pretend
you are dead and no more….”
“Enough of this madness young lady! I won’t have
you insult me in my own house! Everybody makes
mistakes but that doesn’t mean I’m all bad. Even
if I am, that won’t change the fact that I’m still
your father! You should talk to me with respect”
Mr. Stanley interrupted me again but this time his
words were shocking. The look on his face was
also scaring and confusing. I had had enough
myself. Though I was scared thing would turn out
bad, I was satisfied with voicing out my pain. I
looked at the angry Mr. Stanley firmly and said
“yes… Right, I’m done talking to you! Dear
Father….. ”
I went for my bag,looked at Kelvin and said “let’s
just leave”. Kelvin hesitated before he stood up,
he looked at me with surprise and I made a “don’t
worry” sign. I faked a smile at Mrs. Stanley as I
made for the exit. I carried my face up and
walked as fast as I could, I was tempted to look
at Mr. Stanley but I fought the urge to.
“Nancy… ….”
I was about to open the exit door when Mr.
Stanley called out my name. I paused my step
and waited to hear him out. He sniffed and said
“if you do not give a bleep, you won’t come
looking for me”
I could not believe my ears. I scoffed and turned
back “Are you for real?


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