The drive to the graveyard was smooth and quiet.
Throughout the ride, I placed my head on
Kelvin’s chest and went through Nelly’s photo
album. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hide my
emotion when we arrive her place of rest, but I
was determined never to go back.
My dad parked after about thirty minutes drive
and we also follow suit. Kelvin helped me out of
the car and we walked up to my dad. My dad
decided that his wife and their little girl should
stay behind while myself, Kelvin and him would
visit Nelly’s tomb.
I took the flowers and followed my dad’s step,as
we walked into the cemetery. The cemetery
belonged to the church my dad attended and he
was well recognized by the workers. It got a little
scary as we walked pass hundreds of tomb. I
thought about life, how lots of people die daily
and how the ground swallows their remnant
without a difference. Even after the death of
million souls, life goes on. For once, I was
grateful for life.
“Here we are…” my dad said, interrupting my
I looked right in front of me and I saw a tiled tomb
with the bold inscription “Stanley Nelly”.
My legs were shaky already as I felt a strange
coldness. I gently went down and placed the
flower on her tomb. I traced the inscription with
my hand and I could not help but remember who
she was to me before she was laid six feet down.
We loved, we fought and we loved again. All are
signs of great friendship. Even after the big fight
over Jordan, fate brought us together again. Just
when I was beginning to feel safe around her,
death snatched her away.
With tears in my eyes,i looked at my dad, his
eyes were blood red already. I did not want to
open my mouth, cos I knew all that would come
out of my mouth will bring about nothing but
tears. I took a last glance at Nelly’s tomb and
walked out with a heart filled with regret. “if only I
could bring back the hands of time” that was the
only statement on my lips.
I stared at the floor as I walked aimlessly. My
dad and Kelvin finally caught up with me and
helped me to the car. I could not even respond to
Nelly’s mom rhetoric question. I only got into the
car and buried my head in my hands. I cried for
the lost of my friend, my sister and my blood.
Without been told, I knew my day was spoilt
After a brief talk with my my dad, Kelvin joined
me in the car. I felt his hand on my back and I
sniffed, Kelvin gently rubbed my back and said
“your scan test is scheduled for the next
I shook my head and said “no”. I wasn’t ready for
a scan test, the only thing I wanted to do was to
lay on my bed and wallow in my sorrow.
Kelvin gently brought my face to his and said “I
know you are sad right now but I do not want to
be the husband that will keep on rubbing your
back and urging you not to cry while you will
wallow in your sorry. I see nothing better to cheer
you up with than to see the cute little thing
growing in you with me holding your hands. Now
will you Please quit acting the stubborn wife and
let me have my way? ”
Seeing the care and concern in Kelvin’s eyes
made me force a smile. I nodded in agreement
and Kelvin kissed my forehead, calling me a good
girl. I smiled and placed my head on his chest,
listening to his steady heart beat helped me focus
on the present. I shut my eyes and allowed the
cool breeze blow through my face as the driver
drove out of the cemetery.
The softness of Kelvin’s lips on mine woke me up.
He kissed me lightly and said “we are at the
hospital ma’am”
I stretched my body and looked around to confirm
our destination. Kelvin fixed my rough hair and
placed a call through to the doctor incharge. We
alighted from the car after Kelvin confirmed that
the medical practitioners were ready for me.
We were welcomed by the doctor in charge and
we signed some documents before we changed
our wears. The doctor and the nurses led us to a
private ward. Kelvin helped me lay on the
provider bed and I could not let go of his hand as
the doctors prepared the machines for the test.
“will you be happy with any sex? ” I asked Kelvin
in a low tone.
Kelvin kissed my hand and said “all I need is a
child like you, any sex is fine by me”
I smiled and squeezed kelvins hand.
The doctor incharged “DR. Frank” told me to ease
up and he brought the scanner forward. Myself
and Kelvin had our eyes fixed on the screen in
front of us as the doctor went on with his work.
Not long after, an unclear image appeared. I
stared at the screen without understanding what
was on it. I dimmed my eyes and looked harder
before the doctor smiled and said
“ma’am it’s easy. I’m honoured to be the first to
congratulate you on the sex of your kids.
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Smith, you are
carrying a set of twin boys. I wish you a happy
The doctor’s words came as a rude shock “twin
boys? ” I asked myself repeatedly. I could not
believe my eyes as I stared at the screen harder.
my mom had her set of twins out of wedlock but I
was happy to have mine while married to my soul
Kelvin could not hid his excitement aswell, he
kissed me deeply regardless of the people
Meeting my bundle of joy made me feel on top of
the world. Just like Kelvin would say “they were
the cutest set of twins. Right from the womb! ”

To be continued