She walked in looking astonished as well. I could
see the surprise in her eyes as she walked up to
me. Forgetting all that led to our separation, we
rushed at each other and enveloped ourselves in
a warm embrace. I was so happy and surprised.
Memories that had been buried came to life as I
held her so tight to myself. I got emotional and
so did she. We did not release each other until
kelvin came into the living room and cleared his
throat. Though I had told kelvin about her in the
past, he had never seen her live. I released
myself and led her to a sit before sitting close to
her. Everything about her was different but I knew
her kind heart could never change. I looked at
kelvin and said “baby…….she is my one in the
world sister, remember I told you about her?
Meet lizzy, uncle mike’s only child”
Kelvin came forward and offered liz a handshake.
They exchanged pleasantries and liz was
entertained. We talked about this and that for a
while before liz called my name and stated her
reason for visiting me. According to her, she
came in search of me after finding out about the
video my mom left behind. At first I thought she
was going to talk about her dad’s part of the will
or her parent’s complaint. I didn’t understand her
reason for visiting until she she explained all she
had in mind to me to me.
According to Liz, she left home two weeks after I
was made to leave my parent’s house as well.
According to her, she saw the need to run from
her devilish parent before their evil deeds would
come calling for her. Though her parent didn’t
want her to leave, they had no choice but to let
her go when she threatened to commit suicide if
she was obstructed. Liz left home with the
determination. She was determined never to come
back until the death of her parent. She wanted
them to realize their bad deeds by turning her
back on them. During this period of time, she
receives information about home from one of their
family friend’s. Through her friend, she got to
know that her parents were still looming in their
selfish life. According to liz, she was informed
when I was about to get married as well but she
chose not to come home, thinking that she might
not be welcomed. Just few months ago, her friend
informed her about the will and the actions that
followed instantly. Liz was happy when she heard
that I got my properties back and her parents
were been sent out of my parents’ house. She
decided that it was time to return and mock her
parent, after which she would make them beg for
forgiveness from me. She also promised herself to
locate me and ask for my forgiveness, to her, she
betrayed me by leaving when she knew I would
still be needing her.Liz made her parent realize
that she would never step foot in Nigeria if they
fail to carry out her wish and they should forget
ever having a child, talk less of a grandchild.
According to her she was married with a kid.
Liz went on and on to ask for forgiveness for
herself and her parents. I was so amazed at her
level of humility and her great choices of words
melt my heart. I found myself ready to forgive and
forget all that happened in the past. I also asked
her to forgive me for disrespecting her mother
and she said she was sure I had no other choice.
Her peaceful spirit made me see the need to be in
peace with everybody. I decided to accept a
simple sorry from all that had wronged me and
allow bygone to be bygone.
After narrating a little of all that happened during
liz absent, we had a simple lunch filled with talks
about the past. Though all that happened was not
pleasant to the ear. It was easy to laugh over it
since it was in the past. Everything was just like a
story, a tragic one. During the talked, I seek to
be excused and I asked kelvin to come with me
to the room. Immediately we settled in bed, I told
kelvin I felt the sudden urge to meet with all my
offenders and forgave them whole heartedly just
as my mom said in the video. Kelvin was
surprised and happy at my new decision. He held
me close to himself and said “nancy….. I’m so
proud of you. I never knew you went through all
liz talked about and you are still here. You came
out strong and gallant. No offences but you are
truly your mother’s child. My only wish is for you
to give birth to a child as strong as you are and
not a weakling like me” we both laughed at
kelvin’s joke and I was grateful to him for
standing my me.
I and kelvin had a change of dress before we
joined liz in the living room. I stood in front of liz,
beaming with smile and said “take me to your
parent Liz, I want to forgive them all”. Liz opened
her mouth widely and murmured “it’s a lie”
continuously before she stood up and hugged me.
Tears were beginning to form in her eyes as she
thanked me profusely. I only patted her back
gently, as we all filled out of the house.
What good will come out of life with so much
hatred and bitterness? Liz taught me to live and
love and forgive all my offenders. Forgiveness is
not an easy task but it is a necessity in life.


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