IT’S OKAY TO CRY: Episode 1-10

Episode 8.

The next day there was a serious quarrel at home that Ditebogo had to lock her room to lessen the noise pouring in there,
“Woman i will break your head if you push me to the wall! Mpho will shout.

“Break my head? Hey try it! What kind of a man are you? I have tolerated your rubbish enough and this time I won’t take it no more, you have to give me money to make my hair right now! Anastasia shouted.
“Give you money to make hair on your empty head? Like what has that head of yours contributed to the welfare of this family? You are so useless! Mpho shouted.

“Did you just say that to me? Mpho the neighborhood will hear us today, I need money o! Anastasia said.
“Call the neighborhood, you think they don’t know how useless you are to me huh? Don’t worry, just watch and wait what I will do, stupid woman, Mpho said pushing her away and left the house.

“Stupid and useless man that Can’t take of his family! I don’t blame you anyway, you’ll come back and meet me here in this house rubbish! Anastasia angrily shouted.
“Mommy aren’t we going to church today? Grace innocently asked.

“Common get out of my sight! Church my foot! Anastasia shouted and stormed into her room while her kids stood looking at her like she has gone mad.

“Why must he treat me like this huh! How can I go to such a big place this tattered. Just look at Julia, she’s not even prettier like me but look at the husband she got married to, I should have been in that place, I should be looking like her but this useless man is here falling my hands. Oh God what should I do with my hair now, Anastasia said pacing round the room and took her handbag to check what she has.

She grabbed some notes from the bag and left the house immediately.
“Ditebogo will attend to you alright, bye, Anastasia said to her daughters and left.

Anastasia returned home with a new hairdo and her daughters slowly greeted her while Dite pretended she didn’t see her.
“Darling I’m sorry okay I shouted on you, your father keeps getting me angry but I bought this for you, Anastasia apologized and shared biscuits to them.

“Thank you mommy, they said and her phone began to ring.
“Yea excuse me, Anastasia said and picked the call.

“Hi Julia, good morning, she said checking the time.
“Yea morning, we just arrived, Julia replied.

“Really? I’ll be there soon, Anastasia said.
“Alright see ya, Julia said and dropped the call.

“Baby what did you eat? Anastasia asked her daughters.
“Aunty prepared tea for us, Grace replied.

“Alright alright, Anastasia said and hurried to the kitchen to heat her water.
Soon she came out with her tea and some slices of bread,

“Mommy are you going out again? Grace asked.
“Yea baby, remember what I told you yesterday? I need to go now, Anastasia replied hurrying up with her food.

Done with her food she rushed in to change up into something good, “bye darling, she said to her daughters and left the house.

Julia house was quite a long distance from the house, and the cab dropped her before a big building.
She came out looking at it forgetting to pay the cab man,

“Won’t you pay me my money? The man asked.
“Calm down na, She said paying him and slowly walked up to the gate and hit on it.

A young man came out,
“sorry, is this Mr Alfred house? I’m their just employed nanny, Anastasia said and he nodded letting her in.
“Thank you, She said going in and kept looking around.

“Ahh here she comes, Anastasia heard and saw Julia coming.
“Hi Julia, you didn’t tell me you are living in paradise, she said hugging her while Julia laughed.

“Please come in, you didn’t come with your baby? Julia asked.
“Baby is a big girl and she’s with my husband sister, Anastasia replied as they went in.

She stayed over for a few hours and felt so pleased she did what she did knowing her daughter will just be a princess here.
“You’re experienced indeed, See how relaxed Palesa is with you, Julia said meeting her in the room.

“You think so? Anastasia asked and Julia nodded.
“We haven’t talked about your pay yet, what do think? Julia asked.

“Anything you give me I’ll be fine with it, after all what are friends for? Anastasia replied.
“Wow, I’ll do something about it. Please come and join us to eat, Julia said.

“Okay I’ll be there soon, Anastasia replied and Julia left the room.
“Dear princess, I’ll be back okay, She said kissing Palesa happily and left.

Anastasia returned home so happy that she forgot about the anger she left the house with,
“Darling have you eaten? Because I brought enough food for you, she said.
“We haven’t eaten since morning, They replied.

“You haven’t what? Where is Dite! She shouted.
“What did Dite do? Dite replied.

“Why didn’t you feed my kids? Anastasia asked.
“Did any of you drop money for food? She asked back.

“You dare reply me that way huh? Anastasia shouted.
“Oh please, you’ve brought food right? So spare me the noise then, Dite said and walked away while Anastasia swallowed calming down.

“Sorry about that okay, let’s eat, Anastasia said sitting them down to serve them.

Mpho returned in the evening and Anastasia walked up to him, ” do you realize you kept your children hungry the whole day? She asked him..
“Aren’t you capable of feeding them for once? He replied and she smiled.

“Don’t worry, we won’t look at your ugly face no more, with my job i can take care of them real good, rubbish! She said laughing and left while he looked at her.

“nice one, are you also thinking of leaving this house? Do that soon, Mpho said and her smile faded.
“What did you just say? She asked.

“Think about it, he replied.
“Think about what? This is my house and if you’re thinking of bringing another woman into this house, she is meeting me here, Anastasia said.

“Don’t be too sure about that, if you’re already having the nerves to shout and talk back at me, have the nerves also to leave my house! Mpho shouted and laid down to sleep……..

The next day Anastasia went to her kids room to tidy them up for school but noticed Dite isn’t awake yet,
“Dite! Are you going to wake up or not? Anastasia went to her room hitting on the door but she didn’t reply.

She heard the baby crying inside and opened up to see Dite culled up on her bed shivering,
“Oh my God! She shouted and left to inform her husband.

“Hey wake up! Your sister is sick, she said hitting him.
“What is it? Mpho angrily asked.

“I just said your sister is sick, she’s seriously shivering, she replied and Mpho jumped out of the bed immediately.
“Dite, Dite what’s wrong? he called her but she couldn’t reply.

Mpho rushed into his room putting on his shirt and trousers and came back, “take care of this baby will you! He Shouted on Anastesia who was busy looking at them.
“Where are you taking her to? She asked.

“What do you care? Mpho said carrying Dite to the car and drove off to the hospital.
“Sht! Who will take care of this girl now? Will you shut up! She shouted on Hope whose cry was increasing and angrily left the room leaving her on the bed.

“Grace are you done Brushing? You have to hurry up and attend to your sisters for today, your aunty isn’t feeling too well, Anastasia said meeting them in the bathroom where she left them.
“OK mommy, Grace replied.

“I’ll be in the kitchen now, Anastasia said and wanted to leave.
“But mommy baby is crying, Precious said and she heaved.

“Baby can wait okay, or do you want to run late for school? She asked and they shook their head.
“Now concentrate and be fast, Anastasia said and left…………..

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