IT’S OKAY TO CRY SEASON 2 Episode 1-10


Season 2. Episode 1.

Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

Mpho saw nothing but Yvonne in his life, and Yvonne in the other hand got consumed and took charge of the house.
The house was a real definition of a battle field, but Mpho didn’t care as no one hurt his son.

After Palesa and Hope 3rd birthday, Julia traveled out of the country with Palesa just as she told Anastasia.
Automatically Anastasia lost the job but the money she gathered, she opened her restaurant.

Soon Yvonne took in again and gave birth to a baby boy.
Anastasia hearing the news took her four kids and left Hope behind for Mpho to take care of.

Mpho returned home happily that day after seeing Yvonne in the hospital and saw the letter Anastasia dropped;

Congratulations Mpho, another baby boy is a sl@p to my face and I have carried my kids with me except Hope. Pick her up at school and take care of her while I take care of the rest. She’s still too young for me to take with, and that doesn’t mean you should neglect or abandon your responsibilities to the kids. But just in case you need your kids and you feel like seeing them, you can reach me out with the address below. I am only doing this for their own good, they don’t need to see the rubbish going on in that house as it affecting them. Bye, Mpho read and angrily squeezed the letter.

Yvonne got to know about it and was so mad,
“So who is going to take care of her? I have my own kids to take care of okay, Yvonne said.
“I know, but Hope isn’t a difficult child, he replied.

“She is just 3 and still very young, and I just gave birth. I need help to relieve me and not more burdens, common what are you saying! Yvonne shouted.
“Calm down okay, I’ll take care of this, Mpho said and heaved.

“So where is she? Yvonne asked.
“I left her at home after picking her up from school, though she cried and slept off before I left and I didn’t want to take her along with me, he replied.

“This is not fair at all to me, Yvonne said with a frown and Mpho smiled.
“Don’t scare my baby with that face okay, Mpho said touching her chin.

“Junior needs to start school, what do you think? Yvonne asked.
“He is just a year plus, should he start already? Mpho asked.

“Of course, why not? She asked.
“The girls started from 2 years, he replied.

“Well that’s for them, my boy is smart enough to start school, she replied.
“Alright if you say so, Junior come near let’s eat, he said bringing out a flask and Carried him on his laps………………

Hope, despite her age began doing the house chores and every little mistake she did, Yvonne didn’t waste time to beat her a$$.
Mpho got promoted at work and it got his whole day that he was unaware of what is going on.

Hope didn’t have to report to him when Mpho never gave her attention, she quietly did all of Yvonne commands to the best she can.

Anastasia didn’t stop calling or visiting Julia to find out about Palesa welfare over there in the states,
“I just spoke with her now, she’s doing fine, Julia replied.

“When is she going to come down? I miss her already, Anastasia said.
“Yea I miss her too but I really don’t know when she’s coming back, Julia replied.

“Will you mind if I talk to her too? Anastasia asked.
“Alright I’ll put her on call now, Julia replied and called her Mom.

“Sorry for disturbing mom, can I speak with my darling again?Julia asked.
“But you just did that few minutes ago, Fiona replied.

“I know but her nanny wants to talk to her, Julia replied.
“Alright hold on, honey your mom is on phone, Fiona said and Palesa ran to her.

“Hello mommy, Palesa voice came on phone.
“Hello darling, sorry for disturbing you dear but your nanny wants to talk to you, Julia said.

“Really mommy? Palesa asked.
“Yes baby, talk to her, Julia replied and gave Anastasia the phone.

“My beautiful flower, how are you doing? Anastasia asked.
“Fine aunty, aunty I’ve missed you, Palesa said.

“And I missed you too honey, Anastasia replied.
“But you’ve not been calling me, Palesa said.

“Honey you don’t have a phone and I can’t disturb your grand mom always anytime I want to talk with you. Don’t worry anytime I visit your mom I’ll ask her to call you, Anastasia replied.

“You promise right? Palesa asked.
“Cross My heart, Anastasia replied and she giggled.

“Thank you aunty, I can’t wait to see you again, Palesa said.
“We will surely see darling, Your mom must surely let you come home for the holidays right? Anastasia asked.

“Actually mom will be the one to come over for holidays, that was what she told me, Palesa replied and Anastasia looked at Julia who was just smiling.
“Is that so? I won’t lose faith still, i know you will surely come down, Anastasia replied.

“Alright aunt I hope so, bye, Palesa said.
“Bye love, Anastasia said and gave the phone to Fiona while Anastasia did same.

“Bye mommy, I’ll call you before I go to bed, Julia said.
“I’ll be expecting that, take care, Fiona replied and dropped the call.

“Was that Palesa talking that matured? Anastasia asked and Julia laughed.
“You haven’t seen anything yet, kids over there are so smart and I need my daughter to be one, Julia replied.

“Wow I don’t know what to say anymore, what will happen when she hits 10? Anastasia asked.
“10? She’ll be a big girl, I’ll doubt you’ll even recognize her again, Julia replied and Anastasia checked her time.

“I need to go now to see how the business is rolling, but I brought this for you. I know you have your capable chef but manage this please, Anastasia said giving her a bag.
“Awwwnn this is so sweet, thank you, Julia said and hugged her.

“Its nothing, I’ll visit again when I have the chance, Anastasia said getting up.
“And you’re always welcome, bye, Julia said and Anastasia left…….

That evening Yvonne prepared noodles and gave it to Hope, but she didn’t feel like eating.
She took the food and kept it somewhere watching the television.

Yvonne came out and saw flies perching on it and noticed Hope didn’t touched the food,
“Hope over here now! She shouted and Hope went to her.
“Did you eat your food? She asked and Hope shook her head.

“So you left it open for flies huh? Do you want me to draw my 5 fingers on your face this evening? Why didn’t you eat! Yvonne shouted.
“It was salty, and i didn’t want to eat noodles when Junior eats rice, Hope replied.

“You mean the food I wasted my time to cook is salty? Not just that, you were busy looking at what my son is eating eh? Don’t worry, you are going to sleep hungry this night. common get out of my sight and switch off that television and go to bed. now! Yvonne shouted and Hope slowly went to her room crying.

“Aunty Dite, where are you? Hope asked crying as she looked at the picture she took with Ditebogo before she left …….

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