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Weston stared at Jemma with lovely eyes.

“It’s been long someone stared at me with such lovely eyes” Jemma smiled.

“Coffee” Weston cut in and she nodded.

“I will go get us coffee at the cafe over there but before that get into the car, I will be right back” Weston said politely after opening the car door for Jemma.

Weston head to the cafe with so many thoughts on his mind.


Should I neglect Ruby’s developing feelings? I’ve waited so long just to be with Jemma again. Of all the guys why does it have to be Eli.

Sara do you also think I don’t deserve to be happy for loving one woman all my life. Weston thought deeply.

“Two cups of coffee please. Take out” Weston placed his order at the counter after getting into the cafe.

He looked at his car from where he was standing. Jemma waved at him from inside his car.

She looks so happy. Weston said in his head with a smile.

Will it be right for me to abandon her again for my selfish reasons?

“Sir your order” The coffee guy announced and Weston took his orders after dropping his payment.

He went back to his car.

“Have some coffee” Weston said offering her a cup of coffee.

“Thank you” Jemma said and took a sip.

“This coffee tastes nice”

“Jemma what are your plans for the weekend?” Weston asked.

“Nothing in particular. Just planned on spending some time with the kids tomorrow at home” Jemma informed and he nodded.

“Will it be too much to ask if I said I should join you guys tomorrow as well”

“I think so. It hasn’t been long Caleb and I got a divorce. The kids are just adjusting to our new system of living although nothing changed much” Jemma said and had another sip from her coffee.

“I don’t mean to pressure you but you can just introduce me to them as your friend from college” Weston suggested.

“Not a bad idea but I don’t think, I want to give my kids the wrong impression and more over, you’re more than just a friend to me Weston”

“About that Jemma, I don’t think it’s wise of us to get back together.

Our kids are all grown ups and just like you, I don’t want to give my daughter the wrong impression” Weston said looking at his cup of coffee.

“Weston is everything okay? Just last night you were confessing your feelings to me and now, you’re using our kids as an excuse.

You said you love me and yet a year after my marriage with Caleb you got married yourself” Jemma said hurtfully.

“I was forced to get married to Sara. I had no intentions of pushing through with the wedding but since you dumbed me for Caleb, my folks were furious. Jemma I never stopped loving you and that’s a fact” Weston explained.

“You still love me, you said” Jemma repeated and Weston tried to hold her hand but she moved away.

“Don’t touch me”

“Of course Jemma, I never stopped feeling this way for you but with all trial, I don’t think it will work out” Weston said coldly.

“If you were really planning on ending things this way. You shouldn’t have bothered coming back into my life.

I was doing great before you walked in” Jemma said seriously then got out of the car angrily.

She walked to her car without even looking back.

Weston got down from his car about to run to her but Jemma drove off in a hurry.

I’m sorry Jemma. You’re not tye only one hurting. I feel double times your pain. Weston uttered in his head as he bite his lower lips frustratedly.

“I shouldn’t jump to conclusions base on hunch. I’ve got to clarify things before I regret making this decision” Weston said and got into his car and drove back home.



Jemma drove back home and locked herself up in her room.

She boost into tears as she sat on the floor.

“Mum, are you okay?” Eli asked curiously.

“I’m fine Eli. Do you want anything?” Jemma asked trying to act normal.

“Mum are you crying?” Eli asked and Jemma sobbed even more.

“I’m fine Eli. Go do you thing, I just had too much to drink” Jemma lied and Eli ran to the store room.

He brought Jemma’s room’s key and opened her door.

“Mum!” Eli called out in shock as he ran to Jemma and gave her a tight hug.

“Mum why are you crying? Did something happen?” Eli asked curiously.

“I don’t know if it’s right for me to be sobbing this way over a trivial matter.


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