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Josie sat next to Eli on his bed as they had fruits together.

“Josie I don’t think you will make a good housewife. You can barely do anything right. Just look at this apples, even I feel sorry for them. You peeled off the nutrients in them” Eli teased and Josie laughed.

“I don’t feel bad. It’s not my fault that I’m the baby of the house, everyone helps me with everything. It’s only natural I got spoilt to this extent” Josie smiled.


“You’re the first spoilt brat I’ve seen admitting to have been spoiled” Eli said jovially.

“Yeah and that’s why I hate mum so much right now. If she cared so much for us then she should know breaking our family apart isn’t what we want” Josie said with a frown.

“How much do you hate her?” Eli asked looking away.

“More than you can imagine. The sight of her really annoys me to the core” Josie said bitterly.

“Enough of it Josie. How could you hate your own mum? That’s so uncalled for” Eli yelled angrily.

“Relax bro, you’re overreacting. I know you hate her as much as I do so why are you raising your voice?” Josie asked calmly.

“It’s because we accused the wrong person. I wanted to keep this away from you but I can’t bare to see you grow such hate for mum. She’s innocent here” Eli said looking at Josie.

“What do you mean bro?” Josie asked curiously.

Eli sent the photos of Caleb and Olivia to Josie. She picked up her phone and scroll through the photos.

“What’s this bro? What the hell is this?” Josie asked curiously her were becoming teary already.

“I don’t want hurt to you but that’s the truth Josie. We’ve got to face the truth some day” Eli said slowly.

“Dad has a mistress?” Josie asked and the tears threatening to fall, roll down her cheeks.

“He does Josie and he’s the reason why they’re getting a divorce” Eli explained and Josie covered her mouth in shock as the tears roll down uncontrollably.

“What about mum’s lover? Did the both of them cheat on each other?” Josie asked confused.

“That was only a scandal Josie. Mum doesn’t have a lover. Now you’ve known this, I think it’s time we man up to our mistakes and apologize to mum for all the horrible things we said to her” Eli suggested and Josie nodded.

“If dad’s really the reason our family is falling apart then I don’t think I will be able to ever forgive him for that. He hurt mum so much and he broke our trust, how could he do something like that? I’m not innocent myself because I hurt mum as well but dad really crossed the line. I need to speak with him this instant” Josie said sobbing then stood up.

“Josie I don’t want you to get hurt so don’t meet with him yet” Eli said holding Josie’s hand.

“If I don’t face him now then I’m a coward. I’m way more hurt than you can imagine so let go of me Eli” Josie said and jerked Eli’s hand off then ran out of the hospital and got into a taxi.

“Dame it! Josie shouldn’t do anything stupid to herself” Eli uttered worriedly as he changed his clothes immediately.



Jemma was on call with her new secretary Dan.

“You should read more on our past projects, I’m pretty sure that will help you a lot. Work on my schedule for tomorrow as well, I have to meet up with Mr Hong regarding the conference meeting” Jemma instructed.

“Alright boo. I will work on that. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to prove myself to you” Dan said politely.

“As long as you’re ready to work your butt off, I should give you a chance to show me what you’ve got. It’s getting dark already so that means working hours are over. You should go back to what you were doing, I won’t disturb you” Jemma said calmly.

“Have a lovely evening boss” Dan said.

“You too” Jemma replied and hung up.

Jemma turned around and Josie was standing right in front of her.

“Josie when did you get here? Have you been waiting for me?” Jemma asked with a smile and Josie ran to her and gave her a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry mum… It was foolish of me to speak to you in that tone. I regret every bit of it mum, mum please will you forgive me? I always see myself as smart but I’m not but a foolish girl who knows nothing about her own mother. I’m so sorry mum” Josie apologized in Jemma’s embrace with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Jemma caressed her hair gently.

“It’s okay Josie. I’m glad you apologized, if you hadn’t I would still forgive you because I know you’re innocent of everything that’s happening. I’m sorry also for trying to break our family apart. But trust me Josie, I love you and Eli so much and I would sacrifice myself just to make the both of you happy. My divorce with your dad wouldn’t change anything, you can still visit him whenever you please I won’t stop you. The chapter of me and your dad’s love story is over and that’s why we’re both trying to move on without hurting each other” Jemma said calmly and Josie broke the hug.

“Mum I agree totally with your divorce with Dad. You also deserve to be happy mum. If you hadn’t brought up this divorce issue, you still would have in the nearest future. I’m sorry mum, you held up for too long just to make sure bro and I don’t get hurt” Josie said slowly.

“But you still got hurt in the end of it all”

“Don’t blame yourself for it mum. There’s only one person who’s responsible for that and that person isn’t you mum. You’re also a victim in all of this” Josie said bitterly.

“Josie don’t blame your dad for it okay. It’s not his fault, he no longer found love in our relationship and same goes to me” Jemma said calmly.

“You’re still sounding like a hypocrite till the very end. What are you trying to prove Jemma” Caleb asked angrily and Jemma glared at him.

“Dad do you know what, you’re the only one who’s a hypocrite here. Stop taking mum’s soft spot to your advantage because it’s not working on either of us. Dad you did a shameless thing so have some shame and give your family the respect they deserve. Mum have always been supportive and caring, I have no idea why you couldn’t devote yourself to love her for the rest of your life. You paid her back with betrayal. Dad even the devil is ashamed of you. Mum’s the CEO of the company you worked for but she never treated you lowly for your rank” Josie fired angrily.

“Watch your mouth Josie” Caleb yelled.

“Josie he’s still your dad. You can’t speak to him in that tone” Jemma cut in sharply.

“I will only respect those who deserves it and shows same to me and my family. If you need help with packing your stuff, I may help you call the packing company. It will be lovely if you move out quickly” Josie said angrily then walked away.

Eli ran into the sitting room calling out for Josie.

“Josie!” Eli called out looking around.

Jemma and Caleb looked at him.

“Mum have you seen Josie?” Eli asked curiously.

“Eli what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital? Are you allowed to walk around like this? Where’s your nurse? Why is she not with you? And why are you looking for Josie?” Jemma threw in many questions.

“Relax mum. I only broke an arm not my legs and why would I be going around with a nurse, it’s not like I’m a little kid who needs a babysitter. Josie stumped out of the hospital in a very bad mood so I’m guessing she rushed back home” Eli explained.

“She just left for her room. Try talking to her, she’s really upset right now” Jemma whispered to Eli and he nodded.

“Eli can we talk now? You can’t stay upset with me forever. Give me an opportunity to make it up to you and Josie” Caleb said slowly and Eli glared at him.

“Mum is just too nice. She’s still letting you live under same roof with us when your divorce will soon be finalized. You should be lucky I’m still speaking with you, men like you don’t deserve a second chance and I hope and pray I never end up like you. You don’t stand as a good example to the society” Eli fired before leaving for Josie’s room.


Eli have been discharged from the hospital. He went to school.



Eli came out of class and Ruby was at the lobby waiting for him.

Eli smirked at the sight of her and she ran to him.

“Did you miss me that much? What are you doing here? Don’t you have any class?” Eli asked sarcastically and Ruby snatched his bag from him.

“I’m done with my classes for today. Seems like you need an assistant here and that’s why your JJA is right here” Ruby said jovially making a funny face and Eli laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ve decided to give you some slack so go home, you don’t really need to help me” Eli said slowly.

“No one forced me to come here. I’m doing it willing and your cast haven’t been removed yet so that means you need my assistance now than ever” Ruby said with a smile.

“Now you’re acting like you’ve grown a soft spot for me because you haven’t seen me for days. You missed me a lot right” Eli teased and Ruby blushed secretly.

“No way…. There’s no way that will ever happen so quite dreaming” Ruby said sarcastically and Eli caressed her hair gently.

“Seems like you did” Eli smiled as he carried his bag from her.

“Bye” Eli added then walked away.

Ruby still stood there not knowing what made her so numb. Immediately left her sight, her face turned so red.

“Why is it suddenly so hot?” Ruby exhaled blinking awkwardly.



The whole family is present at the sitting room including their lawyer.

“It’s your turn to sign the divorce papers Mr Chen” The lawyer reminded and everyone’s eyes were fixed on Caleb.

“Why’s he wasting so much time just to sign the papers” Eli mumbled.

Caleb moved the papers aside.

“I don’t want to get divorced. Mr lawyer I would appreciate it if you take down our petition for a divorce” Caleb said calmly and everyone’s jaw dropped.

“What’s that supposed to mean Caleb?” Jemma asked angrily as she stood up.

“You heard me right Jemma. I’m not divorcing you, we should stick to our vows we made on the altar” Caleb said politely.


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