Authoress FG…



Jemma presented the progress on their latest project.

She had an eye contact with Weston and he winked at her. Jemma’s heart fluttered as she blushed inwardly.

“And that will be all. Do we all agree with the next proceeding steps?” Jemma asked professionally and everyone wore a positive expression on their faces.

“Bravo Mrs Jemma, I’ve always knew GG diamonds know the basics and strategies to business.


My fellow board members, it’s an amazing news that GG diamonds will be ranking number one of Korean fashion week” Weston announced and Jemma’s eyes went wide open in shock.

“Number one?” Jemma uttered in surprise.

“Congratulations CEO” The board members said in unison and Jemma smiled widely in excitement.

She couldn’t control her joy.

“You’ve broke the history of jewelry designers. Ranking number one for the past twelve years, is indeed a great news.

Special congratulations to you CEO” One of the board members said with a smile.

“I shouldn’t take all the glory. We came this far, all thanks to you all.

It’s due to your support and undying diligence that got us this far.

In exchange for my gratitude, I would love to throw us a congratulatory party on the day of the show” Jemma said politely.

“Amazing choice CEO” The board members chorused.

Dad, I think you’re seeing this from over there. I think it’s time you come back home. I did exactly what you wanted.

We’ve made it to the twelve years. Jemma muttered in her mind excitedly and she had a glance at Weston.

He smiled passionately at her.

“You did it Jemma” Weston whispered and Jemma read his lips.

The meeting was over.
Weston left already before Jemma would come out of the conference room.

Jemma looked around trying to get a glimpse of him but he was no where to be found.

“Dan, have you seen Mr Hong?” Jemma asked curiously.

“Mr Hong left earlier than everyone. I think he has an emergency at his new construction site” Dan informed and Jemma wondered worried.

“But how come we had no idea, we would be joining the Korean fashion week?” Jemma asked curiously.

“We were sent an invitation early hours of today. I dropped it on your desk Boss”

“But I didn’t see it” Jemma said and they went into her office.

The invitation was lying on the desk just like Dan said.

“I wasn’t expecting us to be the top one of the fashion week. Since Mr Chen flopped the last project, we’re lucky to have made it this far regardless of the obstacles” Jemma smiled.

“Congratulations boss” Dan said politely.

“Thank you”

“You can leave now. I need to attend to some other things” Jemma instructed.

“Yes boss” Dan said and left the office.

Weston has an emergency at the site. Hope it’s nothing serious, I really wished on seeing him today before he left. Jemma uttered in her head.



Weston rushed out of his car and his secretary ran to him, giving him a helmet and gloves.

“Is everyone okay?” Weston asked worriedly.

“Some of the workers were rescued but there’s one employee inside.

The building won’t last long. I don’t think we will be able to save him” His secretary said and Weston glared at him.

“No one’s losing their lives not at my construction site” Weston said seriously then ran into the collapsing building.

“Boss, please come out. It’s dangerous going in there” His secretary screamed but Weston gave him deaf ears.

Blocks were falling from above. Weston tried so hard to avoid each fall.

“Mister! Mister, where are you?” Weston shouted out.

“Sir I’m here” He indicated and Weston ran to his direction. His leg was stuck under a block.

“Sir, you shouldn’t be in here” The employee winced.

“If I can’t be here then who will safe you. For now save your strength while I fix this” Weston said as he tried to remove the block.

“Ahhhh!” The worker winced in pain.

“We’re almost there. Hang in there” Weston encouraged and removed the block with all his strength.

Blocks were still falling. Weston rolled aside with the worker when he saw a block falling in their direction.

“Can you walk?” Weston asked curiously.

“Yes sir” He said and Weston helped him up but he couldn’t take a step.

“Hop on my back” Weston instructed.

“I dare not hop on the boss’s back” He declined.

“It’s an order. We don’t have much time left” Weston yelled and he climbed Weston’s back.

Weston ran out of the building and instantly the whole building collapsed.

The ambulance and some mass media have arrived already.

Weston breathed heavily as he helped the injured employees into the ambulance.

“Boss, you need to get treated as well, you’re bleeding from your head” Weston’s secretary cut in worriedly and Weston wiped the blood rolling down to his jaw.

“Is everyone okay?” Weston asked breathlessly.

“Yes boss” They all chorused and Weston fell to the ground unconsciously.

“Boss! Boss!” Everyone called out in disarray as they rushed to Weston.

Cameras light flashing all over the place as everyone panicked on Weston’s collapse.


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