MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 21 – 30

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 21 – 30


Episode 21

Story by MARIAM EDEM ( Miriam Eyen Efik)

I and Success ate together and talked as my mom weakly slept off in the process,
“But you know I’m not comfortable you’re just wholly depending on this your friend without doing anything for yourself, that shop was okay, he said.

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 21 – 30.

“But it was too stressful for me, I couldn’t meet up and it was telling on me badly. I see this as God intervention seriously and I believe her dad will fulfil his promise to the end, I replied.

“If you say so but I’m only scared, humans can be unpredictable sometimes, but what about your dad? He asked.
“Can we please don’t go there I beg you, I’m having a nice time here and I don’t want to ruin it, I replied and he nodded.

“I’m sorry I brought that up, he calmly said and my phone to ring. It was Alfred calling and I wondered why he’s calling with the attitude he has put up with me the past hours.
“You won’t pick that up? Success asked.

“Its my representative in school, the one I told you that gave me the idea, I said.
“Then why are you not picking? He asked.

“He got me so upset, I mean he brought up strange attitude to I and my friend after we succeeded to dump him on the road, I replied and he called again.

“Just pick it up but don’t tell him what you did, don’t bother, he said and I sluggishly picked up.

“Hi Purity, he said when I was quiet.
“Why are you calling now? I replied.

“I’m sorry okay, I was so stressed up with everything and the way my guys was so angry with me I kept the car, I didn’t know when i transferred aggression, he said.

“Really? And who exactly are your guys to get angry when you returned a car by past 6, what do your guys do? I asked.
“Common Purity that’s not my car and it was borrowed, whatever they want to use the car for its not in my place to ask because its theirs.

I agreed to return it by that time and I should keep to it, he replied.

“Whatever, I said with a frown.
“So I heard the body was taken by the police men, how? He asked.

“You heard? By who? I asked.
“News travel fast don’t they? He asked back.

“If the police chose to carry his body then its okay, didn’t you say I should have nothing to fear after all there is no prove that my mom killed him? I asked back.

“Yea but then its okay, at least everything is settled and done now. So will you be in school tomorrow? He asked.

“Yea I have to, I just missed 2 days I didn’t plan for, I replied.
“See you then, bye, he said.

“Bye, I said and dropped the call and heaved.
“Sorry about that, I apologized to Success.

“Its okay, but I’m curious to know, who took the body to the junction when he was not dropped there at first, He asked and i looked at him and sat well.
“I thought everything about that man was done With? I asked.

“Yea but someone did that, he said and his phone began to ring.
“Excuse me please, he said to me before picking up.

“Yes officer I can hear you, he said on phone.
“Okay we will be there, he said and dropped the call.

“They want to see us in the station, he said to me.
“I hope no problem? I asked.

“They didn’t mention, let’s go, he said and I peeped at my mom and she was still deeply asleep.

I closed the door and left with him to the station, on the way we didn’t talk but I was thinking a whole lot of things.

When we got there the family of the man was already there, they looked so decent and I wondered why the deceased man should chose to be a drunkard.

His family were so mad and angry he was killed and dumped on the road for hours,

“If he attempted to rape your mother and in the process he got killed in the name of self defence, why didn’t you call the villagers into the case showing them the evidence real? but you went ahead to hire a car to dump his body in the night. He doesn’t stay out in the evening, he finds his way home no matter how drunk he is, only God knows the exact time you killed him and how long his body laid lifeless with no proper attention. We won’t accept this! This murder was planned simple! A man said and I looked at Success.

“A knife was found with him, an officer said.
“And the victim is mad ooo, wetin you want make we do with mad person? Another officer asked.

“The people who dumped him on the road were they equally mad? How much did they pay you? A woman asked.

“Hey hey hey no insult us o, which kind talk be this one? You go just open mouth waaaaaa like say you no anything, who send am go mad person house if conji hold am? He no get wife for house! An officer angrily shouted.

“Please everyone should calm down, success said.
‘Why should we calm down? For what! The woman shouted.

“I understand your point and reason for anger, but please look at the situation here. She wasn’t at home when this happened, what do you think a girl like her will do when there are no relations or even a father to advice her in the place of her sick mother.

She seek help from her friends who were equally scared of the result of what might happen when they were not to be scared at all in the first place.
Who knows even if they had reported to the villagers, some people may still find fault and still insist a murder happened and she may be punished and Purity didn’t want that for the only family she has.

Ignorance they said is bad and they behaved like children should have done until I got to know about this and took it to the appropriate authorities.

I know they shouldn’t have done that way and I apologized for your relation so inhumanly treated and disrespected despite the offence.

Please forgive us and we will accept whatever you feel we should do to compensate you for the loss, Success said holding my hand.

“Please I don’t want any trouble and i never sent my mom to do this, despite the act he wanted doing was wrong but i should have known a better way to handle the situation. Maybe it shouldn’t have gotten to this extent, I’m sorry, I said and they were quiet looking at us and one of them cleared his throat.

“Its quite shameful and very embarrassing to my family this happened to one of us, we didn’t even know how to go carry his corpse when the news got to us, we felt so disappointed.

He wasn’t this way, he was a responsible man with a wife and 2kids doing well. Then he began going out little by little drinking, until it got to the point his wife left with the 2 kids when she couldn’t stand the beatings he will give to her when he returns drunk. Then it became this full blown drunkard abandoning his job and everything to become a professional in it, now this.

I think we owe you an apology too if he has been violating your sick mother, we are sorry, the man said and i nodded.

“We all are sorry and I will love we be at peace please, i said.
“Its okay, we will go get his body and get him buried, the man said.

“Thank you and sorry for your loss sir, Success said.
“He brought it on himself, the man said and i was relieved inside of me for the second time………….

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 21 – 30

Success dropped me off at the junction and we exchanged numbers before leaving,
“Please be careful and call me when you arrive, I said to him.
“Yes ma’am, he said.

“And please don’t be in speed, I won’t know how to answer your mom of anything happens to you again, i said and he laughed.
“My mom will so find you, because she will love to see the girl that made her son had accident twice, he said.

“It will never happen, please drive carefully and thank you so much for today, I said.
“Yes ma I will drive so careful and thanks for the meal i appreciate, he said and i smiled waving my hand at him.

“Bye, i said going out and he smiled and drove off while i stopped a bike to hurry home knowing my mom will be awake………..

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 21 – 30

Success arrived home and I was so happy, it was evening already and i remembered I got Charity note to write down what i missed…

The next day I arrived at Charity hostel telling her everything because I know Alfred will just be perching around me when once he sees me.
“So you mean his family is at peace with you and the whole tension and fear is over? Charity asked.

“Yea, God Charity I’m so free and light. A huge burden was just lifted from me and i slept so peacefully, i replied.

“Yea you slept peacefully but I couldn’t, I still see the man on my head and the shock on the road, i don’t think i can get over it soon, she said and I hit her
“That’s because we did a criminal act, I said.

“I didn’t accept to it at first, but you did and i had no choice, is Alfred aware of this by this development by the way? She asked.
“Let’s not just tell him, after all everything is over, i replied.

“Uhmmmm, she said looking at me.
“Charity i know that face of yours, what’s the problem? I asked.

“So this Success guy that wasn’t a ghost after all, tell me is he cute? She asked and I laughed.

“He is girl he is trust me! I shouted and she shouted back happily falling on me.

“So he hasn’t asked you out yet? She asked.
“Nope not yet, we are still friends and we barely know each other to be intimate nau, i replied.

“Shut up there, barely knew each other I hear. Let him not waste time joor,she said and i hit her and his call came on phone.
“Its him, I said winking at Charity.

“Make I hear his voice abeg na, she said and i picked up and put it on speaker.
“Hello Purity, he said.

“Good morning Mr, I’m sure you’re just up from bed, I said.
“You must be kidding me, I’m here on the dinning with my laptop having a cup of coffee, he replied.

“Opppss, i said and he laughed.
“You must be in school so I’ll just be brief. About what i told you about your mom, she will be pick up tomorrow morning, since its weekend you will be available right? He asked.

“Yea yea i will, thank you so much! I shouted.
“You’re welcome, I’ll leave you to concentrate and don’t forget to be a good girl alright, he said.

“Oh you too, don’t look for trouble bye, I said laughing and dropped the call.
“Awwnnn so sweet, Charity shouted and i rolled my eyes and saw the time.

“Get up lazy ass its time for lectures, i said throwing her a pillow.
“No you can’t be serious, how did the time go so fast? 30 minutes more please! She shouted covering herself with a blanket.

“Get up my friend! I shouted dragging her on her legs down……………

MAMA I MADE IT: Episode 21 – 30

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