?Married To A Billionaire?
(The Billionaire Wife)

Episode 24

????Written by Authoress Quinny ????

?Elizabeth pov?

After last night, Charles and I haven’t spoken. I figured it was for the best.

He went through a lot as a child and I don’t think anyone deserves that. No wonder he is so bitter.

This morning it was the same old rotten wake-up, make breakfast. I had seen his car outside so I assumed he was still asleep.
I on the other hand, i had a mission of my own today. I was planning to visit Michael. I need to confirm if what Charles had said is true, l’ve never actually been at his house before, he is the one that always coming over.

I was in the kitchen making some breakfast (because i like to make myself useful) when i received a call from Erik. He said he want to talk to me and it’s urgent.
I hadn’t seen or talked to him in more than a month, I was surprised he still have my number. His voice didn’t sound angry like the last time we talked, in fact, he sounded worried. Which made me worried about what he could want to talk to me about. There was something about him that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. This wasn’t the Erik I knew.

Not so long after Charles walked in, I swear I’ve never seen him happier. He had this spark in his eyes.

I still felt guilty about stealing his diary but he didn’t seem to care about anything.
“What do we have for breakfast?” he said hugging me from behind.
“Red velvet pancakes, Potato and Courgette Frittata and maybe some blueberry cheesecake smoothies.”

“Sounds yummy.”
He took some plates from the cupboard, which am thankful for because i couldn’t possible reach that high without at least standing on a chair and i can break my neck in the process.
“So what do you want to do today, maybe buy another puppy that my mom would end up taking. That was the best thing she had ever done you know.”
I almost forgot, Charles mom came here a week ago and found him playing in the small garden near the parking lot, they become inseparable so one day she came and took him without me notices. I didn’t bother to take it back because i know that would have been a fight, i wouldn’t won. Besides, he’s much happier there.
“He was much better company than you thank you very much.”-I paused- “I would like to spend the day with you but I have to pick up some boxes from Michael’s then I have to meet up with someone, besides don’t you have work today.”

“I’m my own boss, I can take a day off when I feel like.”he said.

“Lucky you. Anyway, I better get ready.”

I stood up from where I was sitting and I rushed to the bathroom. I knew that if I wanted to make it on time I had to hurry up. I took a five-minute shower, which by the way is one of the shortest showers I’ve ever taken. I just love showers.

I wore a pair of ripped white jeans with my grey t-shirt and my takkies. I was feeling a little cold so I decided to wear a jacket.

The time I got downstairs Charles was nowhere to be seen. He must have gone for a walk or somewhere.

It wasn’t hard to find the house at all using the GPS and the address he e-mailed me.

The house was on the corner of the street, it was painted in white just as he had said. The house was big but not like the one we live in, for a moment I thought I was at the wrong address.

I buzzed on the intercom by the gate, not so long after the gates opened. I parked my car (not really) outside the house near the entrance. Michael was standing by the door already, ready to welcome me in.

“This is your house?”


“And you live here alone?”

“Yes, I thought you knew that already.”

“What is it with you and your brother. Why do you guys like living alone in such a big house.”

“We like our space, I guess that’s the only thing we have in common.”

As we got into the house I noticed something, my hands where dirty. They were covered in black greasy staff.

“Can I use the bathroom, I must have touched something now my hands are dirty.”

He gave me the direction to his bedroom bathroom since it was the nearest.

After washing my hands and wiping them. As I was about to leave the bathroom I accidentally bumped into one of his jackets that were hanging on the wall, as I was about to pick it up I saw something that was inside the jacket.
It was a gun, the scary part of it there is blood all over it. I kept on thinking about why he would possibly have a gun. The thought of what the gun would have possibly been used for made my whole body to shake. I couldn’t move, it was as if my body as paralyzed.
“So what Charles said is true,” I said sounding a little bit shaky. To be honest I was scared.

“What did he say?”

He stood up from where he was sitting walking towards me. For a moment I thought I was gonna die. He looked so intense.

“Are you scared?” He said gently grazing my hair behind my ear. I didn’t dare utter a word.

I was relieved when he started moving backwards.

“I found a gun in your bathroom.” I finally spoke.

He didn’t look ashamed or anything, I don’t think he was even taking this seriously.

“Oh, i thought you saw Sofia body in the bag under the bed. I killed her, she was so annoying.

Even worse than I thought. I should have listened to Charles, all those times he tried to warn me.

“So you’re the one who got your brother killed.” I felt as if I was gonna have a break down at any moment.

“No sweetheart, that’s what i want him to think.”

“What do you mean by that’s what you wanted him to think.”- I paused- It suddenly occurred to me that he could have meant one thing.”Your brother Nick isn’t dead is he?”

He sat down and began pouring himself what I assumed was whiskey.

Where is he?” I asked again.

“You ask alot of questions, do you know that? Forget i ever told you anything.”

After a while, it grew completely quiet. He had his thinking face on. The part that was freaking me out was the fact that he was walking up and down.

I could have tried to run but I knew he would catch me, he might just pull a gun on me.

“So are you going to kill me?”i asked.

“No, I have a better plan for you, you can go.”

If my life wasn’t in danger I would have told him that he was the dumbest serial killer but then again I would seem as if I was being ungrateful for keeping my life.

By the time I had manned to leave his house in one piece it was already late. I didn’t realize how late it already was, Charles must have already been waiting for me. When you are being held in a house against your will and you are trying to make it out alive, the time is the last thing you will ever think about.

When I got back Charles was already waiting by the door, literally.

“You late, we have to go now. Unless you change your mind.”

“We?, I thought you said you weren’t coming along.”

“I couldn’t exactly leave you to go alone.”-he paused- “Are you OK? you look a little bit off ever since you came back.”

“Yes, I’m OK.”

I hate lying to him.

“You’re lying, we’ll talk about this later. Right now we have to go to my bastard cousin house”

The ride to Liam house was silent just like always, something about his presence made me calm. I felt safe with him.

Liam welcomed us in, he leads us straight to the dining room where everything was already set up.

Dinner was extremely awkward. It was as if we had lost our tongue.

I could only hear the sound of plates and forks and Liam chewing.

Charles was sending glares. Liam seemed intense. We really shouldn’t have come here.

I really couldn’t take this anymore, I excused myself from the dining table. I needed some fresh air yet I didn’t want to go outside because it was way too cold.

I decided to take a walk down the wall way.
The wall were full of pictures, some were even painting, they were beautiful. The one that caught my attention, the picture with three boys in it. The eldest looked about seven, he was holding a small baby boy and a boy was standing next to him who looked about five. They were all wearing white. The house in the background was painted in white and grey. It was Mrs Greene old house, i remember it.

Liam came out of no where, i haven’t even heard from him.

“This picture is so cute, where did you get it?”i asked.

“It’s a picture of my brothers and me.”

“You never told me you had any brothers.”

“Yes i didn’t but there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.”

Something told me there was a bit more to that statement than it seemed.

“Are you the elder boy in the picture?”

“Yes, that was twenty-five years ago.” ” how did you get Charles to agree to come along?”

“Honestly, nothing. Why would you think that he wouldn’t come?” Liam didn’t ‘actually’ know Charles and they hadn’t known each other for at least longer than a week.

“Based on his recent actions towards me why wouldn’t I think that.”

He had a point, even I still couldn’t believe that he agreed to come.

“So maybe we should hang out sometime.” He suggested

I replied to him with a quick yes, it’s not like I had anything to do.

Charles came grabbing my arm right after, I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

I also noticed that Charles was driving the car a little faster than usual. Which is very unusual of him because when it comes to driving he can never be more careful, even if it means he will late.

When we got home he threw his key along with his jacket on the floor. He seemed a bit calmer than he was.

“Do you ever get the feeling that Michael is up to something?”

I wanted to ask him but in a specific way that he won’t find anything superstitious, he could know something, after all, he did try to warn me.

“No, maybe it’s because I don’t care, you should try it too.”-he paused-” Good night.” He said placing a kss on my forehead before leaving.

I suddenly remembered that I had completely forgotten that I had to meet up with Erik.

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