?Married To A Billionaire?
(The Billionaire Wife)

Episode 25

????Written by Authoress Quinny ????

?Elizabeth pov?

Today I was spending my day with Mary, I’ve been so busy with my ‘problems’ that I forgot I have a best friend. We haven’t seen each other for a while and I feel like there are way too many secrets between us.

“My brother is having his birthday party tonight, maybe you should come too.” That was more like a command than a statement, that’s how much I knew her.

Her brother Bret was having his twenty-first birthday party today. His birthday is next week but they are doing it today since next week he won’t be here.

I remember how he used to have a crush on me, I kept on telling him he was way too young for me but he didn’t seem to care.

“Yeah sure, maybe i will ask Charles to come along”

“Ellie, when was the last time you talked about someone else that isn’t Charles, you’re acting like you’re in love with him or something. Or are you.”

I wasn’t even sure about that question myself. I get this feeling in my chest whenever I’m with him and when I’m not I can’t stop thinking about him. It’s impossible not to think about him.

“No.” It sounded more like a whisper,like I was trying to convince myself.

“Anyways you better show up tonight because I’m getting you as his birthday present.”


“You are his supposedly birthday present, he said he wanted to see you and that he would rather have you than anything else.”

“That was wrongly said.”

“His words not mine.”

I signed in defeat, even if I was planning on skipping now I have to.

“Enough about my idi0tic brother, how have you been?”

“Cool, just the usual.”

We got some smoothies and mostly talked. She got a message on her phone, I had no idea from who but I’m assuming it’s probably a ‘he’. The next moment she started smiling then got up from her seat.

“You going to ditch me aren’t you?”


I just looked at her shaking my head in disapproval.

“What, you have a nice hot husband leave me alone.”

She was right I did have a nice hot husband to attend to. I took an Uber home, it wasn’t much of a long drive since we live so close to almost everything. If a tsunami was to break down, we would probably die first.

Charles was packing things away. He wore a white vest and black sweatpants. I could see his six-pack through his vest, and his muscles don’t get me started on those.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to pack away all those pictures in the basement.”

“Why don’t you ask Maria to pack it for you.” Charles was one of those people who would have other people do their things for them unless he was hiding something because he would not want any evidence of it left.

“No. I prefer doing things myself.” That was the first, and a lie.

“Can I help you?”

“No,” He said trying to stop me from reaching for the picture that was in the box. But he was too late.

I kept glancing at the picture for a while, I knew I had seen it somewhere. It was the same picture I saw in Liam’s hallway. The picture of the three boys.

“Where did you get this picture?”

“It’s an old picture of my brothers and me.”

“Your brothers?but Liam said…..”i stopped myself before i could say anything stupid.

Could it be possible that Liam was Nick or Nick was Liam? But then again he couldn’t possibly be Charles’s brother as well as his cousin. I know that the Greene brother’s had so many secrets but I don’t think they would hide something like this for more than twenty years. There was probably an explainable reason.

Like I’m losing my mind.

Nobody ever talked about Nick, if I hadn’t found out I wouldn’t have known. If it was true their mother probably didn’t know anything about this, no mother would lie about her child’s death for so long.

“Liam said what?” He had a straight face, he looked straight into my eyes and he didn’t dare break the eye contact.

“It nothing”

He grabbed the picture out of my hands, into the box and took it to the basement along with all the other pictures.

I didn’t even know we had a basement.

He came back from the basement and I was still standing in my same potion.

“If you wanna help you could help by putting all my clothes in my left cupboard in one of the boxes.”

“Why do you want to pack your clothes away in boxes.”

“Because I don’t wear them anymore so I’m giving them away to charity.”

That’s so kind of him

As soon as I opened his cupboard I saw why he no longer wore all those clothes.

His cardboard was packed neatly but the cupboard was full. No wonder I find some of his clothes in my room.

If I had to put all the clothes together I’ve ever owned it would still be no match the number of clothes he had in his cupboard.

I took one of his shirts I don’t know what happened but I ended up sniffing it. I was becoming a stalker. I swear I was add!cted to his scent.

My phone rang interacting me from my sensational sniffing. He picked up my phone before I could.

What happened to respecting other peoples privacy, it’s not like I invaded his personal space.

‘So not true Elizabeth.’ My inner voice said. Sometimes I hate it but must of the time it’s right. Anyways’ that wasn’t the point.

“Don’t forget, party tonight or I’ll kill you.” He readout. ” You didn’t tell me you were going to a party.”

Why didn’t I put a password on my phone? I mentally scolded myself.

“Mary is having a party tonight for her brother, that’s just another ‘vision’ of what would happen if I don’t go. You can come with me if you want unless you have something better to do.”

‘Of course, he has nothing better to do Elizabeth’ I mentally reminded myself.

“Yah sure.”

After what I assumed was hours of packing, (not really for me because I was mostly thinking about how good he smells) we both went our sperate ways.

I was busy daydreaming through most of the time so when I finally got back to reality I only had twenty minutes before I had to start planning my funeral.

When we got into the car, it was again with the silence so i turned on the radio, it was way too quiet and i didn’t think Charles and i were going to have a conversation longer than a minute.
One song started playing, i think it was a story of my life.

“I love this song,” I exclaimed.

“Please kill me now”he said slipping cheeck with his left arm.

“What’s wrong with the song?”

“You mean what’s not wrong with the song. If you going to sing I swear I’m gonna throw you out.”



“Nooo, you love me way too much.”

He didn’t say anything after that, we were silent again and the song was still playing.
When we got there, I wanted to convince myself we were at the wrong place but there was no way to deny this. I even looked around just to make sure. The party was packed. Full of stranges, some even drank. I guess most of them only came here for the alcohol. I thought this was only supposed to be only for our family and friends.

While I was still looking around trying to make my way into the house a guy came out of nowhere. It was Bret, I almost couldn’t recognize him. He had grown taller and bolder.

“Charles, how are you, my man.”

Your man? What are you two, gay?

“Good long time no see bro.” I had no idea Charles speaks like that, he is always too formal.”Elizabeth, this is my old friend Bret.”

“Nice to meet you Elizabeth.”

“Nice to meet you to Bret.” I played along.

After that it was a long bro conversion, once again I was the third wheel.

Since he had Bret keeping him company, I went to look for my friends.

I had this feeling in my chest that something was going to happen, I felt as if someone was watching me. So I look around, everybody was too busy getting drunk. I was being paranoid.

The only person I could find was Mary, she smelled of alcohol all over her.

“Where are Mick and Allison, they said they would be here?”

“I have no idea, they were not answering their phones, I’ll text you if I find them.”

“How did you get all these people to come here”

“I don’t know, they must have heard there was a party here and decided to come. If my mom sees all these people here she is gonna freak.”

She might have seemed a bit dramatic on the last part but it’s true, her mum who freak.
Their mum has always raised them to be proper and decent but they choose otherwise.
I want back to the table where Charles was sitting to find so ‘chick’ hanging all over him, and I mean all over him.

I looked at my phone to see that I had just received a message from Mary.

MARY: lesson number one, never leave a hot guy like him sitting all alone.

As soon as he saw me he turned around moving the girl away. She walked away swaying her hips as if she had just received an award for worlds biggest sl.ut.

I swear I wanted to kill him. My face was turning red and my blood was boiling. I sat down quietly and began staring at him.

“What’s wrong.”


“Then why are you staring at me like that?”

“No reason.”

“Are you angry because it’s not what it looked like with that girl.”

“I’m not angry!” I yelled at him. I was getting agitated by him.

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” I yelled at him again.

“So you are angry?”

“I said I’m not angry!”

“She is PMS’ing” i heard him whisper.

I swear i’ll kill this guy.

We had a couple of drinks, he was trying to make conversions, but I was ignoring him so, he started poking me and he would laugh at my reaction.

I swear that smile is going to be the death of me.

That feeling came back again. I felt like someone was watching me, it was kinda getting scary. I’ve had this feeling for the whole day. I turned around again to see if anyone was looking but no one to my surprise was.

“Charles, I think we should go home now.”

He looked thrilled by what I had just said. He stood up before I could. Can’t blame him.

“Sorry for bringing you along to the worst party ever. I left you alone for almost the whole night, it wasn’t right of me.”

He looked at me with a worried expression before he answered.

“It’s okay, I’m the one who agreed to come, besides I got to meet an old friend.”

I stood up and picked up my purse finally ready to go home.

On our way out we bumped into Mary, I think I’ve had enough of this girl to last me a lifetime.

Just great!

“Mary, sorry but we have to go now. We can’t stay any longer. We forgot that Charles had to attend a dinner party.” I know lying is bad especially to your best friend but I needed to get out of here, I don’t think I could stand anything longer than a minute here. I looked at Charles with the ‘just go with it’ look.

“Lizzy you don’t have to lie to me, I hate it here and you know it’s almost impossible for me to hate a party but I do.” -she paused- “I’ve been trying to get out of here ever since I got here. If he wasn’t my brother I would have been gone.”

I’m a terrible liar and everyone knows it, now I just feel bad

Mary then turned to look at Charles, she gave him an evil look like she was thinking about a hundred one ways to kill my best friends husband (trust me she would). Charles just looked at me with a questioning expression on his face.

“Ellie, can I talk to Charles for a second?”

I nodded my head in response. I turned to Charles to give him a look of sympathy. Mary had been my friend for as long as I can remember and usually when she had that look it was never good.

I forgot that Charles had the car keys. There was no point in going back because he would be here any minute.

I was getting a little cold, so I folded my arms while rubbing them.

I heard a gunshot. For a moment my heart started beating a little faster. I couldn’t find or hear where the sound came from.

Fear spread through my body. I was in a panic. People were running around everywhere.

I was about to make my way to Mary and Charles when i felt a hand cover my mouth.

“Shhhh” the man whispered.

At first, I thought it was Micky with his usual jokes but then the person started pulling me back. I was now convinced that he wouldn’t do that.

I realized it wasn’t him.

I tried fighting him but he was too strong, I was getting weaker and weaker. My vision was starting to blur, whatever he was doing, it was working. Before I knew it I passed out.

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