?Married To A Billionaire?
(The Billionaire Wife)

Episode 40

????Written by Authoress Quinny ????

?Elizabeth pov?

I stroke my still flat belly gently. It’s only been a month and I already feel like the baby was here. I already know I love him (or her). I’m still saying flat because I can’t bear the fact that I’m getting fatter by the day

My bags were already packed with my flight ticket booked and a newly renewed passport. This was exactly what my baby and I needed, a fresh new start. My dad kept his end of the deal. He got me enrolled in college as well as a job that paid well.

After the nurse told Erik I was pregnant I had to explain to him the same way you tell a three-year-old you getting a divorce.

“Are you ready to go?” Dad asked.

“Yes,” I answered.


?Charles pov ?

*3 days later *

I woke to my usual morning ritual, take a shower, get dressed and have breakfast. Lately avoiding Dion has been added as one of my morning rituals. She moved into the house in Elizabeth’s room. She complained about how claustrophobic the other rooms made her feel. She moved all of Elizabeth’s things into the guest room. Of cause, she tried ‘talking’ her way into my room but that wasn’t up for debate.

Lately, I feel like Elizabeth is slowly starting to fade away from me like it was just a bad nightmare but then every morning I’m reminded by my broken heart.

I heard the loud music playing from downstairs. We’ve already had the police here complaining about the noise levels three times.

I walked downstairs to find the source of the noise.

Dion was in the sitting room playing music through the amplifier on full blast. She was dancing on the table with a beer in her hand.

I walked into the room and to the table. She didn’t even notice I was there until I switched off the volume.

“What are you doing, put it on.” She said nearly falling off the table.

“It’s the third time this week Diana.” (her second name). “I thought we agreed that you were going to keep the volume low, it’s six a.m.”

“Don’t be boring Charles, have fun.” She said

“You’ve been drinking again,” I said.

“You’ve been drinking again,” She mimicked.

“You drunk and you pregnant Diana. Don’t you think about anyone else besides yourself? You know you not supposed to drink.”

“Stop acting like you care all of a sudden. The only one you ever care about is that whore, why don’t you go to her.” She yelled.

“This isn’t about her, I’m talking to you.”

I took the beer out off her hand then helped her off the table.”

“You best be sober by the time I’m back,” I said. “Clean this place up.”

Susan and Laura have had to do double the work for the past few days and I don’t think that’s fair to them.

I walk out of the house once again with my blood boiling in anger.


“Mara, what’s for today?” I asked.

“Well, Mr Lewis sent his apologies. He cancelled the appointment due to some family emergencies. You have to confirm a few changes to the opening of your new restaurant this weekend.” She said, reading from the list on her i-pad.

“And the bad news,” I said.

“Mr Knights, your rival and competitor. Their stocks have recently gone up to ten percent with an increase of thirty percent guest satisfactory. They taking more than ten percent of our best customers. Our research team is already on it, we are trying to find what they doing differently, what’s the gap in the market along with other questions.”

Not only was my personal life falling apart, my work too. It was time I got a grip of things.

“Can you schedule a meeting with our new chiefs, please,” I said then turned to look at my laptop.

Mara was still standing there staring at me.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked.

“You just said please,” She said in a high voice. “That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Don’t get used to it. Are you going to do it or not. We can always replace you with Rosa.” I smirked.

Rosa was her ex-boyfriend’s fiance. Believe it or not, she’s used me as a crying pillow once and believe me it’s not a position anyone wants to be in. Mainly because my blazar was covered in make-up after. Even in her time of distress, I pointed out she looked like a crying gorilla. I felt it was too rude to comment on her sense of style when she asked me why he would leave her.

“You not funny.” She said walking out.

Just as I was about to open a folder to review our new menu I received a notification. It was from a private investigator I hired. Erik was at Elizabeth’s house.

At the mention of his name my blood boiled. ‘What was he doing there,’

I contacted the private. investigator immediately. He assured me that she was alright as well as claiming that she was at the hospital later that night. That’s what scared me the most.

Just as I was about to stand up, I could a phone call. It was mom.

“Mom, this is a very bad time. Can we talk later.” I said.

“Are you in a meeting?” She asked.

“No,” I said.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have answered

“Then you not busy.” She said in her usual nonchalant tone.

My mother might have seemed as sweet and kind, but she was also very bossy and controlling regarding my personal life. Her excuse was that she didn’t spend enough time with me as a baby because she chose her job over me four days after my birth. ‘Making up for the lost time,’ she always says. Her theory for my “rudeness” is that it’s the cause of her, not bre@stfeeding me enough.

“There is something I need to talk to you about,” She said.

“What mother?” I asked leaning into my chair.

“It’s your brother, I haven’t seen him for two days and I’m getting worried.”

“Which one of your two idiots?” I asked.

“Don’t speck-like that about your elder brothers. It’s Nick I’m worried about,” She said.

“I didn’t care about his whereabouts for more than ten years so why should I care now?” I asked.

“It’s your brother we talking about!” She yelled.

“Relax mother. I’m pretty sure she will turn up again after about five to seven years.”

In case you wondering, I meant what I said. She.

“Please find him.” She said emphasizing the word him.

“Bye, mom,” I said before hanging up.


I had been standing, knocking on Elizabeth’s door for the past ten minutes and no one answered.

I tried forgetting the fact that Erik came to visit her but I couldn’t. The thought of something bad happening to her sent a chill down my spine. I wanted to make sure she was alright even if I’m the last persons she wanted to see.

“Can I help you, sir,” A security guard said.

Security guards walked through every corridor every thirty minutes. They really do prioritize the safety of their residents.

“Is the lady who lives here at 10A at home?” I asked.

“No, she left three days ago.” He said.

“What do you mean she left?”

“Her father came to pick her up. She had a big bag and everything. She said she wasn’t coming back.”

“Did she happen to say where she was going?”

“No sir,” He said.

“Thanks for the help,” I said.

If I hadn’t lost her the, I surely had now. I walked back to my car downhearted. It felt like my whole universe was crumbling before me and all I could do is watch.

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, I received yet again another phone call. It was from my home landline.

“Sir, something terrible happened,” Susan said frantically in her usual Italian accent (which I’m still having a hard time understanding).

“What?” I said defeatedly.

“Laura found Dion laying under the stairs, she fell. We called the ambulance as soon as we could.”

“Calm down, what hospital is she in?”

“Cal-way east side. The one you have membership in.” She said.

I hung up then ran as fast as I could to my car. “This can’t be happening,” I muttered.

With all that’s happened, I couldn’t bear to lose my child. I wouldn’t be able to handle it.


I was sitting in the waiting room with my shirt untucked, tie loosened and possibly messy hair. Mara was sitting beside me with two cups of coffee in hand, one of which I refused to drink.

My mother was on her way but currently stuck in traffic.

All I knew was that Dion was in a critical condition. All the doctor said was we were lucky they brought her in on time. I kept praying that they both made it out alive.

“I’m sure they will be both fine,” Mara said placing her hand on my shoulder.


The doctor walked in ten minutes later with a nurse beside him. We immediately stood up from our seats as if they were about to announce the world cup finals.

“How is she, doctor?” I asked.

“She’s fine. She’s out of danger. I’m sure she’ll be awake in a couple of hours.”

“How is the baby?”

The doctor and the nurse looked at each other puzzled.

“There is no baby sir,” He said.

I sat down defeatedly.

“I’m sorry about your baby Charles,” Mara said.

“No,” The doctor interrupted. “There is no baby. We ran multiple tests and there was no pregn.ancy or any evidence of a misc.arriage.”

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