?Married To A Billionaire?
(The Billionaire Wife)

Episode 35

????Written by Authoress Quinny ????

?Elizabeth pov?

Two weeks later

Here I was sitting on the bed thinking of all the circumstances in my life that lead me to this exact moment. I couldn’t believe how pathetic I sounded. Thinking and worrying of a guy who couldn’t care any less about me. I had to get up and move on, I couldn’t live like this anymore. It’s not like I was the first.

Today was the start of my new life. A life where I no longer cared nor ever allow anyone to control my life. I couldn’t keep blaming them, I should have done something from the start. Now I have to live with the consequences.

Last week I finally picked myself up and had the guts to go to Charles’s house and collect a few of my things, one of which includes my car. It’s not like I’m the one who did something wrong. I didn’t want to take much since I practically sneaked into his house. Besides, most of the things I wore were brought by him.

I stood up, put on my bath rode then walked to the bathroom. Every step felt a lot harder than it should, I felt I was about to collapse.

I stood in front of the mirror for a minute looking at my reflection. I had bags under my eyes for some reason considering sleeping is the only thing I’ve been doing. My hair looked like a giant nest due to not being brushed for the past ten days. My face was pale while my cheeks were a bright red. How far had I fallen!

I took a quick shower then put on the best dress I had which was not one from many options since I left most of my clothes at him who shall not be mentioned. I needed to look good for myself, give myself a reason to move on.

I rushed into the kitchen and made myself some toast. I was starving. I didn’t have much food options since I hadn’t done any grocery shopping yet. I texted Mary earlier on my death bed to pick me up later for grocery shopping. After eating I washed the dishes and placed them into the cupboard.

I took my handbag and some documents that I asked Michael to bring over and to my surprise, he didn’t make any remarks. I didn’t let him inside the house though, I couldn’t bear for anyone to see me in the state I was in, not even Mary.

The drive there was about twenty minutes. Mary had texted me a few places where they were employing people and one of those places just happened to be in need of a manager. It was a well known five-star rating restaurant. For the prestige, I’ve heard it was a place were the famous dined. I’ve driven past it before but I’ve never been one for a fancy dinner and a huge bill to pay after, besides I’d probably never been able to afford it.

I parked my car in the parking lot, even the air there smelt different. I took a deep breath then walked to the front desk were I was welcomed by the receptionist.

“Please have a seat, Mr Wilson will be here shortly.” She gave me another welcoming smile before returning to the front desk.

I did as she had suggested, I waited. After about twenty minutes of continuously taping my feet and looking at my watch every ten seconds, a man walked in. I imagined he was the boss by the way he was elegantly dressed in a navy blue suit and shoes that were probably wealth more than everything in my apartment combined, not that I had anything valuable in there anyway.

I stood up then lowed my dress, making sure it was well-positioned. I watched as he walked towards me. With every step that he took, I was reminded of his presence. A cold shiver runs down my spine.

I was nervous, maybe because I knew a lot was at stake. I needed this job, I didn’t know how long I could survive without an income. I was lucky enough I had a place to stay.

As he stood in front of me I reached out my hand, as did he. We shook hands for no longer than ten seconds, he could probably tell I was nervous by the way I pulled my hand away almost immediately after I shock it.

“You must be Mr Wilson,” I said.

“Yes, my partner will be here any minute, please follow me.” He said, he looked me straight in the eye. I couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated.

I followed him to his office.

His office was bigger than my bedroom, its walls were painted in white. It had a desk in the centre a couple of inches away from the window which gave a view of a few other restaurants. On the sides were bookshelves full of business books and a few folders.

He gestured me a seat as he sat in his own. I sat down then opened my handbag to hand him a folder with some documents which included my CV.

I’ve never been a manager but I defiantly had enough work experience to work as one.

He started going through my documents, he didn’t have any emotion written on his face, just the usual straight-serious business face. He was a man hard to read.

As he opens his mouth to speak the door opened. He stood up from his seat then formed a smile on his face.

“Welcome,” He said. I became more alarmed. I looked down on my lap then started fidgeting with my fingers.

“Mrs Jane, this is my partner Mr Greene.”

At the mention of that name, I turned around quickly nearly snapping my neck.

It was him, Charles a-hole Greene was standing in front of me. I sat there for a while trying to comprehend what just happened. Our eyes met as I glared at him, I couldn’t help but think he was challenging me by the expression on his face.

Without saying a word, I stood up, grabbed my documents on the table then walked out.

Was there a place he didn’t own, I should have seen this coming.

I walked out of the building as fast as my short legs could take me.

I opened the car door with all my might and banged it closed. I placed my head on the steering wheel giving myself a moment to catch my breath.

I pulled out of the parking lot then drove home, this time a little faster. My day had only just begun and I was already sick of it, today just wasn’t my day. I’d try again for another job tomorrow.

I parked my car in the garage located on the first floor of the building. As I walked i felt a sudden migraine. I felt I was about to collapse. I started taking deep breaths to calm myself down. My vision was starting to blur.

I throw myself onto the couch then felt my body relax. It must have been the stress.

I took my phone out of my handbag, a message from Mary popped up on my screen.

‘Can’t make it, sorry. Something came up.’


I messaged her earlier asking if she could come along for glossary shopping. I can’t say I was disappointed my body wasn’t in the mood for shopping not to mention walking. Lately, I’m always tired, emotionally too.

I heard a soft continuous knock on the door which was starting to get louder and louder, and annoying. I lifted my head a little looking at the door then throw my head back on the couch. The knock continued, this time louder and more demanding. This person didn’t seem as if they were leaving anytime soon as I had hoped.

I lifted my upper body first then played my feet on the floor. I stood up then walked to the door slowly taking my time and nearly falling over a couple of times.

I unlocked the door and swang the door open to find a smirking Michael.

I’m starting to think that smirking is the Greene’s signature look.

He had a plastic bag in his hand as well as a pizza box in the other.

“I brought pizza,”

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