?Married To A Billionaire?
(The Billionaire Wife)


????Written by Authoress Quinny ????

?Charles pov?

I was staring at the TV screen watching the Rugby match. On the opposite cough was Vincent holding a beer in his hand.

“So how are things between you and Sandie?” He suddenly asked bringing me out of my thoughts.

“What?” I asked, “Oh,” I said suddenly realizing what he had just asked.

“We’re on a break,” I answered. “But I don’t think we’re ever getting back together,” I say.

“Why not, you two were good together. What went wrong?” He asked taking a sip of his beer.

“It wasn’t fair to her, I’m still in love with Elizabeth. It wasn’t fair that I continued to be with her even though I knew I couldn’t love her as she deserved.”

“She must have been devastated.”

“No, she understood when I told her. Besides, we both agreed. We had nothing in common. We both realized that we wanted different things and different goals.”

He chunked.

“What?” I asked.

“You have goals?” He said sarcastically.

I shook my head at him ignoring his question.

My attention was diverted else by the loud knock on the door. It was one of those knocks that demanded your attention or forced a child into hiding.

I walked to the door annoyed.

As I opened the door, I saw a very derived looking Nickolas running his hands through his hair. He was pacing up and down the doorway.

As soon as he noticed my presence he pushed his way past me entering the house, without saying as much as a “Hi,” or “Morning”, not even the sarcastic ones he usually says.

I followed as we walked into the living room. He sat on the couch then clenched onto his hair.

Vincent and I looked at him eyebrow raised.

“What are you…” Before I could finish I was interrupted.

“Elizabeth is missing.” he suddenly spoke.

“What?” I said.

“She left around four p.m. yesterday. She was going to her grandmother’s house. I’ve tried calling her but she’s not answering, her grandmother said she never arrived.”

“Are you sure she is simply didn’t run away again?” Vince suggested.

“No one asked for your opinion,” Nick said his voice sounded like he was about to have a break down any moment.

As idi0tic Vince sounded I admit he might have a point, however, I had this feeling in my gut that I couldn’t shake. Something was wrong. Suddenly the thought of Erik holding Elizabeth captivated appeared in my mind.

“I’m sure you’ll find her,” I said.


By 18:00 everyone was pacing up and down in my living room. They all seemed to think that I had a clue as to where Elizabeth was.

We had contacted police stations as well as some of her friends but no one seemed to know where she was.

Mom was sitting on the couch while Dad and Michael tried to calm her down. We didn’t need her blood pressure going any higher. Although I still quite don’t understand why this was affecting her this much or why she was attached to her, two weeks ago mom didn’t care whether Elizabeth was breathing or not.

Mr Jane was on the phone with a few private investigators.

I still couldn’t shake the thought of Erik having something to do with this out of my mind.

“Wait, turn on the volume,” Nick said.

We all turned our focus onto the TV as Michael increased the volume.

“Last night, there was a car accident on Vortray road. A CTV video was recorded of the incident.”

“That’s Elizabeth’s car,” Nick said staring at the TV screen.

“Further investigations are still being made about the truck driver, no arrest has been made yet. No information has been disclosed about the victim.”

Mrs Jane fell to her and knees as she heard the news.

“She’ll be all right,” Michael tried to assure her. “It could be someone else,” he said.

I rushed to the phone to call the traffic police, they should know where she is.

“Hi, I am calling to ask about a friend of mine, she was in a car accident in Vortray road last night,” I said.

The guy on the other line stayed quiet for a while as if he hadn’t heard my question.

“Oh,” he said. “My supervisor isn’t here right now to tell you the details. We’ll call you in about thirty minutes to give you the information,” he said.

Before I could say anything else the call was cut.

I slammed my first into the wall in anger.

Thirty minutes? How can someone possibly be this useless? I didn’t have thirty minutes.

This left us no other choice but to contact all local hospitals ourselves. We phoned to ask them but no one matched Elizabeth’s description.

“Maybe you should try the mortuary,” Laura my housemate suggested.

She immediately walked out of the room by the way I glared at her, she was a word away from being fired.

I heard my cell phone ring, I picked it up.

My body felt numb, all the life I had in me was drained.

I looked at the caller ID to see that it was an unknown number. I answered the call hoping it would be the traffic police.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi is this Charles?” My blood began boiling at the sound of that voice. I recognized it the moment I heard it.


“What do you want?” I said coldly.

“It’s Elizabeth she’s at Calvary hospital,” he said.

“I’m on my way,” I say before hanging up.

As much as I hated him I love Elizabeth more.

“She is at Calvary hospital!” I announced.

I grabbed my jacket and car keys, Nick and Michael racing behind me.

Nick, dad and I were in the same car while Michael the others drove the other cars.

I speed down the road convinced I was getting a speeding ticket.

I barged into the hospital doors, everyone turning their attention towards me as I speed-walked into the waiting room where the nurse said we should wait.

Just as we arrived, Erik had already finished having a conversation with the doctor. He was now running his hand through his hair nervously.

“How is she?” I asked.

“She’s in a coma, they don’t know when she will wake up.” He replied.

I turned to look at Nick, he nodded at me.

I exhaled deeply.

I raised my fist and punched Erik in the face.

“That’s for last time,” I said.

Just as I was about to punch him again Dad stopped me. “That’s enough,” he said. “Elizabeth is in a critical state right now, this is the last thing you should be doing. Besides I don’t think you want to get kicked out of the hospital” he said.

“Get out!” I yelled at Erik.

“What?” he said.

“I said I want you to get the F**k out of here,” I repeated.

“I’m not here for you I’m here for Elizabeth,” he said.

“If you don’t get out of here I’ll call the police and they can escort you out,” I said

“You know what they do to the s@distic btches like you in prison. I’ll give you a hint it involves you and some hairy fat guy.” Nick smirked.

Erik looked at us defeatedly, he picked up his jacket from the bench.

“How is it that you were the first to know where she was?” I asked.

“I was listed as her emergency contact,” he said looking down at his feet before he walked away.

He looked so sad and pathetic I almost felt sorry for him.



An hour later the whole family was at the hospital. They still hadn’t updated us with any information.

Suddenly the doctor came with the nurse walking along with him.

“Elizabeth Greene,” he said.

We all stood up.

“How is she?” Mrs Jane asked.

“She’s in a very critical state, her body isn’t responding and the baby’s heartbeat is getting faint. It’s a miracle that they both still alive. We need to put her in surgery,” he said.

“Okay, what are you waiting for then?” I asked.

“There’s a catch, by the way, things are you might have to choose between her or the baby or we could lose them both,” he said.

“Go on with the operation,” I yelled. “Elizabeth is the only one that matters,” I say.

The doctor nodded at me downheartedly, “You have to sign some paperwork first, to give us the permission to go on with the surgery,” he said before walking out.

“She’s the only one that matters?” mom said punching me on my left arm.

“Aw,” I say leaning away from her. She might be old, but she can punch.

“You didn’t even try to consider this!”

What is there to consider? She could always have children later.

“I’m sorry if I’m being selfish right now but that’s just how things are,” I said.

“So you would let your child die just like that without even giving a thought about it?”

“What?,” I said.

“She’s carrying your child,” Nick said.

For a moment it was as if the world stopped. All that has happened finally made sense to me, why mom was suddenly so nice to her and why she invited her to give her some of our baby clothes, clothes she swore would only go to our children.

“But… She” I said gibbering in between the sentence.

“She lied, she wanted to tell you but she never got the chance,” Nick said.

My legs felt weak, I took a seat in devastation.

Not long after the doctor came back walking in with a few papers in his hand.

“Here you go,” He said handing me the papers and pen.

“You’re the husband right?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said.

I stared at the papers for a while as I zoomed out.

As I signed the papers I felt like I was signing a death penalty for my unborn child knowing that I will never be able to hold him or her or tell them bedtime stories or any of the things good parents do.

I also knew I didn’t have any other option, I couldn’t be selfish.

No one dared utter a single word after that.


Five hours later we still hadn’t received any news, just the expressions of anxious doctors running up and down.

I insisted that the others went home, I was left alone in the hospital with Nick who insisted to stay.

It wasn’t a healthy environment (mentally) for mom to be in.

I promised her that I would call if anything came up.

Only at 8 p.m. had we finally received some news.

“How are they, doctor,” I asked.

“Congratulations you have a baby girl,” the doctor said. “You’ll be able to see her soon we just running some tests to make sure she’s healthy. Premature babies are sensitive.”

I exhaled deeply in relief, I was a father this was the happiest day of my life, but somehow I wasn’t as excited because I didn’t know how Elizabeth was doing or if she made it too.

“But?” Nick said as if he sensed the bad news in his tone.

The doctor’s smile faded, “Your wife is in a coma, she’s not responding. We are doing the best we can.” he said.

I should have known when life gives you one thing it takes away the other.


“You can go in,” the doctor said.

I’d been looking at her through the glass window.

Mom, Mrs Jane, Nick and Michael were standing beside me.

I walked inside the room, my fingers began to shake. I was going to meet my baby for the first time.

She was in her crib, I stood still for a moment studying her features. She had Elizabeth’s ocean blue eyes. Just by the sparkle her eyes I could tell it wasn’t going to be easy, her eyes held so much mischief in them. She had my nose. I took her small hand and unravel her fist.

“You can hold her,” the doctor said.

“She’s so little, I don’t want to hurt her,” I said.

“Come on I’ll help you,” Mrs Jane said.

She helped position her in my arms. As I held her she smiled at me revealing her dimples.

“She’s so cute,” mom said.

Michael moved in close to me.

“She’s never have a boyfriend,” Nick said.

“I’ll teach her how to say fk the moment her teeth start growing,” Michael said.

He definitely knows how to ruin a moment.

Mom hit Michael at the back of his head.

I continued to stare at her as she wobbled in my arms.

My little Ellie

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