(They are cr@zy ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 1 episode 20


Throughout the ride we didn’t say a word. I knew he was boiling with anger and I actually for the first time regretted meeting Kuc at all.

I knew quite well this night wouldn’t go well at all. I just have to be calm, I am actually at fault this time.

If he didn’t leave on time, we would have lost that contract.

And to be honest, I was actually enjoying the conversation, not until he barged in uninvited. I really need to speak sense into that boy’s head.

He shouldn’t even try doing anything stupid this two months, or I will strangle him myself.

We got to the house and Harry rode in with great speed showing he was really mad.

He parked the car garage and stopped the engine. He opened the door and stormed into the house.

Oh God, this is going to be so hard. I came down from the car and walked in the house so scared. I have never seen his this angry.

And I know it was all my fault. I am so scared, for the very first time.

I opened the door and walked in breathing hard. I got to the living room and I saw Harry standing in the middle of the living room.

“Harry.” I called fearfully.

“What was the meaning of that!” He smacked making me jump.

“Harry I am sorry. I….” I stammered.

“Who is he!” He yelled.

“My… My… College lover.” I stammered bowing.

“So you told him right?” He added again.

“No, I swear I didn’t.” I replied looking into his eyes.

“Then what nonsense was he talking about there! We almost lost that contract Sarah!” He yelled.

“I am sorry. I admit he was stupid for doing that. Please, i am sorry.” I said.

“He was the friend right? The one you went to see?” He asked walking close to me.

“Harry….” I called.

“Is he?!” He yelled.

“Yes.” I replied bowing.

“You love him right?” He asked again.

“Harry please.” I said looking at him.

He clenched his jaw and wanted to talk but he stopped. He sighed heavily brushing his hair to the back in anger.

“Whatever you have with him, end it all.” He said before walking away.

I sighed and walked to the room too. I don’t love Kuc, but right now I can’t defend myself.

He stood before the mirror removing his cloth while I walked to my closet to change too. I was in the mood for any talks.

So I removed my gown right there leaving me in my under wear. I removed my br@ and took my night gown to wear it.

I looked back and I saw him staring at me. I looked away and walked to the bed. My mood was ruined already and I hated Kuc for what he did.

He walked to the bed and laid on it facing the other side while I faced his back. I stared at his back when I noticed he had tattoos all over his back.

It looked so beautiful and I was tempted to touch it, but I cautioned myself. He could hit me real bad if I tried it.

I turned to face the other side where my closet was and closed my eyes allowing nature take over.


“Mother it is Saturday!! Come take me to Sarah’s house!!” I yelled waking sleepy mother up.

“Bryan it is too early.” She said stretching and yawning.

“No mother. It is 8am already, my alarm told me that!! Come on…” I said pulling her hand.

“Fine! You are so troublesome, can’t wait to leave you with Sarah.” She said standing up tiredly.

I had removed my night clothes already and I was already in my short blue towels.
Mother and I walked to the bathroom so she could bath for me.

I stood under the shower as she scrubbed my body. I kept giggling as she did.
“Bryan be serious for once.” She said smiling.

“It tickles.” I said laughing out this time.

I was done with bathing and I walked out of the bathroom and rushed to my closet. I began to search my closet for my best outfit but I couldn’t find it.

“Mother where is the suit you bought for my nursery graduation?” I asked feeling frustrated already.

“I kept it for you. Why?” She asked.

“I want to wear it mother. Give it to me.” I said walking to her.

“Wear it? To where? Sarah’s?” She said looking at me like I had gone cr@zy.
“Yes! I need to impressive Piper.” I said.

“Piper, the little beautiful girl?” She asked.
“You can say that again.” I said winking.

“Bryan am so tired of you. You ain’t wearing your graduation suit.” She said and I felt tears heat my eyes immediately.

“Please mother.” I mumbled.

“How sure are you that she will be there? She isn’t living with them.” She added.

“I know but I can tell Sarah to call her for me, Or Harry? Or I call her myself.” I said.
“Bryan….” She said.

“Please mother. I will save to get another one.” I said with a pleading face.
“Fine.” She replied sighing and I jumped immediately.

“Yes!!” I yelled happily while mother nodded her head in disbelieve.

I dried my body my towel while mother brought out my new suit and placed it on the bed.

She wore it for me including my red bow tie. I stood in front of the mirror posturing like I was a model.

“How do I look mother?” I asked.

“Handsome son.” She replied kssing my head.

“Let’s go rock that place baby!” I yelled walking out of the room. I could feel mother staring at me and of course I ignored.

I am unbelievable right??



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