(They are cr@zy ?)

Written by : Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 1 episode 19


I drove into my favorite restaurant to clear my head. Sarah couldn’t stop appearing in my head. I even began to dream about her.

I know she loves me but she doesn’t want to admit it. Though I am yet to know her husband, I know quite well she doesn’t love him.

I got to the restaurant and walked in feeling so deep in thoughts. I sat at the corner where anyone could hardly sight me.

I waved to a waiter and ordered some whiskey. I sighed looking around the restaurant when I heard a very familiar voice in my ear.

“Sarah?” I mumbled as I saw her sitting on a table not quite far from where i was.

She was discussing with some people and I noticed she was sitting close to a young handsome and familiar man.

They looked so happy as they kept chatting,and they laughed at what she said.

Suddenly I saw the familiar man’s hand wrap around her waist and I felt so angry.
She then placed her head on his shoulders giggling.

“So she really deceived me. Look at how happy she is in his arms.”

“No one needed to tell me that, that was her husband.”

The waiter brought the whiskey and in annoyance I gulped it down at once.
“I need more.” I said stretching the cup to him.

He nodded and moved away, I couldn’t get my eyes away from Sarah. She looks so gorgeous.

She isn’t supposed to be looking like that in front of any man except me. I can’t let him take away my happiness.

The waiter came back with another cup of whiskey, and I also gulped all as I had done before.

I then stood up walking to where they were, still in my right senses.

“So how is it to be married?” I heard a mam ask. He looked older than all of them seated.

“It is awesome when you really love your partner.” I replied and they all shifted their faces to me.

I saw shock on Sarah’s face and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Who is this?” The olderly man asked.

I was about answering when Sarah spoke up.

“He is nobody. Sorry for this.” She said standing up and moving close to me.
She stood in front of me and I stared at her in much love.

“Kuc what are you doing here?” She asked pulling me away from the table.

“That is him right? Your husband.” I said staring at the young man that wrapped his hand around her waist.

“Kuc please you need to leave us alone. I beg you in the name of God.” She said.
“Sarah you said you love me.” I said holding her hand.

“Kuc please don’t start, don’t even.” She said sighing heavily.
“Was that just to make me happy?” I said trying not to break down.


We all watched the scenario happening between Sarah and that guy.
“I am so sorry Mr Bruce.” I said smiling.

“Its okay.” He replied.

I stood up and walked to where they were. He looked at me and I saw he became angry.

“Hi, sorry I will be needing my wife now.” I said drawing her to myself by the waist.

“Oh really? Your wife my foot.” He said and I was shocked.

Does he know this wedding is fake.

I stared at Sarah in anger. So she actually told him.

“It is not what you think Harry.” She said holding my hand.

“Oh so you are the Harry Wick.” He added again.

“Kuc that’s enough! Get out!” Sarah yelled angrily and I saw the shock on his face.
“Get out! You heard her.” I smacked.

“I will because of Sarah, but I swear I will come back for you Sarah.” He said and stormed out of the restaurant.

“I am sorry Harry.” She said avoiding my eyes.

“We will trash this out at home.” I said coldly walking back to my seat.

“Is everything okay?” Mr Bruce asked.
“Yes sure, it was just a nuisance.” I replied smiling.

“Okay. The last question.” Mr Bruce said grinning.
“We are ready.” Sarah said and I nodded still remembering what happened just now.

“When last did you have s*x?” He asked and our mouths dropped open.
“S*x!” We both exclaimed in shock.

“Well we had s*x yesterday.” The other couples that were also competing said happily.

“Wow that is a plus for you.” Bruce said looking at them.

“Actually for us, we still had it before coming.” Sarah said and I looked at her in shock.

“Woah! Didn’t see that coming.” Mr Bruce said giggling.

“Yes we did. But do we really need this kind of conversion.” I asked feeling irritated.

“Yes Mr Harry. We need to know your personal life well before entrusting this kind of contract to you. This is a contract not only you can handle, that is why you have to be married. A trusted woman advice is also needed.” Mr Bruce explained.

“Yes that is true.” The other woman said while Sarah and I shoot her a disgusting look.

“I think that will be enough for today. We will be calling another meeting for when necessary.” Mr Bruce said packing the documents in front of him.

“Okay Sir, thank you so much.” I said giving him a handshake and the other man did the same.

“Take care of your wives. We meet here another time.” He said walking out. The other couples looked at us in disgust before walking out.

Immediately they left, I looked at Sarah and everything that nuisance did came rushing to my head.

“Meet me in the car.” I said and walked out of the restaurant fuming in anger already.

She will have to give me a reasonable explanation or this won’t be funny at all.

I sat in the drivers seat hitting my steering in impatience. Then Sarah came out of the restaurant, the outside was dark already but I could see her due to the light from the restaurant.

She looked elegant as she walked to the car, and I used that opportunity to admire her once again. She really is beautiful and curvy.

She got to the car and sat in. I ignited the engine and zoomed out of the compound.

“Harry….” She called but I cut her off.

“We trash this out when we get home.” I said in a hoarse voice making her keep shut.

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