(They are cr@zy ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 1 episode 12


I sat on the tiles in my living room waiting for Sarah’s reply. Sarah please don’t do this to me, I have been waiting for your reply since yesterday night.

I took the Hennessey that I have been drinking since yesterday and took another gulp. My face was stained with tears.

“I love you so much.” I mumbled grizzling.

I took my phone that has been on since yesterday checking the screen. I then looked at her contact.

I dialed it, and placed it on my ear weakly. Please pick up, you should have been awake by now.

I have been calling her since yesterday, but she didn’t pick up. Is she that mad at me?

It began to ring and I kept sobbing as it did. Luckily for me, she picked up the call.

? Sarah

? Kuc, why are you sounding like this? Are you okay?

? I am not Sarah, I am not okay *weeping*

? I saw your number under my missed calls this morning, I couldn’t pick up cos I was asleep.

? Sarah come back to me, i will kill myself if you don’t.

? Kuc please stop talking like this. Where are you?

? I am at home.

? Okay, I will be there soon and we will talk things out. Please don’t do anything stupid.

I nodded and my phone dropped from my ear. I tried standing up but I was feeling groggy.

I fell back to the floor and threw up right there on the tiles.

“Sarah please, I am dying.” I mumbled weeping again.


I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath. Kuc didn’t sound okay at all, I hope he doesn’t hurt himself before I get there.

In no time, I was done with bathing. I walked into the room in only towels ignoring Harry who was preparing for work.

“And where are you going?” He asked looking at me.

“I need to see a friend.” I replied looking for a cloth to wear.

“A boy or a girl?” He asked and I felt angry arose in me.

“What is your business about that!” I smacked feeling he was trying to monitor me.

“It is my business because you are my wife!” He yelled back.

“Fake you remember! Fake! Where I am going shouldn’t be your business, we talk about that last night.” I said picking a yellow moderate gown and walking to the bathroom.

I quickly wore my clothes and when I was out I couldn’t find Harry in the house anymore. I hissed and picked up my bag and car keys before rushing out.

I got to my car and zoomed off to Kuc’s house, praying he doesn’t do anything stupid to himself.

I got to his house and rode into his compound, I ran into his house and met him on the floor looking messed up.

Everywhere smelt of alcohol.

I ran to where he sat and he raised his head weakly to look at me.

“Kuc what is the meaning of all these?” I asked pitifully.

“Sarah!” He called hugging me so tight. He smelt of concentrated alcohol.

“Kuc you shouldn’t do this to yourself.” I said releasing myself as I looked around the living room. There were vomits all around.

“Sarah you know how much I love you. Why did you marry him?” He asked in tears.

“Kuc please let’s talk about this later, I need to clean this place first. And also get you cleaned.” I said staring at him.

His eyes were swollen and I knew he had been crying for a very long time. I am so sorry Kuc, I didn’t mean to.

I stood up from his presence and tried pulling him up, but he was so heavy.

“Kuc please make this easy for me.” I said and he tried standing up too.

He was finally up but he was so weak, I couldn’t let go of him.

“Where is your room Kuc.” I asked looking around the house.

“Sarah, you love me too right. You don’t love him.” He said looking into my face.

“Kuc please! Where is your room?” I asked trying not to burst into tears. I hated the way he looked.

“Let me go Sarah, if you don’t tell me you love me, then you can just go. Leave me to die.” He said releasing himself from me.

Immediately he did, he landed on the floor and hit his head on the tiles.

“Kuc!” I yelled kneeling close to him. Blood was beginning to stain the floor already.

“Sarah go! If you can’t love me, there is no reason to live.” He said pushing me away.

I looked at him and tears dropped down my eyes. If not for father all this wouldn’t happen.

“Sarah, just tell him I love you. He is drunk, he won’t remember the next day.” My brain told me.

“Kuc, I love you. Please let me take you to the hospital.” I said in tears.

“You love me? No you don’t, you are just saying this to make me happy.” He said still weeping.

“I do Kuc! Please stop all these drama!” I yelled.

“Kss me Sarah, if you know you truly love me kss me.” He said and my heart skipped.

To be honest, I don’t love Kuc. Truly he is sweet and handsome, after college, that he left me. I forgot all about him, I haven’t been able to bring myself to love any man, not even him.

“I knew you were just deceiving me.” He added with blood still dripping from his head.

“Sarah, it is nothing. Just to save him, moreover he is drunk.” I thought.

I bent to meet his face and placed my lips on his. I could perceive alcohol from his mouth.

I quickly removed my lips from his breathing hard.

“Now stop all these drama, and let me take you to the hospital.” I said and I saw his eyes close.

“Kuc!” I yelled quickly lifting him up.

“Please don’t do this! I will get you to the hospital now!” I said lifting him up with all my strength as tears rolled down my eyes freely.

Though I don’t love him, I don’t want him to die. He is so sweet to die.

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