(They are cr@zy?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 1 episode 13


“Make sure you reschedule it, I will be having a meeting that time.” I said to my secretary.

“Okay Sir.” She nodded and walked out.

I faced the documents on my table trying to sort them out, when my office door opened.

I kept my head down thinking it was my secretary, until I heard Max’s voice.

“Hey dude.” He said sitting in front of me.

“Hey Max.” I said smiling at him.

“Wow so you can smile at me after all the drama that happened in your house.” He said grinning.

“Come off it Max, you know me well.” I said giggling.

“Actually, I had some nasty stomach pains, so I quickly rushed to the hospital.

Guess who i met there.” He said and I rolled my eyes.
“Your Ex.” I said grinning.

“Don’t be a fool Harry. I saw Sarah.” He said and my heart leaped as i heard her name.

“What? Sarah? What is wrong with her?” I asked feeling scared already.

“Chill dude. You seem so concerned.” He said furrowing his brows.

“Ahh.. No, I am not. You know we are together now, if anything goes wrong with her it will surely affect me.” I said coldly.

“Whatever. She is fine, she just rushed a guy there.” He replied sipping my coffee.
“A guy? Who is the guy?” I asked angrily.

“I don’t know, but he looked like he was so wounded and she was weeping seriously. I guess she loves him so much.” He said sipping the coffee.

“You know if that you weren’t my friend and you were just an ordinary P.A. I would have poured that coffee on your head.” I said feeling so annoyed.

“Come on Harry, what is making you vexed. The fact that i am drinking your coffer, or the fact that your wife is so over another man.” He said dropping the coffee.

“The two!” I smacked.

“Why the two. It is not like you like her.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Me not liking her doesn’t mean she can go around with any man. We are still married, after the two months, she can go ahead to do whatever she wants.” I said.

“Well I guess you can iron out that at home. Hope you are not planning to go there, because I know you quite well.” He said.

“I can leave my work place because of that thing. We will talk at home, thanks.” I replied going through the documents.

Tho, inside me I was burning in anger.


I sat beside Kuc feeling so sad. I took in hand in mine staring at his face as he slept. The doctor was at the other side of the bed checking him.

“He will be fine Miss Sarah, he just nerds adequate rest.” The doctor said standing up right.

“Thank you so much, but when will he be discharged?” I asked.

“After a day or two, he should be perfectly okay.” He replied smiling.

“Okay doctor, thank you so much.” I replied nodding.

He walked out of the ward leaving me with the nurse.

“Miss Sharon, I think you need to rest now. You have been here since morning, and it is 7pm already.” She said looking really concerned.

“Yes, but I can’t just leave him this way.” I replied sadly.

“Don’t worry Ma’am, I will take perfect care of you. You can go and come back tomorrow.” She replied smiling.

“Okay. Thank you so much.” I said after thinking about what she said.

I stood up looking at his face for the last time before walking out of the ward.

I walked out of the hospital feeling so stressed out. I even forgot totally about Harry, I was so concerned about Kuc.

I hopped into my car, and ignited the engine heading home.

I then remembered I had to talk to Father about kuc’s condition. I picked up my phone I left in the car to call him.

I switched it on and I was shocked to see 10 missed calls from Harry.
“Why did he call me?”

I ignored his call and went ahead to dial father’s number. It began to ring, and he picked up on the third ring.

? Sarah

? Hi Dad.

? How are you?

? Am tired.

? What’s wrong? Harry gave you some hectic job?

? No not that, it is about Kuc.

? What’s up with him?

? He had a domestic accident, and he may not be able to show up at the office for some days.

? What! No wonder he wasn’t at the office today. How is he now?

? Better, just coming back from the hospital. I have been there since morning.

? Since morning? And Harry was okay with that?

? I don’t care if he isn’t father. I will hung up now, goodnight.

I hung up and threw my phone on the chair. I zoomed into the silent compound and parked the car properly before getting down.

I carried my bag and phone along with me. I got to the door and I suddenly felt a little scared. I turned the knob and I saw the door wasn’t locked.

I summoned courage and walked into the house. The lights in the living room where off, so I walked to the stairs heading fot the bedroom.

“Where do you think you are going?” I heard a familiar hoarse voice behind me.

I rolled my eyes knowing very well it was Harry. The lights came on and I turned to see him behind me fuming in anger.

He wore a white round neck top and a short, his hair was brushed to the back neatly and beautifully.

“Are you dumb?” He smacked.

“Harry please, I am so not ready for this. I am tired and I need to rest.” I said moving to turn away but he held me back by my wrist.

“Don’t you dare walk out on me! I called you ten times and all you had to do is ignore my calls! Because of a man?” He yelled.

“You are hurting me.” I mumbled in pains as tears rolled down my cheeks. His grip so very firm on my wrist, that I felt it will fall off any moment.

“Answer me!!” He yelled again making me flinch.

“Please let me go.” I said again bursting into more tears.

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