(They are cr@zy?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 1 episode 14


As soon as she began to weep I couldn’t take it anymore, she looked so innocent and gentle as she did.

I released her hand gently staring at her. Once her hand was off, she looked at me angrily before storming away.

“Sarah.” I called but she didn’t answer me.

I sighed holding my head.

“What is wrong with me?”
“Why am I so wicked?”

And for the very first time, I am feeling bad for what I have done and that has never happened,except for Piper.

I walked to our room feeling like a coward. I have never hurt a woman in my life and I just did, to the extent of making her cry.

I saw laying on the bed and weeping silently.
“Sarah.” I called again walking close to her.

“Don’t touch me.” She mumbled in tears.

“I…I..I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I said sitting beside her.

“It is not your fault! It is my fault for agreeing to marry you. These fee days has been h*ell for me!” She yelled.

“Sarah I know and that is why I am saying sorry.” I said feeling angry already.

“You know what. Excuse me, I want to sleep.” She said standing up from the bed.

“Where are you going to?” I asked watching her. She took a marker from her bag and went to where she sketch the calendar, and crossed out the day.
She came back and laid on the bed closing her eyes.

I wanted to call her again but I stood up instead. She even made me say the word I have never said before “Sorry”.

I walked out of the room and went to the other room to lay my head. I can’t sleep with her on the same bed for now.

I laid on the bed with my phone doing some stuffs in it. I wasn’t feeling sleepy at all, what happened was still very well in my mind.

I never knew she could cry, but I actually did make her cry.

“You said you were going to ignore, why are you now so worked up?” My mind said.

“Yes, i don’t know. It is kinda hard seeing your wife is so concerned about another man not you.” I mumbled.

“Fake wife, not your real wife.” It came again.

“Whether fake or not…. Whatever!” I said switching off my phone and closing my eyes for a good night rest.

I felt my stomach grumble, then it dawned to me that I had not eaten dinner. I tried ignoring it but it kept grumbling.

I got up from the bed and headed to the kitchen. I got to the living room and I saw a ray of light from the kitchen.

“Is somebody in there?”

I walked to the kitchen and then I saw Sarah in front of the fridge. She was already in her for ever s*xy night gown.

It was transparent, so I could see her th!ghs under the light from the fridge. I stood in the dark staring at her.

She took out a pizza and a yoghurt from the fridge and placed them on the cabinet.

My stomach grumbled loudly again making her jump in fright. She looked in the darkness looking so scared.

I moved out of the darkness and walked into the kitchen with a straight face. She stared at me for some time before looking away.

“I was hungry, I will replace it in the morning.” She said walking away with the pizza and yoghurt.

I sighed and checked the fridge, I took the same thing she took and moved to the dining table to devour it.


I opened my eyes slowly staring blankly at the ceiling. I tried recollecting how the ceiling of my room was when I heard a lady speak beside me.

“Good morning Mr Kuc.” She said and I turned to see a nurse beside me.

“Good morning.” I said looking confused.

“Are you feeling any pains in your head?” She asked touching my head gently, before I knew I had a bandage around my head.

“No i don’t.” I said trying to remember why I am in the hospital.

After some minutes of silence I remembered virtually everything that happened when Sarah came to see me.

“Yes!” I yelled happily making the nurse flinch.
“Are you okay?” She asked fearfully.

“I am very okay. Please where is Sarah?” I asked looking around.

“She was here throughout yesterday, so I told her to take a break.” She said smiling.

I nodded placing my finger on my lips. She kssed me and even told me she loves me, Oh God this is so great!

“Please when will I be discharged?” I asked the nurse happily.
“Today or tomorrow.” She replied.

“Please let it be today. I have important things to do, I am doing perfectly okay.” I said smiling.

“I have checked you and I also see you are fine. You will be discharged today.” She said and I smiled nodding.

I can’t wait to see Sarah again, this is a dream come true! She kssed me and told me she loves me!!!

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